OnePlus 8 Pro Has An X-ray Vision Filter That Can See Through Plastic & Clothes

OnePlus 8 Pro X-RAY Vision:

Now here’s a weird thing about the new OnePlus 8 pro’s camera that has been trending on the internet which is claimed to be OnePlus 8 pro’s x-ray vision that can see through plastic and clothing too. It’s not the actual x-ray vision that the phone’s camera has but it is an infrared vision of a camera. But it looks very much unreal for any smartphone to have a feature like this to see through some plastics and clothing.

oneplus 8 pro

credits: OnePlus

How OnePlus has made this feature is kind of weird they have a filter in their camera app called “Photochrom ” and that’s where all magic happens. After you choose this filter and point your camera to some thin plastic object you can see what’s inside the object. That’s fascinating and weird for most of us right.

oneplus 8 pro xray vision

image credit: ben geskin/twitter 

But there’s a catch to it this filter only shows the inside of some plastics that are thin and in right lighting condition. And some thin clothes are also see-through this camera filter. This was the video from Ben Geskin where he shows how this thing works see the tweet below.

Also, see this video from unbox therapy from youtube where he shows this filter’s capability using many other things like his T-shirt, apple tv remote, and tv box as well as a controller.


How does OnePlus 8 Pro X-RAY Vision work?

TheVerge’s said they reached out to the company asking about how this works but the company declined to comment on anything about this. Read their article here. However, they said that it seems the process relies on the phone’s infrared sensors, which collect a type of radiation that’s invisible to the human eye.

Infrared sits right below visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum and is sometimes referred to as “heat radiation,” because that’s how we feel its effects. The world is saturated in infrared, but because we don’t see it, we don’t usually think about it. About half of the energy that arrives on the Earth from the Sun arrives as infrared, for example.

Special types of equipment can capture infrared radiation, including night-vision goggles and thermal cameras. This allows you to see through certain materials, as infrared passes through them in a way visible light (which is all our eyes perceive) cannot. Firefighters, for example, use infrared cameras to see through the smoke into burning buildings.

As high-end phones start incorporating infrared sensors too, it seems they can be used for this same purpose. And it’s not just the OnePlus 8 Pro that can do it. The TrueDepth camera on recent iPhones, which use infrared light to scan your face for FaceID, can also be hijacked to create see-through images, as app developer Guilherme Rambo has demonstrated (though it seems you need a jailbroken iPhone to do this).From the verge

The question that remains is will this create trouble for OnePlus, especially if the filter can be used to see through clothing with all the privacy problems that entail. In the Unbox Therapy video, it does seem like the filter can see through clothing, albeit in very limited conditions. A Reddit user confirmed the same thing.

Depending on the severity of the problem, OnePlus might have to restrict the feature through a software update. After all, there was a similar scandal in the 1990s when Sony was forced to recall a camcorder that included a night vision feature that could also be used to see-through clothing.

We’ll update more about this story on our coming blogs till then stay in tune.

Update: OnePlus said that they will be temporarily disabling this camera feature. Click here to read about this in our latest blog post.


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