Apps Like Mobile Performance Meter

Mobile performance meters are designed for people who earn incomes online. This app pays you for downloading and installing it on your mobile phones. To monitor your activities and performance, you need to keep the app running on your phone’s background, so that it can automatically sync. So, you get paid if this app runs on your background daily and you have other options like monitoring your device and more. Here you can find a list of Apps Like Mobile Performance Meter.

Apps Like Mobile Performance Meter

List of Top 5 Apps Like Mobile Performance Meter

There are many apps that offer similar functions as Mobile performance meter, giving you a number of options to pick from. With these apps you get paid regularly and amazing extra features. The top apps in this regard are:

  • 1. Verydice
  • 2. Slidejoy
  • 3. Google Opinion Rewards
  • 4. JunoWallet
  • 5. Cash Gift

1. Verydice

This application is a unique one that allows you to roll dice for ticket wins. It is easy to use and allows you to win a lot of free stuff. It runs on both android and iOS mobiles and creates a platform for fun and learning simultaneously. With every roll, you win a ticket and you can redeem your ticket anytime and anywhere. Even at gadgets and electronic stores!

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2. Slidejoy

All you have to do with this application is to look up news updates. It is a great way to earn money and keep up with trending news of different categories. This app pays in cash and gift cards. You can redeem your cash through PayPal and your gift cards with your favourite brands. It is an easy money-making platform with lots of exciting wins.

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3. Google Opinion Rewards

This application is a free survey application online that allows users to get paid by providing answers to online surveys. It is very simple to use and the rewards are massive. It is available for download in several countries and android users get google play credits that allow you purchase paid products from google play store.

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4. JunoWallet

This app offers you a lot of amazing packages and earns rewards for the simplest actions including making phone calls, watching videos, taking online surveys, inviting friends, and more. You can get the app for free and have fun playing games and engaging in other interesting activities online. You can also use your reward on Google play store, iTunes, Amazon, Nike, and more.

5. Cash Gift

This phone offers you cash gifts and rewards for doing fun things like playing games, trying great, and watching videos. It is very easy to use and supports over 3million users across the globe. You can redeem your rewards on online stores like Amazon, Google play store, Paypal, and other popular platforms.


Just like a mobile performance meter, this application allows you to earn massive rewards and cash for the simplest actions. These applications are a great combination of having fun playing games, relaxing with interesting videos, and keeping up to date with news updates. They are easy to use and offer you the smartest options to dispense your cash and rewards. Download any of these amazing apps and earn massively online.

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