Apple iPad Pro 12.9: A Closer Look into the Flagship Gadget

Apple products have always been a symbol of aristocracy. But, that can never mean all show and there is nothing to gain. If you haven’t used any Apple product, then you can never understand what these devices can do and up to what potential they can perform. The device we are going to talk about today is the new Apple iPad Pro 12. This time Apple has taken the statement very seriously that “tablets can be a replacement of laptops”. And, we must say that they have done a pretty good job with the new iPad Pro 2020.

The device is something extraordinary and has silenced many of the competitors in the market. So, to give you a closer look and a more descriptive explanation, today we are going to fully unlock the features of the new iPad Pro 2020.

So, just tag along and stay till the very end, otherwise, you might miss out on some valuable information.

Apple iPad Pro 2020: The New Replacement of Laptops

Well does the new iPad Pro really have the capacity to replace laptops? That’s your call. Hence, before rushing to conclusions let us first see what are the changes Apple has made in the new device, and how this version of the iPad defeats its predecessors.

There are a lot of questions going through your mind. One of them might be, where to take the device in case of a technical glitch. Simply seek assistance from Apple service center Dubai. Therefore, in order to answer those questions let us take a closer look at the iPad Pro 2020.


We are starting with the outlook of the gadget, as most people mainly focus on the looks of any new product they buy. Now, this statement goes for the people who are about to be a part of the Apple family for the first time.

Design-wise the new iPad Pro 2020 is nothing very different from its predecessor. The 12.9-inch slab is mostly displayed making the screen look more vivid and widened. So, one thing is for sure that you will fall in love with the screen size while watching your favourite videos.

The edges are round curved and come in a very sleek design. The device feels just great when you are holding it in your hand. Now, let’s come to the backside of the iPad Pro.

If you take a look at the rear side, you will think that someone has stretched the iPhone 11 Pro. In the rear, the iPad Pro has a bumped-up area that holds the dual-lens camera and LiDAR scanner. Apart from that, there is the signature Apple logo imprinted on the body of the device.

Hold the device in a landscape position, you will find a magnetic strip. This is the place where the Apple pencil goes. On the right-hand side panel, there is only one USB C-type port for charging the device, plugging in earphones, and for attaching other devices.

Apart from that C-type port, there is no other input-output port present in the entire device. That means you cannot watch movies on your earphones while charging the device.

Now, coming to the screen size, that is the 12.9-inch screen that Apple has introduced with the new iPad Pro 2020. There are two variants of this product — One is the normal and the other is 12.9. But, there is a slight difference in the weight though. The iPad Pro 2020 weighs a bit heavier as Apple has integrated both Wi-Fi and cellular version in this product.


The display has always been one of the flagship features of Apple products. And this time also Apple did not fail to give its users the best display experience. The Liquid Retina display on a 12.9-inch display will give you the best cinematic experience you have ever seen before.

The display is bright, vivid, colorful and with the ProMotion technology, the device automatically sets the refresh rate of the screen. The display delivers up to 559nits of average brightness. Overall with the color combination and the brightness, Apple has truly set a new benchmark for mobile and tablet displays.

Mouse and Trackpad support

This is a long awaiting feature that Apple has finally included in the new iPad Pro 2020. With the new iPadOS 13.4, Apple has introduced trackpad support. Now, you may ask what is trackpad support?

Well, in case you are not an iPad user, then it is normal for you to not know about the trackpad support. In the previous iPad models, the operating system had no on-screen cursor. That made it difficult for users to navigate around the screen with a lugged-in mouse or a trackpad.

But, thankfully now in the iPad Pro 2020, there is a cursor present on the screen which changes its shapes from time to time depending upon the task you are doing.

For example, suppose you have plugged in a trackpad. Now, on the home screen, you will see a circular cursor present. You can utilise the cursor and hover over apps. The shape of the cursor, in this case, will remain as a circle.

But, when you open some document, then the cursor will change its shape to an “I” beam to select texts and paragraphs. This makes it easier for the user to copy and paste selective texts and also gives a smooth and comfortable user experience.

The iPadOS comes with a Slide Over and Split view gestures are now easy to use with a mouse or a trackpad. Basically what was missing was the cursor, and Apple has solved the problem with the new iPad Pro 2020.

New Magic Keyboard

With the introduction of the new magic keyboard, Apple has really changed the experience of typing comfort. But, the comfort comes at a huge price as the magic keyboard does not come with the iPad Pro 2020. That means you have to buy it separately.

With the magic keyboard attached to the 12.9-inch display tab, the iPad Pro completely looks like a laptop and can perform like one, too. But one point that needs to be mentioned here is that with the attached magical keyboard the iPad Pro weighs as much as a MacBook Air.

Overall the iPad Pro with the magical keyboard looks really cool. The floating design of the keyboard makes the iPad look like it is floating over the keyboard at an angle of about 85 to 130 degrees.


Now, let us talk about what Apple has included inside the new iPad Pro 2020. The device is powered by a new A12Z bionic processor that delivers an 8 core CPU configuration and an 8 core GPU chipset.

So, there is a huge up-gradation in graphical performance. That means your gaming and editing experience on the new iPad Pro will get a new direction. Overall performance-wise there is nothing much difference between the new iPad Pro and its predecessor. The one specification that has got an up-gradation, is the GPU core, giving the device a high-end graphical angle.


The dual-lens 10MP ultra-wide and 12MP wide are fitted on the rear side of the tablet. But, using the iPad Pro 2020 as a primary camera device is a dilemma. As the device is quite heavy making the user difficult to move around with it.

A lot of YouTube creators and bloggers are using iPads in order to shoot their videos in 4K quality. Therefore, if you do not mind carrying around a 643g, 12.9-inch tablet in your hand, then no one is stopping you from using the iPad Pro to capture moments.

Final Verdict…

Now, it is your job to decide whether this device can replace your laptop or not. Though the iPad Pro 2020 comes with a lot of features and high-performance specifications in order to compete with a full-fledged laptop, you are going to need more than that.

For example, only one USB-C type port is not going to satisfy you when you will be working vigorously on the tablet while listening to your music, and you see that the device needs to get charged.

Just like that, there are many small points that keep the device a right-fit in the tablet category. But, if you compare it with a tablet, then you have to agree on the fact that iPad Pro 2020 has set some new benchmarks for the upcoming tablets from other manufacturers.

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