Top 7 Best Online Christian Dating Sites & Apps for Singles

We have collected the best Christian dating sites and apps, which can help you build long-term relationships with people who share your faith.

The best Christian dating sites can help you find life partners and new friends who have the same beliefs as you. They are easy to access, and thanks to their state-of-the-art websites and free apps, these platforms allow you to expand your dating pool and easily chat with potential partners.

Rather than shooting through multiple profiles, many of the best Christian dating sites offer you fewer matches each day. Think of it as quality over quantity, as these profiles have been selected to match your search criteria. Having fewer matches also means that you won’t be overwhelmed by the choice and it will give you more time to consider each person.

Online Christian Dating sites

Some of our top picks below aren’t just Online Christian dating sites. In this case, they were chosen because they have a good selection of suitable candidates and allow users to filter their search by faith. We also rank these sites as some of the best overall online dating sites and apps, due to their multiple features and ease of use.

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List of Top 7 Best Online Christian Dating Sites & Apps For Singles

1. Zoosk


If you aren’t ready to completely dive into the “Christian only” dating realm, Zoosk is a great place to start. While the app doesn’t focus on Christian singles specifically, it has over 300,000 users who identify as Christians looking for another Christian.

The app lets you add in a range of Christianity, from the more strict to laid-back attitude. Wherever you fall on the religious scale, you are bound to find someone who matches your beliefs.

If you are a Christian but might want to also match with other religions, (maybe test the waters) Zoosk is a good stepping stone. When it comes to true love, there are no restrictions on this app.

Link:- Website | App Link

2. CrossPaths Christian Dating

CrossPaths Christian Dating

Not a well-known name, but a must-have app when it comes to the Christian dating world. The app lets you identify your faith spectrum and answer questions about your religion, in order to find the best matches possible.

The app follows the same format as Tinder, (swipe right or left and if both swipe right, it’s a match) but is only suitable for those of the Christian faith. This app lets you connect with fellow Christians within your area and chat for free.

CrossPath also allows you to plan dates right on the app and reminds you of local events nearby that may be of your interest. Do I sense a first date coming up soon?

Link:- Website | App Link

3. Christian Mingle: Local Dating

Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle is well-known for its dating website and presence online. However, the website is now available through their mobile app. If you are looking for a God-centered relationship, Christian Mingle is the app for you.

Christian Mingle has been matching singles for over 15 years now, so they kind of know the rule of thumb when it comes to finding you your perfect match. You can even send the Christian cutie that caught your eye a smiley face … how adorable is that?

Just be aware that some features are only accessible with a paid subscription. If you think this app will give you success, then start your free trial. If not, there are plenty of free apps on the market.

Link:- Website | App Link

4. CMatch: Christian Dating and Mingle

cMatch Christian dating

This app requires a membership, which start at $6.49/month. Even though this app has a monthly fee, they do offer some pretty unique features that the other apps do not. CMatch allows you to upload pictures and even a link to your church.

This way, those interested in you can get a glimpse of the community you surround yourself in and the church you attend. Overall, the app is similar to the others mentioned, but it does include special touches that may enhance your dating experience.

Link:- Website | App Link

5. EHarmony


EHarmony is a website that isn’t just for Christians, but does a great job matching singles based on their religion. It is not your traditional Christian dating site because it matches singles based on compatibility and curates a bunch of matches based around your faith.

To jump right into the website, go to in order to start your online dating profile immediately with a religious background.

The main features are free, but the website will eventually start charging you monthly for being a member of their site. The company does guarantee that if you aren’t satisfied after three months, they will refund you the money.

Link:- Website | App Link

6. Christian Cupid


Not the most popular, but for sure worth a try when it comes to finding love in the Christian community. With the first three months free of charge, you can browse through photos of Christians in your area and start messaging them right away.

What’s cool about this website is that they also mention it being a tool for those looking for Christian friends – no romance, just someone who can attend Sunday service with you or maybe grab a cup of coffee. So, even if you don’t find your one true love, you might just make a best friend.

Link:- Website | App Link

7. Christian Connection

Christian Connection

Winner of the UK Dating Award for Dater’s Favorite Site 2015-2017, this website believes that it all just starts with having a little faith. The website posts free, local events on their meetup board for those looking to get out and meet someone face to face.

Christian Connection even uses cute ice breakers to make it easier for you to catch the attention of a Christian you’re interested in. Pretty helpful, right?

Link:- Website | App Link

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