Using BlockChain to Develop Food Ordering Apps

Blockchain Technology is the most talked about topic today. The way it has been the most revolutionary innovation in the digital world is commendable. The first innovation of Blockchain technology in the global market was digital currency, bitcoin. It definitely has changed the scenario of growth through technology used in a variety of industries across the globe. Industries are increasingly exploring Blockchain based applications and solutions.

Apart from cryptocurrencies, blockchain applications have been used to develop advanced Online Food ordering and delivery app. Blockchain Supply Chain Development has resulted in providing stakeholders various advanced features like security, audibility, traceability and efficiency with end-to-end transparency of procedure.

Using BlockChain to Develop Food Ordering Apps

So Let’s understand what Blockchain is.

Blockchain is a digital system that records information that is difficult to change, hack or cheat the system. It is a network of computer systems acting as a ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the network.

Now, let’s see what are the obstacles in the working of Food Delivery Apps and how Blockchain has an influence on it.

Issues Of Current Food Delivery App Models

Managing Food Quality

We all agree that the only way you can know the quality of food ordered, is to explore food delivery apps and experience food by eating. One can’t predict the standard and quality of the restaurant. Another major reason for people to hesitate ordering food online is increasing health concerns. Online food ordering is definitely in trend but food quality is the top most concern that comes with it.

Fake Orders

There are times when people intentionally or by mistake, place orders to a wrong or illicit address or person. These are counted as Counterfeit orders and the food ordered cannot be delivered to other users and goes to waste. Food distribution systems send it to the centers assigned for counterfeit orders. At times for such intentional technical glitch, service providers have to pay the vendor for delivery for which the buyer did not pay.


It’s important for delivery drivers to be identified by the customers. But problems arise bcoz delivery executives forge their details on multiple on-demand service provider networks. You might order food from an online service or book a cab and find out it wasn’t executed by the driver assigned for the job. There has to be security of identity to make these platforms more reliable.

Advantages of Using Blockchain Technology

Zero Commission

Online food ordering and distribution systems have multiple mediators between involved parties that are a supplier and a customer. In a business, the commission rises when the number of link-persons increases. Data from various sources show that this commission is about 20-30%. Most of the delivery teams involved argue that they only get the residual amount. Developing a Food ordering and delivery app with Blockchain definitely solves this issue. By using automation and applying blockchain algorithms, it gets easier for restaurants and the third party to minimize these costs.

Decentralised Systems

While these apps function in the current situation, the owner will have all the keys. A major issue is that most of the involved parties don’t behave according to the protocol without having any rights. The centralised systems are usually unable to offer transparency and flow of knowledge as well. The third party will mostly take advantage of this improper functioning by complaining to the restaurant. The restaurant isn’t responsible for the link-person’s work. This definitely affects consumer satisfaction and the profit eventually. Blockchain technology brings decentralisation and all parties involved to flow data and function with transparency, exactly doing what the consumers want.

Better Security

Every business needs faithful employee. Blockchain technology is the reason for the fluent delivery services we get. It is a high risk for delivery businesses without blockchain features to recruit a participant on the delivery team. Database and procurement details for delivery executives are often usually not precise. This leads to a weak management system. Drivers with past criminal background history or those failing to follow traffic laws can easily get into the team. This definitely results in a potentially poor delivery team. Blockchain makes it possible to upgrade all details on the distributed collection to be scanned further and recruiting team members. It checks the candidates’ records related to violence, driving misbehavior or former job details. This ensures security and strengthens growth. For further scanning and and screening, blockchain technology applies to that of government officials as well.

Developing Blockchain-Powered Food Ordering App

Developing a Food ordering and delivery app with Blockchain can be the best solution with Hyperledger projects for various reasons. There are few vendors in the market today like edeliveryapp – food delivery software team that build food delivery apps with blockchain technology.

Here are the factors involved in a blockchain powered system:

Verification Through Blockchain


All restaurants and delivery platforms need to apply their KYC information before beginning working on the decentralised blockchain powered food delivery app. To ensure security and guarantee the consistency of the food, it requires information for identification as well as other details. Restaurants have to update the status of the food in preparation and make reports on the raw materials used. Everytime a customer places an order, they get details including the order time or raw materials. These records are moved to the Blockchain solution powered by Hyperledger.

Delivery providers

Blockchain solves the major issue of counterfeit identities with it’s KYC authentication system for delivery partners. Developing a Food ordering and delivery app with Blockchain is definitely a safer choice. But only validating a distribution partner does not provide full security. While working, distribution partners have to conduct timely KYC checks and verification. A private Hyperledger blockchain solution stores and protects their KYC information including biometric data.

Digital Agreeements

Blockchain solution has self-executing contract consisting some parameters predefined in the code. This is the smart contract. This is the source for automating activities like discounts, commissions, wage payments, returns, etc. Smart contract also serves as an extra medium between all the parties involved. Once a smart contract goes online, nobody can change or modify it. This is why developers should program smart contracts with proper consistency and care. These smart programs don’t allow any entity to manipulate the system while providing everyone what they owe. In times of technical issues or conflict, all evidences are on the Hyperledger blockchain’s fixed database that can be used in the future.

Easy App deployment

Developing a Food ordering and delivery app with Blockchain is not only efficient but also accessible to consumers broadly. The delivery app would be mobile (Android or iOS) or web-based both. It should have advanced features along with precise architecture. Owners need to apply latest front-end techniques in the working. It is also important to merge simple functionality like ordering, saving preferences, categorizing cuisines and restaurants, adding filters with live tracking and rating functionality for different purposes. These features can offer good quality experience to the users.

Using Wallets/Virtual Currency and Application Programming Interface

The API (Application Programming Interface) needs to connect with the application and the blockchain and manage functions efficiently. API must have scalability and simplicity. The wallet should be flexible. This is responsible for offering a wide variety of payment options like via cryptocurrency or cash or credit/debit card or online wallets. The wallet needs to ensure security in all transactions. A secured wallet strengthens the procedure for a perfect delivery service.

Hope this article helped you learn about Developing a Food ordering and delivery app with Blockchain technology and the features it needs to function efficiently.

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