MacBook Pro Mid-2012 Review: Is It Still Worth It?

It has been over a decade since the release of the MacBook Pro mid-2012 model. However, die-hard fans of this model are still using it to perform their daily tech tasks. It’s because this model still works like it was purchased just yesterday. 

This article will do the MacBook Pro mid-2012 review. Also, it will cover all topics about this legendary model of Apple computer.

About MacBook Pro mid-2012 Model

MacBook Pro mid-2012 comes in two models – 13” and 15” respectively. With the screen size, technical specifications also vary. But that depends on the user which models he wants to go for.

Besides, this MacBook model has an Intel Core i5 3rd Gen Processor for a 13” model. And for a 15” model, it’s Core i7. This helps in finishing tasks efficiently. Now, some enthusiasts might be thinking that’s a too-old processor. Let us tell you that the macOS enhances the user experience in such a way that you won’t feel it is an old model.

Furthermore, it supports up to 16 GigaBytes of RAM. This can easily boot the performance to peak for multitasking. In addition, the 1.5GB Graphics gives a better experience for video and photo editing.

Specifications for 13” & 15” Models

Display Resolutions

1280x800px for 13” 

1440x900px for 15”


4GB, up to 16GB


HDD & SSD up to 1TB


Intel Core i5 & i7


Backlit Keyboard




MagSafe 60W & 85W

Build Quality

Aluminium Body


2 Ports


1 Port


Using MacBook Pro mid-2012 For Professional Work

This model is best for professionals who are on a low budget but want a powerful machine. You can notice this machine finishing the tasks effortlessly without any lags. 

Even if you are multitasking, still you will hardly notice any kind of performance drop. This is one of the main reasons why this model tops when it comes to an affordable powerful laptop for professional work.

You can use MacBook Pro mid-2012 model for performing the following professional tasks:

  • Content Writing
  • Computer Programming
  • Music Production
  • MS Office
  • Photo & Video Editing
  • Google or Zoom Meetings

Apart from the tasks given above, you can use mid-2012 for other purposes such as browsing the internet, online learning, watching movies or series, etc.

How To Achieve Peak Performance of MacBook Pro mid-2012 Model?

By achieving peak performance, it becomes a lot easier to complete tasks in a short span. You only need to upgrade two things to achieve that furious performance –  RAM and Storage.

Let’s learn how you can turn on beast mode on your MacBook Pro mid-2012 model.

Upgrading RAM

RAM is mandatory if you are using the laptop for heavy tasks such as editing and programming. It’s advisable to install more RAM to your 2012 model, either 8GB or 16GB, for efficient performance. 

You can easily get RAM sticks from online websites like Amazon. However, make sure you’re purchasing either 4GB+4GB or 8GB+8GB. Furthermore, the specifications of both slots must match. Otherwise, you will notice a drop in performance in between usage. 

MacBook Pro mid-2012 model supports 1600MHz DDR3 RAM, make sure you purchase according to that.

Upgrading Storage With An SSD

If you purchase a model that comes with an HDD [Hard Disk Drive]. Make sure you replace that with an SSD [Solid State Drive]. SSDs tend to have higher performance than HDDs. It’s because HDDs take a lot more time to read and write data, whereas, SSDs can rapidly read and write data to deliver quick results.

Replace your current HDD with Crucial MX500 SATA SSD. It’s a perfect Solid State Drive for MacBook Pro mid-2012 model. Moreover, you can purchase Samsung EVO 870 SATA SSD as well.

Does MacBook Pro mid-2012 Support The Latest macOS Updates?

Unfortunately, the mid-2012 model no longer supports the latest macOS updates. The latest operating system that you can install on this model is macOS Catalina.

However, with the help of some external tools, you can now install the latest updates of macOS BigSur, macOS Monterey, and macOS Ventura. These updates work like charm on the mid-2012 model. But the process for installing these updates is a bit complicated for non-techs.

MacBook Pro mid-2012 Review

This model is older than a decade, however, when it comes to competition, it can beat the mid-range windows laptops in the market. It’s a better choice for anyone who is looking for an affordable laptop that can deliver the max performance.

From normal browsing to heavy usage, everything works smoothly on the mid-2012 model. Moreover, with the RAM & SSD upgrade, it turns into furious mode.

Cost of mid-2012 Model

You can get this model anywhere in the world between $200-300 USD. You may or may not get this model with additional RAM and Storage. It depends on the seller. However, in most cases, people sell it along with upgrades. 

For non-techs, make sure you look for an already-upgraded model because it might be complicated for you to upgrade it by yourself. 

Final Words

With this MacBook Pro mid-2012 review, every detail is in front of you. Now, you’ve to dig it on your own to check whether you want to purchase this model or not. As far as we know, there’s no such powerful machine in the given price range. You can check online videos regarding this Mac model for your concern.


1. Is MacBook Pro Mid-2012 still a better choice?

Absolutely. Even after a decade, the performance of this model is still at its peak. Many professionals still recommend this model for daily tasks. You can notice no difference in its appearance since Apple has built it using the finest quality material.

2. Is it worth upgrading the mid-2012 MacBook Pro?

The answer is yes. You can easily upgrade your machine to gain maximum performance. And it’s super worth it. After upgrading your MacBook Pro Mid 2012, you can do almost everything that you want.

3. Can I use DDR4 RAM in MacBook Pro mid-2012?

No. You can’t use DDR4 RAM in the mid-2012 model because its hardware does not support it. Moreover, the intel chip in this model supports only DDR3 RAM.


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