eLearning & mLearning: Meaning, Benefits and Distinction between the two


The onset of Covid-19 pandemic has set stage for online learning. Prior to 2019, there were a few educators who had built their set of loyal online followers who converted into their students. But with remote work and social distancing becoming the norm, educational institutions, companies and independent business owners have moved to online medium of teaching. This has benefitted both the parties which is why the trend continues to rise. Let’s dive deep into eLearning and mLearning to find out more.

About of eLearning

eLearning or electronic learning refers to courses that are made available online. They are accessible from any gadget that can stream courses with the aid of an active internet connection.A tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer could be utilized.

  • Why mobile learning is important

Mobile phones are now being used and owned by more people, which offers them a learning source. Tutors and educational institutions deliver lessons on their platforms that can be accessed by users on any smartphone with an active internet connection. It offers the convenience to learn on-the-go at any time.

Globally there were 6.95 billion smartphone users in 2020 and it reached 7.26 billion in 2022.In 2025, it is expected to hit 7.49 billion. mLearning is done using iPad, tablet and smartphone. 

Basis mLearning eLearning
How it was introduced To cater to audience who want to learn from remote location as cannot afford physical learning for personal, professional or financial reasons To cater to people who want to move ahead in their career by enhancing their skills and knowledge
Devices that can be used Any device that can be carried easily during travel such as smartphone and tablet Laptop and desktop are preferred devices for optimum experience. But can also be accessed from smartphone and tablet
Target audience Students, working professionals, housewifes, people who want to start or restart their career Students, working professionals

Advantages of mLearning

Mobile learning offers users a numerous benefits. Let’s discuss them in detail below.

  • Can be accessed at any time

Users can access educational content on their mLearning devices at any time. It is beneficial to learn while traveling, during work breaks or even while on vacation. It is accessible at any moment.

  • Easy to retain knowledge

Since the content can be accessed at any time and anywhere, users can do multiple revisions of the content. Use of mobile phones in education helps with repetition that leads to deeper understanding and helps in retaining knowledge.

  • Maximum value for money

The paid learning material that is accessed on mobile platforms provide maximum value for money. The cost of mLearning material is comparatively lesser when compared to eLearning courses.

  • Highly engaging

Online tests, interactive study material and live classes are highly engaging. This helps the student to understand, learn and practice each lesson.

  • Available for people in any part of the world

Inadequate accessibility is the reason for the lack of education. With mobile teaching, people from rural areas, those with restricted physical movement due to health, finance or personal reasons can access learning material on their m learning devices.

  • Easy to complete the online course

Due to the myriad benefits of mobile learning in education, the rate of course completion is high when compared to other mediums of online and offline learning.

  • Encourages continuous learning

Students can pursue multiple courses simultaneously, or, learn one course after another continuously. It can be a source of lifelong learning that will help in expand knowledge, advance career and fulfill personal goals.

Strong points of eLearning

eLearning has multiple benefits to students. We have discussed all the important advantages below for your reference.

  • Favourable to schedules

The ability to access learning courses online at any time, on any device and from anywhere in the world helps people to study. Homemakers, students and professionals who have defined schedules and cannot fix a particular time regularly to study can utilize eLearning. Their schedules don’t need to be adjusted in order to learn.

  • Cost effective

As a student, you do not have to spend on individual items in order to pursue education. You merely need to make a monetary  investment in the course, and that’s it. You do not have to spend on transportation to reach a physical location to study, print or purchase study material.

  • Remote learning

You do not have to travel to a physical location in order to receive education. You can take any course you desire from anywhere in the world. You can remotely learn from the best teachers in the world with the power of internet.

  • Transfer of study credits

As a student of e learning platform, you can transfer the study credits of your completed course to your educational institution. This immensely helps students who want to work part-time as they can earn money and also complete their courses within the due time. The course credits of all reputed e learning platforms/companies can be transferred to recognized physical educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities.

  • Helps in advancing career

All organizations require their employees to acquire new/updated skills and knowledge to perform better and in cross-functional teams. This benefits the organization. Employees do not have to spend dedicated time within their working hours to learn and get a course completion certificate when they utilize eLearning platforms.

  • Upgrade skills

As a business professional, you can upgrade your skills at any time. Since the monetary investment is also low, you can complete the courses at any time without any issue. It is beneficial to get updated knowledge, implement skills better, learn new ways of working and acquire new skills.

  • Can learn from top tutors

With remote learning, you can access the online courses of top teachers across the world. As a student, you do not have to rely on the teaching methods of the teacher within your locality to study the subject of your choice. Best teachers impart knowledge to cater to the level of the student that can be easily grasped, retained and implemented. A teacher can quench the student’s endless thirst for knowledge.  Right teaching is the foundation of all good learning.

  • Personal touch

Everyone seems to be unique, including their preferred learning methods and capabilities. By accessing the world of eLearning, students can find the teacher they resonate with the most. Teaching method and style of every teacher will vary. As a student, you can choose to study under the teacher you want when you opt for this medium of education.

Since it is also a cost-effective mode of education, you can decide to purchase online courses of different tutors to determine the teaching style that suits you the most. Some of the tutors online accept feedback from students. You can pass on your feedback and receive personalized coaching for the subject of your choice.

  • Access to course updations

Course creators can extract detailed analytics of their students from their eLearning platforms. This gives them valuable insights on several factors. It includes engagement rate, course completion, drop off areas, responses to tests, queries, etc. They can also utilize feedback forms and polls at regular intervals within the online course curriculum from the students. Such authentic data will help them deep dive and constantly improvise their course. Thereby offering you a premium learning experience. Some tutors who offer online courses also offer free upgrades of the course for selected/lifelong duration. This way, you will receive access to the updated version of the courses at the same cost price.

Distinction between eLearning and mLearning

Though eLearning and mLearning involve learning through the internet on any device and from any part of the world at any time. All the differences between eLearning and mLearning are discussed in detail below.

  • Motive

The motive of eLearning courses is to impart skills and knowledge pertaining to a subject. It could be directed towards one small concept of a subject or branched out topic. The students are equipped to utilize the knowledge and training of the course to perform a task practically. The tone of teaching is formal, the course is structured and time-bound to deliver maximum value.

mLearning is mainly to enhance skills, upgrade knowledge on a subject that the student is familiar with. It is comparatively shorter and speaks only about the concept and not the larger picture.

  • Assessment

In eLearning, the assessment is conducted periodically after completion of every stage of course curriculum. To go on to the next level, a student must have the necessary knowledge. The format of eLearning is longer than mLearning for this reason.

Assessments in mLearning are spaced out at regular and short intervals. This is to test if the students are able to grasp the concept and apply the knowledge imparted. The assessments are beneficial for the student as they can determine where they lack and can revisit the lessons to strengthen their knowledge.

  • Devices used for learning online

Desktops and laptops are primarily used to access eLearning courses. Since the course is lengthy and involves practicing using the study material given virtually, these are the preferred learning devices. Attending video conferences, participating in group discussions, accessing forums, practicing tests and taking up assessments is convenient on the laptop/desktop.

In mLearning, the students can access and consume the course content from smartphone, tablet. Windows, Android and iOS operating systems of these devices support mLearning. As long as they have consistent internet connectivity, the students can access the course material at any time in this mode.

  • Screen compatibility

eLearning platforms are designed for large screens such as laptops and desktops. This enables ease of video conferencing and other mediums of interaction.

mLearning platforms are designed for mobile screens. Basic design and features are used to ensure quick loading and seamless functioning of the platform by users. This is to ensure that users can access content on any device and of any internet speed without any difficulty.

  • Course duration OR Length of the online course

eLearning courses are designed for long duration. It can stretch up to any number of lessons. The maximum duration per video is 30 minutes.

mLearning are very short course videos in comparison to eLearning courses. The average video duration is between 3-10 minutes.

Video monetization methods for eLearning and mLearning

eLearning mLearning
Charge a one-time lifelong access fee for the course Sell the course as a product
Create a subscription model – monthly, annual Create an app for your brand/business and offer multiple courses in return for paid access to your app
Use it as a lead magnet by running paid ads and gaining subscribers for your website Create and engage a strong fan base on social media platforms and convert them into paid customers

Wrapping up

You are now equipped with all the information about eLearning and mLearning to gain in-depth understanding. One can decide on the platform they want to opt to study based on the purpose they want to pursue the course. Because this is primarily how the course is structured and education is imparted. With a huge and expanding elearning market, it is the right time to tap into it and create a niche space. Using the best ready-to-use video monetization platform you can kickstart your business within minutes.


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