Apple iPhone SE 2 (2020) : Apple’s new budget iPhone

Apple iPhone SE 2(2020)

Apple iPhone SE 2(2020)

credits: © Apple

Apple iPhone SE 2(2020) Features:


-A13 Bionic chip
-4.7 inch display(11.94 cm)
-Touch id
-3gb RAM
-1960 mAh battery
-12mp rear and 7mp front camera
-Dual sim
-iOS 130
-$399 for the base version




The Apple iPhone SE 2(2020)

Apple iPhone SE 2(2020)

         credits: © Apple

Apple released its new budget iPhone the Apple iPhone SE 2(2020)in April 2020. Apple SE widely knows as iPhone 9 or iPhone SE2  is the second generation of successful SE(2016). The phone will be having its body of iphone8 with A13 bionic chip.

Apple iPhone SE 2(2020) Design:

Apple in 2020 released its new budget iPhone in April 2020. Apple SE widely known as iPhone 9 or iPhone SE2  is the second generation of successful SE(2016). It has a body of iphone8 with a 4.7inch LCD retina display with gorilla glass. The phone is small in size more portable than its pro version which reaches up to 6.5 inches. It’s mostly for the users that don’t like carrying a huge phone in their pockets. It has front and back glass with an aluminum frame with a single front and back camera. The iPhone doesn’t have face id rather have got a touch id and don’t have a headphone jack. It also has IP67 water and dust resistance with water resistance up to 1 meter for 30 min as claimed by apple. The phone will come in 3 colors: white, black and product red with a black bezel in all of them.

Apple iPhone SE 2(2020) Display:

iPhone SE has got 4.7 inch LCD retina display of 750p resolution. It also has got true tone adjustment from the four-channel ambient light sensor.

Apple iPhone SE 2(2020) Performance:

iPhone SE has the lastest and the most powerful A13 Bionic chip which is the same as that of iphone11,iphone11 pro, and iphone11 pro max. This means that we will get the power of a new smartphone at half the price. The A13 Bionic has got a dedicated 8-core neural engine that can perform 5 trillions of operations per second. Due to that A13 Bionic chip, the phone is faster by 20% and uses 30% less power than that of A12 chip.we will also get about 5 years of ios update. The size of the chip is 7nano meters.


Since the camera is one of the most important things for a phone it has a 12mp rear and 7mp front camera which can take portrait photos and can shoot video on 4K at 60FPS.It also has image and video stabilization, autofocus, smart HDR, and wide color capture.


The battery is 1960 mAh which is a lot lesser than the pro models and maybe a bit lesser for peoples who use high graphical things like gaming. The phone has got 18w fast charging and wireless charging too. But because of the A13 chip phone uses less power.


iPhone SE is available in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB. The 64GB will cost $399 ,128GB will cost $449 and 256GB will cost $549. The iPhone upgrade program will get this phone at the price of $16 per month.

Apple iPhone SE 2(2020)

                        credits: © Apple


Apple is trying to make a budget-friendly iPhone as in last year the company released iPhone XR and now iPhone SE which is cheaper. It is not as cheap as its competitor phones but still is a good effort from the company as they are making cheaper phones than before. So do you think we can get cheaper iPhones in upcoming days? Comment your thoughts below

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