What Criteria for Choosing a Workstation PC?

A workstation PC differs significantly from a gaming computer. Today, we’ll discuss the criteria to consider when selecting a professional system.


The processor is the first component to focus on when choosing a professional PC. It has two main criteria: generation and core count.

Processor Generation

The more modern the processor’s generation, the better its architecture. Much of the CPU’s power in work tasks depends on this. The generation number is indicated by the first digits in the processor’s name. For instance, the Intel Core i7-14700K(F) has a generation number of 14, while the Intel Core i7-13900K(F) is 13.

What Criteria for Choosing a Workstation PC

Core Count

The more cores, the faster files will render. You can determine the required core count from the system requirements of the programs you intend to use. For example, Blender recommends 4-core processors for simple tasks but suggests 8-core CPUs for professional use.

Graphics Card

When choosing a graphics card for a professional PC, consider the generation and your monitor’s resolution.

Graphics Card Generation

Similar to processors, the newer the graphics card generation, the more powerful it is. You can identify the generation number from the names. For instance, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 has a generation of 40, while the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 is 90.

Monitor Resolution

The higher your monitor’s resolution, the more powerful a graphics card you’ll require. For instance, editing video in Full HD might suffice with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060, but 4K editing might demand a more powerful card like the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 or higher.

Also, ensure you check the system requirements of the programs you plan to use. You might not need a powerful and expensive graphics card for your tasks. In such cases, even with a 4K monitor, a mid-range accelerator might suffice.


The performance of a workstation or graphics workstation greatly depends on RAM. Its primary criterion is capacity.

RAM Capacity

The minimum RAM in a professional computer is 16GB, but it’s advisable to have 32GB. This allows smooth operation across multiple programs and numerous browser tabs while maintaining stability.

Moreover, higher RAM speeds up rendering time, enhancing efficiency.

SSD Storage

Hard drives are too slow for modern computers. Therefore, professional PCs exclusively use SSDs. Their main criterion is the speed of random reading of small blocks (4KB).

Speed of Reading Small Blocks RND4K Q1T1

When selecting an SSD, many focus on sequential read and write speeds, which is incorrect. These characteristics don’t indicate how fast drives load Windows, launch programs, or open files. Instead, look for the RND4K Q1T1 speed, indicating the rate of random reading of small 4KB blocks. The higher this parameter, the faster the professional PC operates.

You can find RND4K Q1T1 details in online reviews. Some of the fastest SSDs include Samsung 980 PRO, Samsung 990 PRO, WD Black SN850X, and Kingston FURY Renegade. Professional computers equipped with these SSDs are suitable for purchase.

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

The quality of the PSU directly affects the longevity and stability of components. If components are powered by a poor PSU, they’ll fail quickly. To avoid this, consider the 80 PLUS certification of the PSU.

80 PLUS Certification

This characteristic doesn’t guarantee high reliability but indirectly confirms it. Quality PSUs have an 80 PLUS GOLD or higher energy efficiency certification. If the PC has such a certificate, you can confidently consider it for purchase.


workstation PC

When choosing a workstation PC at a gaming PC shop, pay attention to these criteria:

  • Generation and core count of the processor;
  • Graphics card generation and monitor resolution;
  • Total RAM module capacity;
  • Speed of reading small blocks (RND4K Q1T1) in SSDs;
  • Certification of energy efficiency in the power supply unit.
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