7 Successful Video Marketing Tips to Scale Your Business

Undoubtedly, we are visual beings. Our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text content. Videos deserve a prominent place in your marketing strategy, and 92% of businesses already have them at the top of their list. But as a matter of common sense, not all of them are successful.

A drum on your drawer will cut no ice unless you know to pound it. Therefore, to help you perfectly pound your drum to create impactful music, we are here with the seven marvelously successful video marketing strategies for your business.

Video Marketing

7 Successful Video Marketing Tips to Scale Your Business

1. Count Till Five and Hook Them!

The average human attention span is just 8.25 seconds. So, will you get 8.25 seconds to hook your audience? Unfortunately, no. You must catch their attention within three to five seconds. 

Catchy titles and gorgeous thumbnails alone will not work. Within this tiny patch of time, you must hook your viewers. Try diving into the story’s core and tell them how it is relevant to them. You may also invoke an element of surprise by introducing a new character, an intriguing message, or a scene that will glue the viewers to their screens. 

The text stirs the viewer’s mind into curiosity and compels them to keep watching the video. You can edit a video online to incorporate similar text at the beginning of your video to hook them.

2. Smarty Videos for Smartphones

Today, 83.37% of people use mobile devices. Many potential leads might encounter your business on their mobile device for the first time. Therefore, you have to give them the best impression!

First, start from the thumbnails. Though it might look formidable on your PC, viewers would lose their marbles seeing the miniature version of the same on their phone. So, test it on a smaller device and ensure that the thumbnail is clear and conveys the intended meaning. 

Sometimes, the audio will not work well on phones. You might enjoy it on your computer with quality speakers, but what about phone audio? Test it on your phone and ensure that things like background music and audio quality are perfect.

Also, vertical videos tend to bring more engagement on Snapchat Stories, Instagram reels, or YouTube Shorts. While watching videos, many people hold their mobile phones vertically. 

3. Visual is Viral

Down the memory lane to the old school Biology classes, 40% of nerve fibers linked to the brain are related to the eyes. Linking this to business, visuals are viral. It is not a surprise that we admire visual content. Therefore, edit a video online to incorporate captivating images, dynamic graphics, simple texts, and more.

People watch 85% of Facebook videos on mute. Therefore, as a video marketer, you must find ways to create videos that make sense on mute. One way to achieve this is through pictures that summarize the content. As it is said, an image is equivalent to a thousand words. 

While making a conversational video, edit a video online to display the conversation in bubble graphics. In addition to making the content visually appealing, it will allow viewers to read the dialogue. Similarly, you can use real-time captions so the viewers can read them and navigate the video without hearing it.

4. Keywords for Visibility

Making a video is not the end of it. It must serve the greater purpose of lead generation and conversion. The video must be visible and rank higher in search engines to achieve these goals. And they rank higher only if you follow some best keyword-related SEO practices.

First, you must figure out the perfect keywords for the video. To enhance video visibility and traffic, you must be witty in choosing them. You can use a keyword finder tool or invest in a keyword research service provider.

But search engines cannot read your videos! So, where will you embed your keywords? You can try inserting video transcripts or captions with the keywords. Also, organically insert these into the video title and description. However, always strike a balance between your viewers and the search engine.

5. Master Storytelling

From Aesop’s fables to narratives in religious texts, stories keep us engaged and enable us to emotionally relate to its morals. The same logic works with videos. There is nothing better than storytelling to engage the viewers, forge customer trust, and glue them to the screen.

You can connect with your viewers through videos that tell stories by invoking positive feelings like joy, hope, inspiration, awe, amusement, etc. While narrating, edit a video online to incorporate visually-striking images and captions. 

You must also pay attention to the narrator’s tone. About 75% of them might turn down your product/service because of an annoying voiceover. Therefore, ensure that the voice tone meets customer aspirations, as the voice of the video is the voice of your business. 

6. Keep Them Short and Sweet

People spend an average of 2.5 hours a day on videos. However, 73% of them prefer a short video. Videos in less than one minute have a 58% completion rate, which steadily decreases with increasing duration. 

Today, no one has time for fluffy content and never-ending stories. Even before they play your video, its length might deter them! Short videos, in contrast, are easy-to-grasp and straightforward. The desirable duration of a video is 30 seconds on Instagram, 45 seconds on Twitter, one minute on Facebook, and 2 minutes on YouTube.

So, keeping your videos short and sweet is prudent to capture the viewer’s attention. Nevertheless, you might consider breaking it into multiple parts if you have complex stuff to explain.

7. The Marvel of a Perfect CTA

If your videos attract millions of eyes and massive engagement but fail to drive expected conversions, you face a CTA crisis. A perfect CTA will help you convert viewers into your customers. If you offer room for a powerful CTA in your video, you will witness 380% more clicks compared to CTAs in the description box or the sidebar. 

First, you must know where to put a CTA. The goal of a CTA is to convey your message to the audience. But what if they do not even see it? So, if you place a CTA at the end, it will only catch the eyes of a tiny fraction of the total viewers. Therefore, to ensure maximum visibility and conversion, you might consider placing a CTA at the video’s beginning and the end.

In addition to verbal/ text-based CTAs, you must use dynamic and ecstatic image-based/ animated CTA to motivate your viewers to act. By adding compelling visual/ animation effects, you can take advantage of the ocular nature of videos. Furthermore, using powerful video editors, you can edit a video online to insert a powerful image-based/ animated CTA into the video.

Wrapping it Up

To summarize, rolling out a successful video marketing strategy is not a cakewalk. From voiceovers and CTAs to video keywords, visual appeals, and video duration, there are many factors you must keep in mind while creating a marketing video.

You must have taken five minutes to read this post, which is worth 3.47 million watch hours of YouTube video. Considering this enormous figure, one cannot help but wonder about the enormous potential hidden in video marketing. Following the best practices, including the seven you just read, you can master the art of converting a viewer into a customer.

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