2 Ways How to Reinstall Windows 7 without having the Installation Disc

So are having any problem in Windows 7 and wants to re-install it completely from the scratch ? few days ago i was having a lot of heating and frequent Shut Down issue with the Windows 7, my PC worked perfectly while on Windows 8 but whenever i switch to Windows 7 it went abnormal. within 3-4 minutes the PC used full 100% CPU cores. i opened up my whole PC and cleaned the fan and other components because i thought that it might be an issue with the cooling fan or the any other hardware but it didn’t worked for me.

So i asked the Microsoft about this problem and they helped me out but still wasn’t able to fix up the issue with the PC. so then i decided to Re-Install the Windows from the scratch.

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i tried to settle with Windows 8 but still i was missing Windows 7 a lot and especially the start button. i know i can install a 3rd party start button on Windows 7 but in my views nothing is better than the Microsoft’s own Start Button.
Let me tell you that the Windows version of Win 7 Home Basic 32 Bit came pre installed on my PC Lenovo B300 and the manufacturer didn’t provided me with any recovery disc or windows disc.
later i also made the recovery disc but as you know we can’t install the Windows from Recovery Disc we can only restore our PC.
So in this Post i’ll share with you how to re-installed the Windows 7 on my PC.

How to Install Windows 7

Downloading and Burning the Image File

  1. first of all you need to download an .iso image file of Windows 7. i downloaded this file.
  2. When the download is finished we need to edit the ei.cfg file, so that we can install any version of Windows we desire.
  3. The .iso file downloaded is of Home Premium but i needed to install the Home Basic so we need to edit or delete the ei.cfg file to do so.
  4. You need to download the ei.cfg remover tool from here and then extract the zip file.
  5. Now launch the eicfg_remover.exe by double clicking on it. and then browse to the folder where the Windows 7 ISO
  6. File is located and then select the file.and the image will be edited.
  7. You can also patch the iso file of Windows 7 to install your desired version of Windows. read this for more details.
  8. After editing the image file we need to burn the file. i burned it to my USB Drive but you can also burn it to a DVD drive.
  9. I used the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool to burn the image.

How to Install the Windows 7 from USB Drive

  1. So now we’ve finally burned the Windows 7 iso to the USB Drive or a DVD drive now we need to install it.
  2. I’m installing the Windows 7 on a other partition but you can install it on your primary partition too. for more details on how to create a partition see this.
  3. Now Connect the USB drive to the PC or if you’ve burned the DVD insert it into the DVD writer and turn off the PC completely.
  4. Now Power On your PC and press the F12 key to go to the Boot Menu, you can see your computer manual for knowing which key takes your PC to the Boot Menu.
  5. Now after coming into the Boot Menu just select the Drive you want to boot from. i selected my USB Drive and if you’ve DVD drive you can select it.
  6. Now You’ll be taken to the Windows 7 Installation procedure which is pretty simple to follow.
  7. Now grab some chips or a Cold drink and sit back till the Installation is finished.
  8. After the installation your computer will restart and Boom you’ve finally successfully Installed the Windows 7.

After installing the Windows 7 don’t forget to install your computers drivers successfully. and if you have any query feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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