Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ leaked images, release date, price

Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ leaked renders, 6.9″ massive display, and S Pen slot

Samsung has always been releasing two major flagship phones every year the S lineup and the note lineup. Those are the company’s flagship that they release every year. Here is some interesting news for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+.

Samsung’s S lineup for this year has been the S20 lineup that they already released and now its time for the Note 20 lineup to arrive. Have a look at the video

Today we have some of the most exciting news about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20+. Thanks o a new leaks OnLeaks in collaboration with Pigtou, here’s a look at the upcoming Samsung galaxy note 20+ models.

Based on the new renders, we can see that the design of the Galaxy Note 20+ looks familiar. It matches the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ except it has a new camera setup and power button locations.  The dimensions of the new Note 20+ are 165mm long x 77.2mm wide x 7.6mm thick excluding the camera bump, and 10.7mm thick including the camera bump.

samsung galaxy note 20

                                                                   credit: OneLeaks & Pigtou

The front has a centered hole-punch cutout for the front-facing camera with a small slit in the top bezel for the earpiece speaker.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ will have USB Type-C port at the bottom and there’s no headphone jack. So many companies including OnePlus ditched the headphone jack for the sake of compactness I guess. What do you feel about companies not having a headphone jack on their phone? Do you prefer a headphone jack or not? Feel free to comment below.

samsung galaxy note 20+

                                                                credit: OneLeaks & Pigtou

Samsung did make some minor changes in their Note 20+ this time around like moving S Pen slot and bottom-firing speaker grill to the bottom left side of the phone as you can see in the images below. And also removing the audio passthrough hole at the top of the phone.

samsung galaxy S20+

                                                             credit: OneLeaks & Pigtou

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ may have a 4500mAh battery, according to certification data from the China Quality Certification Center. This battery will power the new 6.9-inch 120Hz display with the LTPO backplane for better efficiency. The display will have a 2k panel (3040 x 1440) at a 19:9 aspect ratio with support for a 120Hz variable refresh rate. Yes the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ will have a variable refresh rate of 120-60Hz and the refresh rate will be changing like demand for the tasks on the screen that will improve the battery life.

The Note 20 series is expected to feature top-tier internal hardware i.e. Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 or the upcoming Exynos 992, up to 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM, large amounts of UFS 3.1 storage and more.

The Note 20+ is also rumored to keep the 108MP sensor with a new harder laser autofocus sensor since many people criticized the autofocus on the S20 Ultra.

The Note 20+ is also rumored to remove the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s headlining marketing feature: 100X Space Zoom. According to Korean publication KiPost (via SamMobile), Samsung is also reportedly removing the Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor found in the Galaxy Note 10+ and Galaxy S20+/Ultra, which is a strange move since Samsung was reportedly investing in new ToF manufacturing capacity.

Overall the Note 20+ is going to be an interesting successor to the Galaxy Note 10+. The Note 10+ was an overall good package with a very impressive screen to body ratio and also amazing hardware. But however, as we all know that the Snapdragon variant of the Samsung is always powerful and better than the Exynos variant. Whilst the Snapdragon chipset variant only ships in the US. Others have to be satisfied with the Exynos variant.

Samsung is rumored to do an online-only launch event in august for the note 20 and galaxy fold 2, according to the Korean publication The Herald.

Regarding the pricing of the Note lineup this year Samsung will make the starting price for $1000 for sure. Its the flagship note phone from the company and also looking at previous pricing of the Note lineup.

Source: Pigtou

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