Apple AR Glasses 5G : All you need to know.

Apple AR Glasses: All You Need To Know

Apple has the world’s largest AR platform, with hundreds of millions of AR‑enabled devices, as well as thousands of AR apps on the App Store. And because Apple hardware and software are designed from the ground up for AR, there is no better way to experience AR. And now Apple is stepping in the game with it’s Apple AR Glasses as rumors suggest.

Apple AR Glasses Design:

Apple is still working on a pair of augmented reality (AR) glasses. Many authorities are still making several designs for the smart glasses although apple hasn’t revealed the structure till now.

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Uses and features:

Specifically, the eyewear “is expected to synchronize with a wearer’s iPhone to display things such as texts, emails, maps, and games over the user’s field of vision.”

Apple also has plans for third-party apps and is considering a dedicated app store, similar to how you get apps for the Apple TV and Apple Watch.

It includes a dedicated central processing unit, graphics processor, its own memory, storage, high-resolution image projectors, Wi-Fi connectivity, USB-C port, cameras, and some rather large batteries to keep everything running for about 3 hours.

In total, the Holo lens is quite a hefty headset at 566 grams — more than half a kilogram or 1.25 pounds.

But Apple Glasses will not have CPU, GPU, processing memory, storage, or any other electronics except the projectors that throw the light into your eyes, the cameras used to capture the scene around you, and the wireless connectivity that will link it to your iPhone.

Therefore, it will also have smaller batteries, according to which will also reduce the price as well as the weight.

Being an accessory to the iPhone will definitely have implications on its form factor, too.

They will not be as light as your Ray-Ban aviators, no, but they could be light enough to just be glasses and use them without a headpiece.

The display may show 2D floating notifications or maps, like Google Glass — it’s reasonable to expect the Apple Glasses to connect directly to the iPhone on a dedicated Wi-Fi connection.

Apple AR Glasses Battery:

As for battery life, we can also expect a minimum of three hours if Apple wants to be competitive although we can assume that people will be more forgiving about this — especially if Apple provides some kind of wireless charging glasses case.

Of course, they must make the battery life lasts at least for a day.

What we want:

  • Minimum 8 hours of battery life even if it displays in 3D AR apps. So it should look out for average workday time.

Apple AR Glasses Cost:

Many glasses tech cost almost $1000 and more so apple might also reach there or more.

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