What Are the Mistakes to Avoid When Camping?

Every seasoned camper knows that a simple misstep or miscalculation is all that it takes to ruin an otherwise fun and successful camping experience. Depending on how grave the oversight is, it may not only be your vacation that is ruined. It may also set you back several thousands of dollars. 

So, it’s imperative to familiarize yourself with some of the common camping mistakes out there. That way, you can figure out a way to avoid these oversights or at least mitigate their repercussions in the event they occur. 

Top mistakes campers make worldwide, along with the solutions for each.

Not Having an Outdoor Subscription Box

Planning your camping trip without having an outdoor subscription box is one of the worst mistakes you can make. 

An outdoor subscription box, also known as a survival subscription box, is a subscription service that allows you to receive a range of supplies required for a successful camping expedition. Common products you’re likely to find in an outdoor survival box include tents, camping beds, blankets, fire-making equipment, hunting equipment, etc. 

Some of the factors to consider when choosing the best outdoor subscription box include:

  • The range of outdoor supplies included in the package
  • The frequency with which the products are delivered to you
  • Whether the supplier can deliver to your chosen camping destinations
  • The supplier’s shipping and return policy

Fortunately, there are plenty of places where you can get the best survival subscription box. Just be sure to check what’s included in the package and the supplier’s shipping and returns policy before signing up for their service.

Besides offering you the basic supplies required for a successful camping trip, a survival subscription box may also come in handy during emergencies like hurricanes and earthquakes. The package usually includes a range of camping gear as well as reading materials on practical survival tactics. Plus, having an active outdoor subscription box is more affordable in the long run.

Choosing the Wrong Camping Destination

There are plenty of places where you can go camping around the world. But, the choice of each camping destination depends on your preferred activities. 

For instance, are you into nature walks and wildlife sightseeing tours? Do you prefer road drives? Or perhaps you’re a beach person! 

How you answer these questions will help you hone in on the best places to plan your next camping trip. You’ll also be able to uncover several expected pitfalls, including challenges related to the dress code, and plan ahead of time. 

Choosing the Wrong Camping Ground

The choice of a camping destination relates to the specific activities you intend to pursue in that general location. On the other hand, the choice of a camping ground largely depends on comfort and convenience. 

Without conducting your due diligence, you might end up camping in a flood-prone site. Or, you could camp in a location so close to a busy freeway that it becomes difficult to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Worse yet, you might find yourself in a camping site notorious for rampant insecurity. Therefore, it pays to exercise caution while choosing the right camping site. 

Begin by understanding the ground aspect. If you camp downstream, your tent could easily be swept in the event of a heady downpour or avalanche. 

Also, establish safety measures in place. The site should be considered secure from robbers and marauding wild animals (if camping in the middle of nature). You might also want to consider noise levels. How close is the camping site to bustling roads? Are there any festivals nearby that might disrupt your peace? Last but not least, check the area’s accessibility. That’s especially if you’ll be retreating into the campsite in your car or RV every evening. 

Picking the Wrong Tent

Buying the wrong camping tent might not sound like so much trouble until you have a smaller tent than the number of occupants it’s supposed to hold. 

Therefore, capacity is a crucial consideration when looking for a camping tent. The conventional wisdom is to allow for at least 30 square feet per camper. 

It’s also essential to go for tents that are easy to set up. That’s especially if you’ll be moving camps every so often. 

Flame-retardation is another crucial aspect while choosing a camping tent. You can only imagine what would happen on a windy night with the campfire on. 

Lastly, go for tents that come with incredible insulation features. This will prevent drastic fluctuations in internal temperature.

Lacking Situational Awareness

Expert travel consultants recommend maintaining situational awareness at all times, especially while camping on unfamiliar grounds. Losing your guard even for a moment could land you in some serious trouble. For starters, there are always ground crawlers to beware of. These could range from tiny arachnids like spiders and scorpions to monstrous serpents like pythons and boas. 

Regardless of their size, encounters with these animals could be disastrous. Besides, even harmless worms like centipedes and millipedes might still spook the hell out of you. In addition to dangerous animals, there are also toxic plants to watch out for. Examples include certain oaks, sumac, and mushroom species. 

Most of these plants are toxic if consumed. But for others, a mere accidental brush against their leaves is all it takes to develop severe allergic reactions. It’s recommended to research beforehand to establish the toxicity of the above plants and animals. Pay particular attention to the seasons during which they mostly thrive.


The difference between having a successful camping trip and a horrible one depends on your ability to avoid the above-listed mistakes. We hope you can go ahead to plan your next camping vacation with the help of this information.


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