Guide to the Greek Girl – Handling these Sassy Women

You rarely go wrong with European women, whether you seek short or long-term relationships. Where to find the right ones isn’t hard either. Seeing as Greece is a popular hotspot for foreign men, chances are you will run into these gals soonest. Visiting five-star hotels and tourist destinations brings you closer to them. However, not all men eager to meet Greek women enjoy such privileges. Thus, online dating from the comfort of your home is the way to go. 

Guide to the Greek Girl

Meeting Greek Goddesses 

With a stunning CV, you might impress Greek ladies and have them join you for dinner, but only for a while. These impressions are not enough to impress these ladies. Dating online requires an even more detailed profile. Check out Greek women dating sites and enjoy chatting and flirting with real women daily. With time you learn what impresses them, and more importantly, how to retain their attention. Let’s check out a few details regarding these hot-blooded femmes as you ponder engaging them online. 


Yes, they are pretty hot and tempting and many make the extra effort to look fabulous. Naturally, they are born with the right genes. Unlike other European babes who might appear bland, Greek women are blessed from childhood. This is why they tend to look better with age, and with little effort. The extra energy to look good is at the gym. Many spend a few hours breaking a sweat, simply to get rid of calories. 

It is rare to meet ladies from Greece who are not looking their best. Their diets help keep them fit and athletic looking too. Junk food the likes you might find in America will not be part of a Greek woman’s diet. It is part of the reason they insist on having homemade or native meals. 


Greek girls show emotions much better than other European femmes. They do not hide their feelings – good or bad. They also show their emotions quite vividly. It is not enough to say they are happy. Greek girls are bubbly when happy, and their facial expressions reflect that. 

They are also not dull or numb in bedroom matters and their thirst for passion is unmatched. Compared to other European women, they do not take much to be impressed. However, bedroom matters are essential to maintaining a good relationship. Being inadequate will not fly. 


Historically, Greece has been known as a strong nation. Cultures, relationships, and of course traditions remain unchanged. Even with westernized ideas creeping in, ladies in Greece boast of family values. They appreciate family and adore men with an inkling of having a family too. If you begin dating a Greek lady it is important to make time for her family. They are important to her. As you date her, her family should be important to you too. Other factors to this love for her family include spontaneity. If she has her spot, she might still invite them occasionally. If you happen to be living with her, it is better to be aware of their random appearances. 

Online Dating 

Women from Greece prefer meeting men publicly, due to classifieds historically connecting scum to real people. With that being the case, be sure to remain honest while chatting on portals. Any signs of lying send them running. They would rather know you as a broke man struggling and trying to be better, than someone acting out a fantasy. 

Remember these traits when you seek and engage these goddesses online, and your next meeting will be blissful. Greek gals offer loads of love to men, foreign and domestic, but they need reciprocation. If you cannot satisfy her needs emotionally, looks and money will not work. 

Karan Singh

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