Top 5 Famous Food Delivery Apps in USA

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, food delivery assiduity has endured huge growth in demand, as consumers are decreasingly shifting to food delivery services for refections. The demand for refections delivered is prognosticated to increase significantly in the coming many times, with multitudinous new players entering the request, and established bones expanding their immolations.

Companies are responding to the growing need for delivery and ordering online services by developing their apps, or by partnering with businesses to give these services. This has allowed them to expand their client base to new requests, increase their reach and ameliorate their profit perimeters. guests can also pierce their favored caffs at the touch of a button, which allows them to make a reservation and admit their food presto and fluently. The added convenience and availability of food delivery have made it simpler for caffs to acclimatize to the demands of moment’s guests.

Food Delivery Apps in USA

List of Top 5 Famous Food Delivery Apps in USA

1. ChowNow

Chownow is among the most popular food delivery services that are available in Los Angeles. Chownow is available in a variety of cities throughout the US which includes New York, LA, Dallas, Chicago, Denver, Portland, Atlanta, Seattle, and more.

Chownow offers an online ordering platform for restaurants that lets them place orders for food online on their websites for restaurants. Restaurants can also deliver food online under their restaurant’s name. The cost for the Chownow platform varies according to the dimensions and locations of restaurants. One benefit to Chownow is that the platform does not have any hidden fees.

Loyal Local can be described as a program for members of Chownow. Customers must pay their annual membership fees at once to avail of the benefits of the most well-known application located in Los Angeles. Customers can avail of various discounts such as 10 percent off for bronze and 15% off for Silver and 25 percent off on Gold.

The Key Features:

  • Free to use
  • A Loyal Local membership: $25-$100/year
  • Fees: varies by restaurant


If you’re looking for the top delivery application and you are looking for the best free delivery app, then end your search with the web-based application. lets its customers place orders for food, groceries, and liquor, and it also offers dry-cleaning services. The most important thing is that the application doesn’t charge any fees to customers for food orders through the site.

However, the restaurant might charge delivery fees depending on your area of residence. Each time you place an order the app awards points to its customers. These points can be redeemed in the future for a discount or even free delivery. Additionally, the app displays various categories of products, which makes it easier for shoppers to navigate. Users can find the item they’re looking for within various categories. Additionally, the app suggests products based on browsing habits.

3. goPuff

The app is available in more than 350 US cities. In addition to food, the app offers the majority of what you require. Examples include drinks, snacks as well as phone chargers, liquor, and many other items. You can count on GoPuff to bring your food to your door late at night.

Apart from the US The app also is available across the UK and has a value of $15 billion as of 2021. The app is primarily used in metropolitan areas and charges a delivery fee of $2. Users can reserve an order for delivery on a specific date.

GoPuff offers a 30-day free trial and comes with among the lowest subscription fees per month. GoPuff Fam is a subscription service. GoPuff Fam offers free delivery for all orders made by customers, along with other special benefits.

The Key Features:

  • Free to use
  • Membership in Fam: $5.95/month
  • Charges: $1.95 flat rate

4. Caviar

One of the most popular online food ordering services, Caviar has the largest amount of cafes, restaurants as well as snack bars. Caviar is available in more than 20 cities across the US. The app lets users search for and purchase food from local and high-end eateries.

Users must create an account with the app to avail of the services. After the application is created users can enjoy the most user-friendly food delivery service. Caviar offers customizable search and location features.

It has a smart selection feature that allows users to find restaurants that provide fast or free delivery. In addition, customers can look through reviews about the restaurants before deciding on one to order their meal.

If you’re purchasing caviar food the company will provide you with free delivery. The cost of delivery for food orders is based on the location of the customer and could be up to 18% of the total order. Caviar has a score of 4.8 5 stars on Apple stores and provides its customers with special discounts and deals.

The Key Features:

  • Free to use
  • Premium subscription: $9.99/month
  • Fees: $1.99 – $8.99

5. Munchery

Munchery is a popular place for its delivery of meals and food kits. Customers can book or order meals that are freshly prepared using the Munchery application. Additionally, Munchery is commission-free, however, customers must sign up for a month-long subscription, which includes a cost of $9.

Munchery is an independent delivery service that permits users to pick their favorite food from a range of eateries. To make up for that, the application provides an exclusive menu every day for its customers.


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The following list of top food delivery applications contains the most sought-after applications. But, several other applications for food delivery are highly sought-after by consumers.

A majority of 60 percent of Americans use food delivery apps to get food delivered to their doorsteps every week. Food delivery apps provide a convenient method for people to have their meals at any time they are in need.

Deliveries to homes or on doorsteps have become the norm in the food sector and every other sector. UberEats and GrubHub are major players within the US market.

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