Labour Law UAE understanding

Labour Law UAE is the Law that covers the Labour and Employment Law matters, employment recruitment, employment procedure, visa issues, court cases, mohre complaints, government employment documentations and everything which is required around Labour and Employment. UAE Labour Law or Labour Law UAE, throws the light on different articles and its descriptions. For example, Labour Law Article 1, Article 2, Article 3 etc. For example, UAE Labour Law Article 1 tells about the different entities of an employment agreement, employer, employee, work type, salaries, locations etc. For example, Labour Law Article 2 tells us about the official languages,

Labour Law UAE understanding

For example Labour Law Article 3 is a condition applied on specific segments. This is how Labour Law UAE is drafted, and it is taken to end level with perfect expertise and research. UAE Labour Law which is also amended and reviewed on a permanent basis, allows a person to get protection in UAE while having employment or while doing business. But the question is if a person wants to learn about UAE Labour Law or he wants to know about UAE Labour Law articles then he can’t understand himself. He can’t understand a story or an interesting web publication. Here, the person needs Labour and Employment Lawyers. It gives birth to a demand called Labour and Employment Lawyers Demand and the best lawyers in this regard is Labour Lawyers in Dubai, Employment Lawyers in Dubai etc. 

How to Find:

Trust us, it’s not a big deal. The Labour Lawyers in Dubai or Employment Lawyers in Dubai, can be easily found from different platforms like Labour and Employment Law Firms or Full-Service Law Firms. The first one is the specialized Law Firms while the second one is the full-service law firms. Our job is not to discuss the difference between Law Firms or the difference of advocates here. Our job is to find out the place where we can or anybody can ask for the labour law lawyers and legal consultants.

The conventional and modern sources/mediums can be used to find out the Labour and Employment Lawyers and the Law Firms fully equipped with UAE Labour Law expert lawyers. The Labour Law Law Firms have to be Emirati Law Firms like Full-Service Emirati Law Firms. Therefore, both Law Firms are owned and managed by Emirati Advocates, based on a set criterion by the UAE government. As far as the Labour Law Advocates/Lawyers or Labour Law Legal Consultants are concerned then Advocates can only be Emirati Advocates while simple legal consultants can be expatriates as well but they need a license too. 

The Role of these Advocates: 

Role of these advocates are beyond the understanding of a common man. A common man only understands that Labour and Employment Lawyers are needed, when there is a court case. The fact is not like that, the role of these labour and employment law advocates are, in court, providing the advice, arranging the documents, having meetings, checking employment documents, giving advice for lodging the complaints, dealing the first court case, second court case and cassation court cases.

These Labour and Employment Law advocates are supposed to play the role diverse in nature and covering every legal aspect of UAE Labour Law. Labour Law Advocates need to be perfect in several legal aspects. So, if a Labour Law UAE advocate is not capable of handling such things, then he cannot be declared a lawyer fulfilling the role as a specialized UAE Labour Law Lawyer. 

Labour and Employment Lawyers manage the court cases, but it is only possible when it is allowed. There is a claim amount limit to enter into the appeal court/second court is 50000 AED within 30 days etc. Similarly, there is a limit for cassation courts. Labour and Employment Lawyers must be capable of facing all the court challenges.

Court proceedings in the appeal court are very different than in the first court as it needs more efforts. Especially when the stance in first court has been rejected by the judge. More supporting documents are required and more brainstorming needs to be invested. The moment when expert meetings/sessions need to be attended then a Labour and Employment Lawyer must know how to answer the expert and how the answers are prepared based on the supporting documents. It is also one of the key roles of Labour and Employment Lawyers, operating in Dubai or United Arab Emirates. 

The Rational Approach:

The rational approach is to select the best lawyers and best lawyers by the best law firms. The rational approach is to consider the quality service in high priority not the price factor. The rational approach to provide the maximum time to your law firm/appointed lawyer to produce the results. The rational approach is not to waste the time and set up the meeting with the lawyer after arranging the supporting documents as soon as possible. Once the input has been arranged properly and the lawyer has been appointed properly then the lawyer has to give his best to win the case in a win-win or fully win situation.  

Quality of Lawyers:  

We will not be discussing the reasons here but there is no doubt that Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai are the best in Dubai as well as in the United Arab Emirates. So, it is proved that the quality of lawyers can’t be compromised. A person needs a lawyer or a legal consultant only, he can easily find out the best one, but once again the question is the same: the lawyer who is going to be hired, should be hired?

A junior Emirati Lawyer but experienced only in a few cases can’t be given a case where an employee has to collect gratuity in millions and he also has to collect the invested amount as capital and the profits generated on the invested amount. This is the minor difference where a good selection increases the chances of winning the case. Therefore, the final selection must be made by those who have experience, serious in nature and have hired the Labour and Employment Lawyers before. 

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