Law Firm Websites: What Qualities Matter the Most to Google?

Legal services are not skippable for individuals, businesses, and other organisations. Since the world has transformed into a digital platform, people are looking over the law firm websites while choosing the best attorneys for their legal interests. That’s why law firms have concentrated on creating dynamic websites along with eminent lawyers. But, these factors are not the only ways to convince Google that these law firm websites are trustworthy.

The more Google considers your law firm website acceptable, and the higher Google would rank the website. Therefore, anyone easily can discover the law firm’s website and render legal services from them. Recently, Google has brought enormous changes to its ranking algorithms.

Google has started minutely evaluating the trustworthiness of the law firm websites. Here are a few properties that Google keeps searching in the websites of any law firm.

Law Firm Websites

1. Updated Content

The semantic procedure of Google in indexing websites is not that complicated. While your law firm has the best lawyers in Dubai and Google can verify the data from the uploaded content, whatever their achievements are. Google algorithms are powerful enough to sneak into the type of data provided in the websites. And, it can authorise whether the content claimed on the law firm website is true or false.

In case any of the information pieces contradict any other detail in the same website or webpage, then Google considers it as a flaw. Additionally, this flaw proves the untrustworthy nature of the website. Like any other search engine, Google can effectively decrease the visibility of the websites, if they contain any kind of information that can misguide.

On the other hand, outdated information can prove to act as a boomerang to your law firm’s website, even when your law firm has the most respectful lawyers in Dubai. Google treats outdated information as a piece of misinformation. So, keep pace with the information, especially regarding attorney details, practice areas, and legal services of the law firm.

Additionally, consider uploading new blogs to reach more audiences and customers on Google and relevant search engines. Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean to withdraw older blogs or articles on your law firm website. Remember that you need to cover all the latest news or research according to legal practice areas. Moreover, if you have made any claim on the website, don’t forget to get it certified by a local government or authority.

Links & Mentions

Google has revisited the search and ranking algorithm. And it’s no longer confined to the website level. Rather, it has now reached the webpage levels. Every webpage posted on Google should have a trustworthy link to connect to the right website. In addition to this, every web page should have the right attribute to prove that it contains the qualified resource as per the information.

Apart from this, if any other website mentions the webpage, then the website should redirect to the webpage. More precisely, it should link the content of the law firm’s website. For instance, if the lawyers of the law firm have individual service pages, and they link them to the website, it definitely enhances the trustworthiness of the website.

Besides this, the law firm website can publish news releases, legal publications, and much more. In case the law firm mentions how the attorneys have handled the legal cases, that would be a beneficial point in the ranking of the web page on Google.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Along with top-notch and quality content, search engine optimisation is another premium way to increase the website visibility on Google. However, SEO techniques might lead you to the myth that keyword stuffing would escalate the webpage on search engines. Plenty of keywords placed without implementing any meaning would lead your website to get crashed. You can’t manipulate the ranking system with keyword stuffing any more.

Google algorithms have turned sophisticated enough to differentiate between legitimate content and stuffed keywords. In case you keep repeating the keywords over and over, Google might kick out the webpage from its comfort zone. Use proper keywords with considerable frequency to index your law firm websites and webpages higher.

Clear Qualification details for Audience and Clients

The website or webpage of the law firm should reflect professionalism. By professionalism, we mean that the web pages should contain evidence to support what they state. Moreover, all the clients and audiences are searching for the credentials and qualifications of a legit law firm website. The law firm website should depict information with in-depth details.

Additionally, don’t repeat the mistake of hiding anything about the in-house lawyers of your firm. Some law firms might prefer hiding such information by thinking about privacy issues. Your law firm website would receive more acceptance if you can clarify the qualification of the lawyers and their expertise.

Dedicate a segment named ‘Meet the Professionals’ on the website to introduce the lawyers and attorneys to the clients. Moreover, don’t forget to mention their experience in the term of years and their elite membership to any known organisation.

It would be better if the law firm can link the LinkedIn profiles of the legal experts. People prefer such evidence, and so does Google. The more qualified information Google can secure in the law firm websites, the more it would rank the websites. You can make room for such sections at the top of the web page or at the end.

However, don’t skip linking the profiles of the lawyers to the ‘Meet the Professionals’ page. This is extremely important for drawing attention from your potential clients and audiences.

Skip Unnatural Links

We have already stated that links and mentions on other websites, regarding the law firm, can be beneficial. If any of the legal services impress anyone, and they mention the law firm, then it brings positivity. Consequently, people can notice the trustworthiness of the firm’s website from other vetted resources. So, drawing links and mentions are particularly beneficial for your website.

But, the scenario is not the same with unnatural links. It’s likely more prestigious to earn a link and mention. In case you want to create an unnatural link, it will be categorised as link schemes. Instead of improving the quality of the content, relying on unnatural links can deteriorate the ranking of the webpage. According to Google, the following ones are harmful to your online presence:

  •  Cross-linking or exchange of links
  • Selling or purchasing links

Additional Ways to Engineer Lead Generation

The main purpose of Google indexing algorithms is to generate more and more leads or revenues. So, the more you keep the website client-facing, the more Google would likely to upscale the rank. While filtering out other competitors of the same field, Google makes sure of the following tactics:

● Does the page have ‘Contact us’ information? Along with the particular place?
● Does the page have a presence over local social media platforms?
● Are the reviews and testimonials genuine?


It would be better if the business or law firm has a business account on Google in that place. By implementing these rules, a law firm website can easily gain trust among people. Additionally, Google also considers it as a competent firm and enhances its reputation through ranking.

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