The Best 12 Open Source Chart Library 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, people increasingly face challenges maintaining their audiences’ online focus and attention. It makes it essential to present information in a structured and engaging manner, particularly when dealing with complex business applications. Simply giving large amounts of data in a standard spreadsheet for analysis or study can be highly inconvenient. 

One solution to this problem is creating various charts. When it comes to online charts & their libraries, the first name that comes across our minds is React Framework. The popular Javascript, open-source, is known for developing and deploying ready-to-use components for data visualization. 

React chart libraries easily produces visually appealing graphs and charts for the required database. Additionally, your users can understand more insightful data quickly by decoding the statistics in no time. 

The Best 12 Open Source Chart Library 2023

Placing content and database in their most apt form has existed for years. According to Google trends, React libraries have steadily risen with the changing user perspective.

 Choosing the right React charting library can be overwhelming due to the many available options. So, to narrow down your research, here are some of the best react libraries to opt for per your project requirement.

Top 12 Open-Source Chart Library in 2023

#1 Recharts

As of 2022, the platform has received 1,248,330 npm downloads every week. The numbers are insane. 

Recharts is a highly reliable library that provides minimalistic native SVG support with very few D3 modules. It uses only presentational components with declarative elements and chart elements. Therefore, most professionals first suggest recharts to people looking for a simple and quick way to complete their data visualization jobs.

#2 React-charjs-2

React-charts-2 is a powerful and flexible wrapper library for Chart.js that simplifies creating custom data visualizations using React. Its compatibility with React’s virtual DOM and integration with other React-based components make it a popular choice for developers looking to create dynamic and interactive data-driven applications.

#3 Victory

The Victory was developed by Formidable Labs and is open-source, with active development and community support. It provides an API that allows developers to create custom charting components from scratch using the building blocks provided by the library. It enables developers to create highly customized data visualizations tailored to their application’s specific needs.

#4 Nivo

Nivo is a charting library that provides web developers with a unique approach to generating charts and data visualization on the server side. The library offers SVG, HTML, and Canvas charts in a single package, with the added benefit of transitions and motions. This makes it a precise and versatile solution for all data visualization needs, providing developers with a one-stop-shop solution.

#5 React-stock charts

It is a great tool that allows the visualization of stock chart data in a versatile yet easily understandable template. If you need financial data visualization, react stock charts are the one-stop solution for your online venture.

#6 Ant design charts

Ant design charts provide high-quality charts with prompt research into the user experience for default chart configuration. One can easily adjust the details of charts to meet your specific requirements. Lenovo and Toyota are renowned companies that are using Ant design. 

#7 Rumble charts

Rumble Charts is a charting library for React that enables developers to create customizable and adaptable charts to represent data. It utilizes D3.js for functionality, although this implementation is not typically noticeable to users. 

It offers a variety of graph chart options and is a versatile and user-friendly resource for data visualization. Additionally, Rumble Charts is an anonymous charting library that includes modern templates for building simple applications.

#8 React financial charts

React Financial Charts includes several built-in features to help users create informative and engaging financial charts, such as zooming and panning capabilities, technical indicators, annotations, and event markers. It allows users to quickly and easily analyze market trends, identify trading opportunities, and make informed investment decisions.

#9 Plottable

Plottable is a library of chart components that enables developers to create flexible and customized charts for websites. It includes various higher-level features, such as plots, gridlines, and axes, that can be combined to build unique charts. 

Plottable is built on top of D3.js, allowing for faster chart construction compared to D3 directly, and provides greater chart configurability than many pre-made chart templates found in other charting libraries. Plottable is akin to a “D3 for Charts” because it focuses on chart components rather than being a pre-packaged charting library.

#10 e-Charts for react

E-Charts for React is a JavaScript library that uses the Z-Render rendering engine to create customizable charts using either Canvas or SVG. E-Charts offers a variety of new functionalities and enhancements that help developers better convey the meaning behind their data, including improved story-telling and data appearance, augmented visualization, responsive design, etc. Overall, E-Charts for React provides a powerful and user-friendly solution for creating interactive and dynamic charts that effectively communicate complex data sets.

#11 Zing charts

Zing Chart is a charting library that provides developers with a wide range of resources and tools to create visually stunning visualizations. With over 100 chart types available, Zing Chart allows users to find a chart that fits their data easily. Its unique features, such as zooming and interactive legends, enhance user interactivity and engagement. Zing Chart’s CSS-like styling capabilities also enable users to customize their charts creatively.

#12 AM Charts

AM Charts is another charting library that offers a diverse range of chart types to suit various data types. It includes traditional charts like Line, Area, Column, Bar, Pie, XY, Scatter, Candlestick, and OHLC, as well as more specialized ones like Gauges, Funnels, GANTT, and Stock Chart for financial data, and interactive adaptive maps. AM Charts offers free and commercial versions, making it accessible for various usage scenarios.


For all those mentioned above, react native chart libraries are the best options to opt for your project. They are seamless in providing the most engaging graphs that are easy to understand & help in decision-making too.

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