8 Calculators That Show How Far Computing Has Come in the Past 2,000 Years

There were almost millenias of calculators before the invention of smartphones. In the past, ancient civilizations and people had no supply of internet. Moreover, they also had no computers which were so super powerful that easily solved their problems. But you can not say that they solve all the mathematical problems by hand. Although, it is said that calculators do not always work properly to give accurate answers. Yet, still our engineers, accountants ,and scientists have made use of such calculators in order to solve big questions easily for over 2,000 years. 

Fractions Calculator

Let’s discuss one such calculator. It’s none other than a mixed numbers to improper fractions calculator by calculator-online.net. Today mathematicians, accountants, students, and engineers make vast use of this calculator to perform basic ratio problems.

In this article, you will get a healthy amount of information regarding 8 calculators that show how far computing has come in the past 2000 years. So, let’s pop down!

8 Calculators That Show How Far Computing Has Come in the Past 2,000 Years

The Abacus:

Thousands of years ago, merchants and blacksmiths didn’t carry any cash register. Instead, they had the abacus. Abacus is regarded as the first ever invented calculator of the world. Its designs date to ancient Babylon about 300 BC. The first physical version of this calculator came from China in almost 206 BC. You have definitely seen them in schools as toys. But the fact is this calculator is still in use in some offices. Along with that, many modern calculators, just like a mixed fractions calculator, are also used to make better calculations.

If you want to represent a number, just raise and lower beads on a spindle, with the location of the beads representing units in the ones, tens, hundreds, and so on. The majority of abaci can count in trillions.

Antikythera Mechanism:

Antikythera mechanism was first found in a destroyed Roman ship. This ship was found at the bottom of the Aegean Sea in 1901. The Antikythera Mechanism was used to track extraterrestrial patterns. It also determines the positions of the sun, moon and planets. Although it is not used for the mathematical calculations yet it gives us information regarding the next solar eclipse. That is why the best mixed numbers to improper fractions calculator comes here to help. Use this calculator and speed up your calculations.

Also, it was in use to track the movements in the solar system in the next 12 to 15 years.

The gadget resembled a clock. It also included a second dial near the middle that computed two to four-year intervals for tracking Olympic Games dates. 

Slide Rule:

In the 1600s, Slide rules were first invented. While, almost in the 1940s, they took the place of common engineering tools. Number of calculations it can operate depends upon the number of scales present on a scale. Also, the mixed fraction calculator also perform math calculations swiftly. Several different types of calculators have been developed over centuries. One type is cylindrical, having ten or more scales on them. It was typically used in trigonometry. 

While the other type is rectangular having four scales. Rectangular one was used to top out at squares and square roots. The circular slides are also one type. Their size was almost the same as watches. It was like aligning two regular 12-inch rulers side by side while using a cylindrical or rectangular slide rule. By sliding the rules and matching the numbers, you were able to find your answers. Precision was determined by how well the scales were matched.

Step Reckoner:

The Step Reckoner was the first calculator to compute the four basic arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division that can also be performed by using mixed numbers to improper fractions calculator if you deal with fractions. It was invented by Gottfried Leibniz in 1673. You had to turn a crank to get it to operate, which then rotated internal gears that did the counting. Only one original step Reckoner survives, but the wheel and gear design would go on to be employed in mechanical calculators for the following 300 years, up until the 1970s.

Difference Engine No. 2:

First invented in about 1849. It is regarded as the most modern computer design. polynomials were calculated by it using addition. Also, the multiplications and divisions were eliminated so that the calculations remain simple. Charles Babbage invented it. It was first made in almost 17 years in the Science Museum of London. Engine itself has a total of 8000 parts. The weight of the whole engine was about 5 tons. 

But if we compare it with mixed numbers to improper fractions calculator, it is now digital, having no weight, but does huge calculations in no time.


Arithmometer was basically an office desk calculator. It was the first ever calculator which was processed by brass. Also, it was the first ever calculator by which actual profit was gained by selling. In France, Charles Thomas de Colmar invented it. Its selling started in almost 1820.

 The Arithmometer uses the Step Reckoner’s stepped drum. It was also able to do all four arithmetic operations. In order to perform a calculation, you must move levers toward the procedures and the quantities you wish to calculate. Then, depending on when your Arithmometer was constructed, you’d do the computation by pulling a ribbon or another lever. How interesting it seems in actuality. But it may be confusing to modern people. That is why it is preferred to make use of the free mixed numbers to improper fractions calculator to get instant results and calculations.

Odhner Calculator:

The arithmometer was actually replaced by the odhner calculator. It was done in the next upcoming century as a further commercial success. A series of pinholes were used to select your numbers. You had to turn a crank to do computations. The clockwise rotation of the crank was deducted and divided, while the counterclockwise rotation added and multiplied. 

By moving a marker between two integers, the system could even calculate to the decimal point. Also, the mixed number ratio calculator also determines the decimal form of the ratios you provide it to get simplified.

Handheld Calculator:

Adding machines were compacted into handheld calculators before the integration of calculators as apps on smartphones, desktop. In 1967, Texas first put the circuits into handheld calculator. It made many remarkable changes in the world. It was able to do the four arithmetic operations. But the mixed numbers to improper fractions calculator also performs the arithmetic operations on the fractions any time and generates accurate results.

Last Words:

In this guidepost, we discussed mixed numbers to improper fractions calculator usage and other such calculators that have made calculations easy so far.

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