Top 10 mouse clicker games that one can play right in browser

10 Clicker Games that Won’t Let you Get Bored

Gaming industries have transformed a lot in the last decade. It went straight from simple video gaming consoles to TV consoles and PC gaming. We are now experiencing amazing graphics on PC gaming. However, PC games might require a vast amount of storage and specific skills to achieve victory.

If you find games as a sort of entertainment and don’t want to expend much effort, then clicker games are the best for you. You have to just click the mouse all over the game to win. If you think that mouse clicking games can’t be challenging enough, then you are wrong. Gather every strength you have at your fingertips and get ready to persuade an enviable achievement in the top 10 clicker games described below.

top 10 mouse clicker games that one can play right in browser

List of Top 10 mouse clicker games that one can play right in browser

  • 1. Ninja Clicker
  • 2. Adventure Capitalist
  • 3. Grow Defense
  • 4. Cookie Clicker
  • 5. Dogs vs Homework
  • 6. Enchanted Heroes
  • 7. Realm Grinder
  • 8. Room Clicker
  • 9. Doge Miner
  • 10. Clicker Heroes

1. Ninja Clicker

Let’s start with a straightforward one. Ninja Clicker is quite a popular online clicker game that you need not download on your PC. You can simply load the game on your browser and start playing. What are the challenges with Ninja Clicker? According to the PC repair expert of UAE Technician, you can test your mouse clicking capability with Ninja Clicker.

So, basically, you can test your clicking speed, and the game will allow you to click at a definite spot for a specific duration. Simply enter the game and check how you can beat others, as well as your clicking speeds.

2. Adventure Capitalist

If making money is your prime motivation, you need not deploy much effort while playing Adventure Capitalist. This incremental or clicker game is available for mobile devices. The fun fact about this game is that you have to start your story as a lemonade seller.

With clicks every now and then, you can build sufficient wealth and property. As a capitalist, you are allowed to hire others at your service. So, make a fortune with this outstanding recommendation from UAE Technician.

3. Grow Defense

In case you like 3D virtual games, then this clicker game won’t disappoint you. Row Defense is meant to defend your castle from creatures that are trying to raid. You need to protect your castle or the tower of the castle by clicking on your opposition. Start clicking on the raiding creatures and save your castle.

At the beginning of the game, the game is quite simple. However, the more you achieve victory, the more creatures you have to face. But, the good news is that you can boost your power by earning gold. Additionally, Grow Defense comes with challenging levels and further upgrades. So, this can be a fun game for adults, as well.

4. Cookie Clicker

We all love the essence of something original. And, if you’ve been looking for an original clicker game, then Cookie Clicker is the one. This is one of the oldest incremental or clicker games. The game challenges you to build a cookie manufacturing industry. However, the player has to start from a cookie baking Grandma. 

Next, the players have to grow cookie seeds to build cookie farms. The more you click, the quicker you can create your cookie empire. So, give Cookie Clicker a try and enhance your mouse clicking capability.

5. Dogs vs Homework

The name sounds funny, right? Well, so does the concept behind the game, and it’s perfectly suitable for teenagers. The game consists of a human or teenager character who doesn’t want to complete the homework. Rather, the character passes on the homework to some dogs. Yeah, the dog has to complete the homework, and here lies the fantasy.

Therefore, you can try this game to pass your time and relate to the homework-traumas. Players have to click on the game to unlock a buddy who will complete the task for them. You can do the same for different breeds available in Dogs vs Homework. All you have to do is to click and earn gold. On the other hand, your dog buddies can be sent to your classes to take notes.

6. Enchanted Heroes

Are you into hero-ish games? Enchanted Heroes is the best choice as a clicker game. You can put on a cape of your favourite enchanted heroes and enjoy the game. Beat the monster of the game by turning yourself into a knight. Simply click, and you would be able to defeat the monster.

The game would allow you to perform different styles or moves on the monster. Collect different keys to boosting your power-ups. You can also avail all upgrades, and they are new armour and weapons for your character. Additionally, you can customise the heroes so that you can stop clicking. And, they can still beat the monster for you with the help of power-ups and upgrades.

7. Realm Grinder

If you want to rule your fantasy kingdom, then Realm Grinder gives you a chance with simple mouse clicks. Click your realm and earn coins. Use those earned coins to build your empire. The empire would also help you by incrementing your income. For instance, blacksmiths and inns would let you gain coins automatically.

As an interesting fact, you can turn either good or bad with Realm Grinder. Depending on what you choose, your fantasy journey might vary from one another. And, we bet that Realm Grinder would keep you hooked up with amazing features and surprising actions.

8. Room Clicker

Are you looking for a simple but sophisticated clicker game? Test your stamina on click with Room Clicker. This game is available online for free, and it is one of the best clicker games right now. The player has to click anywhere in the room, and it turns into rewards. Then, you can use those rewards to get upgrades. Additionally, you can purchase cash.

You start proceeding through the game, and the challenges might get hiked. Then, the player has to click faster. However, you can modify the background of the game and make it look lucrative.

9. Doge Miner

Imagine a popular meme to become an addictive incremental game online. Doge Miner would challenge you to mine Dogecoin. Just click and help your Shiba buddy in mining. As soon as you have collected enough Dogecoin, you can hire more Shiba pups to carry on further mining. Your Dogecoin per second will display on your screen.

If you believe in futuristic plans, then you can try out this game. Gradually, you can earn enough money in the game and fly to the moon. Furthermore, the gaming interface is quite simple to understand!

10. Clicker Heroes

If you feel like a warrior and take down all the monsters of the game, then Clicker Heroes is the game for you. However, you have to start your journey alone, and then you have to click on the monster. Eventually, you can build your army that would defeat enemies. You can purchase different characters or warriors and boost up their capabilities.

You can easily earn as many points as you need. And, the purchase option would definitely let you unlock diverse characters from time to time. Check out the damage contributions before you make any purchase on Clicker Heroes.

Auto Clickers might be your Next Destination….

Manual clicking is good for increasing stamina. However, victory doesn’t come easy, especially when you have grown quite interested in clicker or incremental games on the web browser. So, you need auto clicker software for keeping the clicks smooth and uninterrupted. Tonnes of auto clicking software is available online, and you can select one of them according to your convenience. So, keep clicking and enjoy!

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