First time at card games? Here’s your best beginners guide to cards

Is it the first time you are playing card games? No idea how to play card games? Not to worry, we will be telling you all the basic rules of playing card games that will help you win as a beginner. Card games are fun-loving, exciting, skill-oriented and interesting games. 

Among card games, poker is one of the most played and preferred card games. It shelters in itself a skill, luck, strategy, rules and hands which allows you to win the game. 

One of the most basic, simple and first introductions to the game of poker for beginners is the five-card draw. There are some 5 card poker rules, following which you can also win even as a beginner. Before knowing the rules, you need to know about the 5-card draw strategy. 

First time at card games

Beginners guide to card games 

To any beginner, the first thing to know about is the poker game and how to play it. For that, you need to know about the basic rules and strategies among which one is a 5-card draw. It is one of the first things you should know about poker. But before getting to know the list of hands in poker 

Hands in poker

Below you will find a list of hands in poker that will help you get an ace in poker. The hands are arranged according to their ranks from high to low:

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight flush
  • Four of a Kind
  • Full house 
  • Flush 
  • Straight 
  • Three of a kind
  • Two pair 
  • One pair 
  • High 

This helps in knowing and winning the game much more easily. 

5-card draw 

It is one of the common techniques that help you win tournaments and games on GetMega and also win a cash prize. It dates back to time and was one of the choices people used to look up to. Still, its charisma hasn’t failed yet and is even. Consider now! 

Learning this gives you first-hand experience and you can set yourself with the game and use this. This game may have disappeared offline but the online platforms still provide you with the opportunity to experience and play this game. Moving to the 5 card poker rules by GetMega

The rules for 5 card poker game 

You can easily learn the 5 card poker rules and game. 

  • A standard deck of 52 cards is required to play the game. 
  • The ranking of the hands is similar to that of other poker games.
  • The Royal flush is the strongest hand and the high card the weakest. 

The game begins with all the players being dealt five cards, wherein the face is down. The dealer starts dealing one card to the player to his left and moves in a clockwise direction. As the cards are dealt the first round of betting begins. 

Draw phase 

The game then moves to the draw phase. 

  • In the draw phase, players who are actively involved in the hand can exchange cards from their hands. 
  • They can exchange the cards with the dealer, the cards are discarded and a new replacement is made. 
  • One can also choose not to exchange cards. 

After all the bets are done, the players who are still engaged in the game will show their cards to determine who is the winner. 

The one player with the best hand wins the game. If by chance you and another person have the hand, the prize is equally distributed. 


The 5 card game is played in three formats:

  • Fixed limit
  • Pot limit 
  • No limit 

In the fixed limit, as the name suggests there is a fixed bet. 

In the pot limit, the bet size can be changed but it cannot exceed the limit of the pot. 

In no-limit, there’s no limit on the bet. It completely depends on you. 

5 card poker rules and game strategy

To learn the 5 card poker rules and play the game to win it, you have to know some strategies like: 

  • Choosing hands – The first selection of starting hands plays an important role. Include strong pockets and big pocket pairs but don’t rush for best hands like a flush. 
  • Draw round – There is only one chance to discard and make new cards. If you have one pair, discard the rest of the cards or if you have two pairs, discard the one card. If you have three cards to flush or straight cards don’t draw. 

These are some tips on GetMega website that can help you with learning poker easily and by slowly playing you can gain much experience and later become an expert. 


Poker care is not hard to learn. Moreover, practising poker will make you an expert in no time. By remembering all the 5 card poker rules you definitely will devise strategies and skills to combat others in the game. You can learn more about it on GetMega Website.

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