Migraine: Various Triggers And How To Deal With The Pain?

Migraine has turned out to be one of the most prevalent conditions among people across the globe. Research conducted in America estimated that about 12% of people suffer from migraine. When migraine attacks start, all you look for is the ways that can help you get instant relief. The onset of a migraine attack makes you think of a dark room, bed, and painkillers. These attacks seem to arise from nowhere and lead to utter pain and feeling of sickness. The pain from migraine turns unbearable in certain conditions, such as exposure to the sun or excessive stress. It might also trouble women more before their menstrual period. 

Migraine headaches are not just severe headaches, but they can also induce feelings of sickness and fatigue. Migraines can weaken you and interfere with your daily life activities. Hence finding a solution for it is essential. At first, if you feel you are having migraine symptoms, it’s better to consult a doctor and get a diagnosis. The doctor might prescribe you medication that can help you a lot. Along with these medical treatments, there are many herbal options for migraines, such as CBD, that might be worthwhile. 


Researchers are still working to understand why many people face migraines while, at the same time, others don’t. But to date, experts just found out that there are specific triggers of migraine, which are different for each individual. Additionally, they say that you must not stick with only conditions that trigger headaches there are many other factors. The moment you can figure out your trigger, you will be able to seek better treatment for yourself. This blog will talk about migraines, their triggers, and how to deal with them. 

What Is A Migraine? 

Migraine is a medical issue that’s not only limited to severe headaches. It is a neurological issue that is associated with multiple symptoms. One can feel the following symptoms along with frequent headaches: 

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • problem in speaking
  • numbness
  • sensitiveness to light and sound

This condition might pass on from one generation to another and affect people at any age. According to a study, females are more prone to suffer from migraines than males. It is a medical issue, and hence you will need a diagnosis from a medical professional. Generally, diagnosis is conducted based on clinical history, symptoms, and probable causes. People typically describe migraine as pulsating, throbbing, perforating, or pounding. Most of the time, migraine pain can affect one side of the head, but it can occur on both sides. These migraine attacks can last from 4 to 72 hours. 

Various Triggers Of Migraine:

The reasoning of exact cause of migraine is still unknown, but doctors suggest that there are some triggers behind those severe headaches. Here are some of those triggers:

  • Stress: Having a sudden boost in physical or psychological stress might trigger migraine in many people. According to a study, almost 50 to 80 % of people with migraines report stress as the trigger. 
  • Lack of sleep: Sleep plays an essential part in your body’s functioning. Having disturbance to sleep is described as one of the triggers of acute migraine. Additionally, excessive sleep might also induce migraine headaches. 
  • Hunger and dehydration: Research has proven that fasting could be a dominant factor leading to the onset of migraine. Also, insufficient fluid intake is responsible for migraine headaches in 40% of people. 
  • Hormones: Women are likely to face migraine attacks three times more than males. Up to 75% of women experience migraine once around the menstrual period. It is also known to be a menstrual migraine. 

How To Deal With Migraines? 

  • Proper Rest: 

Not getting enough sleep is one reason that leads to migraines; hence proper rest could help. Having at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night is crucial. If possible, you can try getting to bed and waking up at fixed schedules. It will help you manage your sleep-wake cycles that could ward off migraine-related headaches. Additionally, you can avoid taking naps at day times because it would disturb your routine, and you might stay sleeping late at night. It might not be that easy, but it could help you. 

  • Daily Exercise:

The truth is that vigorous exercise might trigger migraine. Still, the benefits of exercising are higher than the chances of causing migraine. The research found that regular exercising could decrease the frequency of migraine attacks. Also, it would be ideal if you did not exercise in the middle of the pain due to migraine as it could worsen the situation. Hence try exercising once you are free from pain. Exercising can also release feel-good hormones, which are endorphins and enkephalins. These can act as natural painkillers, making you feel better. 

  • Meditation: 

Stress is one of those triggers that can cause frequent migraine attacks, and meditation could help you deal with it. Meditation can help you deal better with migraine by restricting the action of the part of the nervous system that is responsible for causing stress. There are different types of meditation, but mindfulness practices might help with migraines. This practice will help you increase awareness by focusing on your inner thoughts and emotions. Studies have found that practicing meditation every day is a better way to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks. 

  • CBD

CBD is one of the hundreds of compounds found in cannabis plants. It is not the same as pure THC and has its medical benefits. Although being extracted from hemp, both of them act differently. CBD is used for medicinal purposes and must contain less than 0.3% THC. THC might lead to a feeling of dizziness while CBD cannot. A decomposition process is required to extract CBD from the hemp extract in sunlight which might take up to 12 hours. Due to its vast benefits, it has gained enormous popularity. This compound might also help you deal with migraine due to its pain-relieving properties, just take a drag from CBD vape pen. According to research, cannabis can relieve pain, ease nausea and reduce inflammation. Many studies conducted in 2017 also noted that CBD could treat migraine effectively. Hence adding CBD to your daily routine might be helpful.                                           


Migraine has grown to be a common issue, and thankfully, there are lots of things that could help you treat it. But it would be best if you remembered that one treatment wouldn’t work for all. The best way to deal with migraine is to know the triggers. Find your symptoms as early as possible and look for medications and therapies that will work for you. Once you find out your triggers, it will get easier for you. Also, getting support from others is a sound way to deal with migraines.

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