How to Download and Install G-Player for Mac

Hi Guys Today we will show you How to Download and Install GPlayer for Mac.

G-Player for Mac

If you have ever experienced and enjoyed the outstanding effects of Gigastudio, you will surely find ways to experience it again. You can get that beautiful piano sound that made you want to create beautiful music on G-Player.

G-Player is an app that was designed from scratch to deliver the effects of Gigastudio. If you want to enjoy something as close as possible to Gigastudio, G-Player is the app you should install, and even better, you can enjoy it on your Mac computer. G-Player also features hundreds of A/B-tested libraries, and it features all the velocity curves of Gigastudio.

gplayer for mac

G-Player is very much similar to Gigastudio, and without any compromise, G-Player offers just as much as Gigastudio. Find out below some of the features of G-Player and how to install it on your Mac.

Features of G-Player

  • It allows you to play all Gigastudio files directly without the need to convert.
  • It features an inbuilt audio mixer that comes with an equalizer, compressor, and external effects.
  • G-Player allows you to combine instruments (up to sixteen) into stacks.
  • It features a simple and straightforward editor.
  • The 64-bit mode of G-Player allows you to load more samples and instruments.
  • It features the G-Sound utility, which allows you to create a database of your files and instruments. You can then use the search feature to look for a specific instrument that you need.
  • It features the G-Solo plug-in, which delivers high-quality audio and saves screen space.

How to Download & Install G-Player on Mac

  • Visit this Link to access the application file.
  • Click on “Download” and the app will be downloaded to your Mac.
  • Go to “Downloads” to find the application file with .DMG extension.
  • Double-click on the .DMG file and the installation wizard will be launched automatically.
  • You may get a prompt telling you that the app is from a third-party source, and if you would like to proceed with the installation. Click on “Open.”
  • Once the app has downloaded successfully, you can start enjoying the features of GPlayer on your MacBook.


There are not many apps that give users as much quality sound as GPlayer does. It captures all the functionalities of the original Gigastudio and delivers them in a digital software that you can enjoy on your Macbook computer.

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