This Smart Ring Turns Your Wall into a Touchscreen.

Bird: the touchscreen ring of Muv Interactive

Bird is a wearable ring-like design that allows you to “transform” any surface into a touchscreen. It works by detecting finger movements via sensors and transmits them back to the connected device. This smart ring turns your wall into a touchscreen learn how more from below.

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                                                                                                         (source: Muv Interactive)

As in the first paragraph, Bird is an innovative wearable device that allows you to “transform” any surface into a monitor for managing digital devices. The product is developed and built by Israeli startup MUV Interactive. Bird inside, hides an authentic concentration of technology.

The device is developed to make the digital experience more immersive, intuitive and accessible.“The device: Bird allows intuitive interaction by following the position of the finger and its movements in 3D space,” explains Iris Toledano, Marketing Manager at MUV Interactive.

Bird is a device worn on the index finger which allows users to engage and interact with their digital content. The wearable device uses motion-sensing technology to turn a TV or projected image into an interactive display

Can this smart ring turns your wall into a touchscreen? how does it works?

With the help of sophisticated sensors, the device recognizes the movements that are traced in space. In this way, it is possible to make each flat surface interactive and “work” on it as on a normal touchscreen monitor.

Gestures and swipes are now a type of interaction widely acquired, thanks to the widespread use of smartphones. The device’s touchpad allows the user to scroll up, down, left, and right.

Bird can also be used as a smart controller for smart appliances including smart light bulbs and thermostats and as a control for drones using gestures.


Bird is compatible with:

  • Android iOS smartphones or tablets.
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 PCs.


You can simply connect it via Bluetooth to your device: you can click, dial the number, or scroll through the phonebook directly on a TV screen, on the wall, on the table, or on any other surface.

Advanced sensor technologies are used to produce a more accurate network of space. The object is based on a wide variety of interactive methods, from touch screen to voice control.

We can use up to 5 bird devices on the same surface. The device operates through ten different sensors, including accelerometer, motion, and proximity sensors.

Algorithms analyze the data including the wearer’s position in space, pointing direction, hand posture, voice commands, and pressure levels from the sensors in real-time. Bird’s sensors accurately detect data up to 100 feet away from the interactive area.

Bird can be used to call someone over the phone with any device running Android and IOS.

Price of this dope tech:

Bird is on sale on the Muv Interactive startup website for $399.

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