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You want to change a lot of things about PDF files, but you haven’t yet discovered a good application. You want to locate an app that runs quickly, smoothly, and simply on your device. It should also be lightweight. So you can quickly and easily edit what you want, export, and save your files. Try out PDF Extra MOD APK at this moment.


Introduce about PDF Extra

a robust tool for opening, converting, and modifying PDF files

The majority of work-related files are in the.pdf format. There are no typeface, layout, or image issues, in part due to their strong security and preservation of all original file types. Additionally, it is simple to save and share as necessary. However, as the majority of smartphones do not offer this capability directly, we will need a specialised support programme in order to read and modify these PDF files smoothly and fluently. Additionally, choose a programme to handle PDF files in that way is a challenging problem because there are many programmes, each of which has advantages and drawbacks that must be tested before choosing one.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to PDF Extra, an app I use on my phone to alter PDF files so they can function. I have no complaints so far; I think it’s excellent.

I’ve tried a few programmes in the past that can also read and edit PDF files. But I discovered that such programmes were lacking something. I just have a small amount of work to complete, but it’s both really simple and slightly unique. I truly need more sophisticated capabilities, like security or file format conversion, which the apps at the time couldn’t provide. However, PDF Extra is full.

Powerful file conversion capabilities

I mentioned that this function is one of the reasons I continue to use PDF Extra. It must be acknowledged that PDF Extra has a very high capacity for file conversion. Any PDF file can be converted to Word, Excel, or Epub files, and vice versa. After that, you are free to edit and modify those files as you would on a computer. The original PDF file’s high-quality graphics, text, colours, and page layouts are still helpful.

Creating PDF files from existing paper documents

Using this programme, you may scan documents and turn them into editable, viewable, and transferable standard PDF files. much like a handheld scanner. With the help of the in-app Auto Batch tool, you may scan a single page into a PDF or several pages into a single file. Guys, not all PDF reader programmes have this feature. This tool is quite helpful if you deal with paperwork, vouchers, and certifications frequently.

Download: PDF Extra APK Mod

You can either scan paper into a PDF file or download the current PDF file to the application. Following that, you can view, annotate text with the application’s annotation tools, add comments, make notes with drawing tools, and highlight text. Furthermore, you may use far more sophisticated editing to change things like text, graphics, designs, and signatures. This entire method is really practical.


Managing nearby and remote papers is simple. Go to “My Documents” to find your PDFs, or access and sync them online.
Important data may be locked, encrypted, and have access restricted by passwords. Verify the validity of certifications for advanced PDF.
To create PDF files from images from other apps, use the “Share to PDF Extra” function.
Document printing is easy. You can select entire documents or just specific pages.
It’s true what they say: To convert a PDF file into an image, use the free JPEG converter.
Use Text to Speech to have a beautiful eBook read to you like a bedtime story, or read it yourself in Dark mode.
You can quickly convert your paper documents into editable files. Scan a dozen pages at once or create one-page PDFs.


Combine multiple PDFs into one to simplify your life. Manage your movie or travel tickets, or simply add new PDFs to your existing collection.
View and arrange PDF pages — The layout of your PDF is entirely up to you. Rotate, delete, and rearrange pages to create a PDF file that is well-organized.
Using your smartphone or tablet, fill out and sign PDF forms while on the go. You can make all the necessary adjustments and sign documents using your stored digital signature or by handwriting a signature directly on the page utilising fillable PDF forms with enhanced support.

When converting PDFs to Word, Excel, or ePub, keep the layout and formatting that were present originally. For simple sharing, convert Word, Excel, and ePub files into PDFs.

Direct connection to cloud accounts

You can save files to your cloud account if you don’t want to keep them on your mobile device. All current prominent cloud services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive, are accessible using PDF Extra. Additionally, the application get 5GB of free memory to save documents. You can store a lot of documents on your phone because 5GB is a large amount. Because PDF Extra supports cross-device synchronisation, the data stored by the software can be accessed from several devices.

Now, Android users have a third excellent app for managing and modifying their PDFs, joining OfficeSuite and iLovePDF. The software ensures that you may work with your files in complete comfort thanks to its many usable and accessible features.

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