Teen Patti Joy Referral Code: Get Rs 41 Free on Signup

Teen Patti Joy Referral Code: In this post, I will discuss a new rummy game app named Teen Patti Joy.

Download the Teen Patti Joy app from its website and be ready for huge earning:

  • 30% commission on friends
  • Rs 700 on referring friends.
  • Rs 41 free on signup.
  • And many more.


I have earned more than Rs 200 from this Teen Patti Joy platform for free. Click here to download it now.

Do you want to use the Teen Patti Joy app on your personal mobile phone for earning purposes?

Download Teen Pati Joy App

Let’s get started on this offer!

Teen Patti Joy is an online platform famous for the Rummy game, where users can play unlimited games and earn free rewards bonuses and game chips.

Many games are available inside this platform, such as 7 Up down, Rummy, Andhar Bahar, Teenpatti 20-20, Car Roulette, Dragon vs. tiger, baccarat, and Z00 Roulett.

Moreover, when you watch the below video then you will learn to play Dragon Vs Tiger games on the Teen Patti Joy App.

The users can earn various types of bonuses like a sign-in bonus, weekly bonus, monthly bonus, and level bonus. If you are interested to play any game, then you can choose any above games after joining it.

Teen Patti Joy

Are you less than 18 years or more?

Then install this app using the below steps.

Teen Patti Joy Referral Code Terms:

1) The new users will earn a signup reward in the form of chips worth Rs 41 from the Teen Patti Joy platform after joining this platform.

2) Referral users will get free chips to play the game, when their friend complete KYC.

3) The referrer will also earn a 30% commission when the referee friend plays a game every day or a single day.

4) If users come under a minor, which means less than 18, they cannot play a game.

How to Earn Signup Bonus on Teen Patti Joy:

1) First of all, go to the Teen Patti Joy website from the Offer Page and click for once.

2) In your web browser, the app installation process will start running automatically.

3) After installing the Teen Patti Joy game app, it takes some seconds to install it.

4) Then, open the app and complete registration by entering your details and verification code.

5) Use this Teen Patti Joy referral code: 2385193

6) After adding all the details, submit the details and add some money to unlock the 7 Up Down, Dragon and Tiger game.

7) Your signup bonus is successfully credited to the Teen Patti app wallet.

8) Now place bets as per the below Game skills by selecting 7 Up Down, Dragon and Tiger game.

9) Then complete your KYC to spend the money on games and to withdraw the earnings.

10) Lastly, watch the above and below videos to know more about the games.

Teen Patti Joy App Games Skills:

  • 1.Play With: 10₹
  • 2.Play With: 30₹
  • 3.Play With: 70₹
  • 4.Play With: 150₹
  • 5.Play With: 350₹
  • 6.Play With: 800₹
  • 7.Play With: 1700₹
  • 8.Play With: 3600₹

1) You place a bet on any of these game 7 Up Down, Dragon and Tiger game in the App.

2) If you bet on the Dragon game and doesn’t win then select the bet amount of Rs 30.

3) Again, If you bet on the Dragon game and doesn’t win then again select the amount of Rs 70.

4) But If you bet on the Dragon game and win then you can change the the bet amount to Rs 10 once again.

5) Also if you win regularly in every bet then you continue with the lowest bet of Rs 10.

6) However, If you bet on the any game and the game draws a tie then your money will get refunded.

Note: When the game draws a tie, then you can also continue to play the game with your old investment.

How to Share the Teen Patti Joy Referral Code:

1) Open the Teen Patti Joy app on your mobile device and click on it.

2) Now, tap on the refer and earn option from the bottom left corner.

3) Then, copy your teen patti joy referral code or referral link and send it to your friends.

4) When your friends play any game on Teen Patti, then you will earn a reward.

Teen Patti Joy Referral Code Overview:

Refer and Earn AppTeen Pati Joy
Teen Patti Joy Referral code2385172
App LinkDownload App
Signup BonusGame Chips
Referral Bonus30% Commission

Download Teen Patti App

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