Top 10 Treadmill Brands in India with Price for Home Use

Running is one simple, yet powerful exercise that helps anyone get fit without any fuss.

Running outside has its own benefits like getting the Vitamin D, breathing fresh air, socializing etc…

Even a few minutes of running every day makes a lot of difference in your health and can help reduce your overall body fat percentage.

However, most people these days are leading a busy lifestyle and those who cannot allocate enough time to go outside and run, can invest in the best treadmill brand in India. top 10 treadmill brands in india with price

List Of Top 10 Treadmill Brands in India with Price for Home Use & Official

1. Powermax Fitness Treadmill for Cardio Workout TDA-125 (2.0 HP)Buy On Amazon
2. Fitkit Motorized Treadmill (FT200 Series)Buy On Amazon
3. Durafit Treadmill (001 Strong Motorized Foldable)Buy On Amazon
4. Powermax Fitness Treadmill ( TDM-98, 1.75 HP)Buy On Amazon
5. Lifeline Treadmill (4 in 1 Deluxe Manual)Buy On Amazon
6. Powermax Treadmill ( Fitness TDA-230 (2.0 HP) Motorized )Buy On Amazon
7. Fitkit Treadmill ( FT100 Series Motorized)Buy On Amazon
8. Durafit Treadmill 2.5 HP (Peak 5.0 HP)Buy On Amazon
9. Healthgenie 3911M (2 HP peak)Buy On Amazon
10. Cockatoo CTM-04 1.5HP (2 HP Peak)Buy On Amazon

1. Powermax Fitness Treadmill for Cardio Workout TDA-125 (2.0 HP)

This treadmill has advanced technology which enhances the experience and reduces the efforts. Powermax is one of the prominent fitness brands and is possessed in every gym in India.

The premium and the popular, high-incline treadmill, the Powermax Fitness TDA-125 Motorized Treadmill has earned a distinction of being one the best treadmills brands in India.

The treadmill has a motor power of 2.0 hp. It uses a DC Green Efficient Motor. The speed is between 0.8 and 14 km per hour and the Powermax Fitness TDA-125 has 12 workout programs.

The Smart Run function lets you record the workout that enables you to use the same settings next time. This is a durable machine that can withstand a lot of weight.

2. Fitkit Motorized Treadmill (FT200 Series)

The Fitkit FT200 motorized treadmill, is certainly one of the most popular and appreciated treadmill brand in India. This treadmill is not only ergonomic but also offers frame much more sturdier and stable than the rest.

The LCD display screen helps you to keep an eye on your activities like speed, time, distance, calories burned and heart rate. This latest model keeps up to the expectations and delivers superb performance.

It has got dimension 48.8” x 16.5” (1240 x 420 mm) of the running surface. As a result, you have enough room to do your manoeuvring. Moreover, it has got very easy folding & Un-folding with the help of the hydraulic drop-down system.

3. Durafit Treadmill (001 Strong Motorized Foldable)

This foldable motorized treadmill from Durafit is a durable product that has been manufactured keeping in mind the usage of the people of India. It is extremely durable hence sustains heavy usage. It comprises of a hefty frame to make sure that the user is safe.

The Durafit 001 model treadmill possesses 2HP motor, which is most importantly suitable for the Indian splinters and athletes. The preset programs can also be useful for beginners in a cardio session.

4. Powermax Fitness Treadmill ( TDM-98, 1.75 HP)

Caught up in a job and have no time to hit the gym? Create your own gym at home with this high-quality, foldable and easy functioning treadmill. Its compact and ideal design makes it fit in any one’s room.

Regarded as the best treadmill in India for home gym. It’s compacted design doesn’t compromise with quality and performance. It makes your workout both challenging and effective.

5. Lifeline Treadmill (4 in 1 Deluxe Manual)

Another ideal treadmill from one of the best fitness brands in India.

This treadmill is an amazing choice for people who are looking for a foldable and portable treadmill, it’s uniquely designed for such purposes.

This low budget, Lifeline 4 in 1 Deluxe Manual Treadmill comes with 3 levels manual incline and supports the weight of 50 kgs.

Actually, this Lifeline product is for those who want to live a healthy life and not for overweight. This non-electric treadmill comes with a twister, stepper and running belt.

6. Powermax Treadmill ( Fitness TDA-230 (2.0 HP) Motorized )

If this list were a Marvel Universe, then this machine would definitely be a damn HULK!! Bulky, muscular and rigid. How else would you define Hulk, in the first place??

Without any single thought, Powermax Fitness is one of the most trusted and loved fitness brands in the market. As such, the third model by the company occupies our list.

Preferring one accessory with all in one feature is quite a smart choice and thus Powermax brings the TDA-230 (2.0 HP) model with tons of features that favour the customers from all aspects. An all in one treadmill possesses multipurpose functionalities is quite a compelling version of all the competitors in the market.

The reason people like it so much is the clean design and great features. One of the great features of this treadmill is the maximum weight capacity of 115 kg. That makes it one of the strongest treadmills in India.

7. Fitkit Treadmill ( FT100 Series Motorized)

Well, I am a huge Marvel’s movie fan hence I cannot help myself from mentioning it from time to time. In the Marvel universe, it’s the THOR. Sleek but still muscular, dependable for long term usage. How else would you describe THOR…GODLY!!..C’mon.

Here is the second product in the list from the most popular and appreciated treadmill manufacturer of India, Fitkit. Consider the good looking and well-made Fitkit FT100 Motorized Treadmill for convenience and light exercise.

8. Durafit Treadmill 2.5 HP (Peak 5.0 HP)

Here comes the last one in the list, but by every mean not the very least, Durafit Heavy Hike motorized treadmill, perfect to take high speeds, heavy loads, and intense training sessions.

This compact-sized machine is ideal for those living in a small house/apartment. The draft heavy 2.5 HP extremely quiet motor of this treadmill is designed to support your prolonged workouts without heating or slowing down.

9. Healthgenie 3911M (2 HP peak)

This treadmill is equipped with stable steel frames for longer durability.

Treadmill features- 3″ LCD display to display time, speed, heart rate, calories burned, mode, preset programs.

It is also provided with an auxiliary port and gadget holder that facilitates you to connect and safely keep your gadgets iPad mobile tablet. The inbuilt speakers facilitate you listen to music and enjoy the workout

It is foldable and the portability wheels are provided that makes the transportation of this machine easy and convenient.

10. Cockatoo CTM-04 1.5HP (2 HP Peak)

Cockatoo is one of the top Treadmill brands in India.

This Treadmill comes with 5″ LED display feature to indicate time, speed, distance, pulse, calories.

Treadmill is also equipped with AUX input to listen to music from your iPhone, Android or MP3 player while exercising.

It is foldable and comes with transport wheels for easy mobility. After usage, you can fold and store it in a proper place to avoid disturbance and save space.

Buying Guide

It’s great to have a list of the best treadmills, but it’s of no use if you don’t know what exactly you want. So, when you are planning to buy the best treadmill for home use, there are some important factors that you need to borne in mind while purchasing the best treadmill in India.

This Buying Guide will help you in selecting the treadmill that’s best for you to make you understand everything about treadmills, the factors you should consider before buying a treadmill. So, lets start with…

Should you buy a Treadmill online?

In today’s digital era, if you buy a treadmill online it will give you more advantages over buying from a mall or a Brand Shop. The delivery will be fast, you will get more discount offers and a number of other offers like doorstep warranty and many more.

That’s all for my side on the best treadmills in India and a buying guide. I hope you find it worth. Do share your experience and in case of any query feel free to ask we would love to help you out.

Note: Always choose a Treadmill with user weight capacity at-least 20 Kgs more than your current weight as the impact weight increases during running.

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