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Top Eight eCommerce Website Design Tips You Must Follow In 2023

With thousands of eCommerce stores in the market, how do you plan to beat the competition? How will you attract more shoppers to your online business & stay ahead of the curve? Well, the solution lies in developing an eCommerce store with an excellent web design.

No matter how much you spend on advertisements or offer high-quality products, you could be losing valuable customers if your web design is not up to the mark. And so, this article highlights the most effective eCommerce website design tips that can help you reach more customers. Act on these techniques and ideas that can help boost your business and convert your visitors into customers. 

Top 8 Tips For eCommerce Web Design That Can Help You Sell More

1. Keep The Website Interface Simple 

The idea of incorporating too many interesting features and functionalities may sound tempting. However, the truth is that users can get overwhelmed and get away from highly sophisticated eStores that have too many overlapping functionalities or complex user interfaces. No user wants to click too many times to get the desired result or see numerous pop-ups. 

Hence, while getting your eCommerce store designed, make sure that the users do not get frustrated while navigating through your website. Here are a few things to keep in mind to create a simple website interface- 

  • Make parent categories prominent
  • Use widely accepted symbols- for example, magnifying glass for the search box, shopping cart icon for going to cart, etc.
  • Keep your content easily scannable
  • Have unified color themes and simple, easy-to-read fonts
  • Keep the product categories easily navigable & focus on easy browsing of products

2. Ensure That Your eStore Design Is Mobile Friendly

Having a responsive design is critical for ensuring eCommerce success. Since the majority of users (over 50%) browse eCommerce sites on their mobile devices, ensuring that your eStore is mobile-friendly is essential. If you are getting your store developed using professional services, make sure to ask the eCommerce website development company in India to use mobile-friendly eCommerce templates and ensure responsiveness across all mobile devices. 

Having a great responsive design enables your eCommerce website to adapt seamlessly to any type of screen. Pay special attention to optimizing your product images, photo size, and CTAs for mobile devices. During the website testing, ensure that your developers thoroughly test your site on different devices and operating systems. 

3. Optimize Your Product Imagery

Another important aspect to pay attention to is- Product Images!  High-quality product images are a proven way to boost your conversion rates substantially. Make sure to add product images from different angles, add product videos, and show your product in the spotlight. To best optimize your product images & attract shoppers, you can also take professional eCommerce product photo editing services. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind while optimizing your product images- 

  • Add zoom-in features to allow customers to check out items in detail.
  • Show your product against a plain white background
  • Upload high-resolution product photos
  • Create slideshows on your product pages
  • Use lifestyle images of customers interacting with your product

4. Keep Your Check-Out Page Design Simple

A complex checkout page design can drive your customers away and lead to shopping cart abandonment. Hence, delivering a seamless checkout experience is critical in ensuring great sales. Your checkout page design should be easy to navigate and must have a clear process. You must provide important information like price, shipping fees, order detail, and return policy during the checkout process. 

A few tips to design a simple checkout page are- 

  • Enable a one-click checkout option
  • Allow shoppers the option to ‘continue shopping” after completing the checkout process
  • Give multiple payment options
  • Ask customers to fill in only the required information to make a successful transaction. Don’t ask for unnecessary details.
  • Allow users to create an account/login and also check out as a guest user

5. Allow Easy Product Search

How will your customers locate the products they’re looking for? The answer is- by having a seamless product search feature on the eStore. To achieve this, you must focus on two things- 

  • Product Categorization
  • Product Filtering

Make sure that your eCommerce web design has all the products well-organized. Furthermore, ensure that all the products have been added to the accurate categories for quick discovery of products. 

You must also encourage easy filtering options and provide customers ease to sort out products of their choice with effective product search filters like- color, size, occasion, style, price, rating, and material, among others. 

6. Use Grid Layouts

Grid layouts work the best- especially if you have an eCommerce store! This format is easy to create as well as navigate. You can leverage eCommerce website design services and get skilled developers on your side to develop functional grids. This allows users to easily browse, select, and compare the products. 

However, when using grids, make sure to keep all your products in organized rows and columns and do not stuff too many different products in one row. You must only have three or four products per row (on desktop) and two-three products (on mobile version) to make your product catalog visually appealing. 

Pro Tip: Keep plenty of white space in between each item to allow customers to clearly differentiate among the products.

7. Properly Define Your CTAs

While running an eCommerce site, your ultimate goal is to make more and more sales, isn’t it? CTA (Call-to-Action) helps in this case by directing visitors towards specific actions and encouraging them to convert in one way or another. 

It is due to CTAs that a user immediately locates the direction to their desired action. Hence, your CTA buttons must be well-highlighted and placed at visible spots across your website. They must also be very clear and easy to understand for users. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing your website CTAs: 

  • Use fewer words
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Add white space
  • Pay attention to CTA placement
  • Update the buttons regularly

8. Leave Room For Customization

Your eCommerce website should reflect your brand value. Avoid copying the designs from other eCommerce sites. It is good to get inspired by a design idea, however, ensure to keep your branding elements at the core of your eStore. After all, only a customized website will make your store unique and different. Also, ensure that your customized web design establishes and maintains your brand image throughout your eStore. 

Wrapping Up

With thousands of customization options and plants of functionalities available in the market, eCommerce web design is full of possibilities. Keeping these tips at the core of your designing strategy can help you achieve your objective of attracting more customers & registering excellent sales volume. 

Additionally, outsourcing web designing services or hire eCommerce developers in India can further cut down your designing cost and help you come up with engaging and productive eCommerce store designs. 

Gear up with these tips, and develop an attractive eCommerce store design! 


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