Winning Over a Girl and Keeping Her

If you’re older, perhaps past your teens, winning over a girl should be easier, right? Not always the case as many have realized. It is harder to win over a maturing or matured girl’s heart. Not surprising because at this age, they are less gullible. Additionally, if you are dating various girls, all need different forms of attention.

Winning Over a Girl and Keeping Her

Maintaining Interest

From teenage years to adulthood, girls need special treatment to grasp their hearts. In casual dating, less is required to impress. Winning her heart for the long-term requires extra effort. Upon meeting a hot Russian babe, extra effort helps. It doesn’t mean the relationship will struggle,  but it requires work. Learn her needs as opposed to imposing yours, and she’ll fall deeply. Digest the tips below and apply them to your hot Russian bride and watch sparks fly.

Cultural Perspectives

Assuming you’ve met a hot Russian babe, understanding cultures is necessary. Any exotic babe, South American, Caribbean, or Slavic, needs your full understanding. Learning cultural needs is important. This is crucial regarding relationships more than anything else. There could be elements of family, relocating dynamics, and marriage protocols.

Your requirements for her in the relationship may be out of sync with her needs. She might have been raised to be a homemaker while being independent. Knowing this means you won’t make awkward suggestions. It means that from the get-go, the relationship will leave her comfortable. She won’t have to walk on eggshells around you.


From the beginning of a relationship, it is important, to be honest. If you are struggling and still like her, she will understand. If she walks away, let her. If she sticks around, she is God sent. These practices ensure you win her heart and retain her. She might want to start life from scratch with you by her side.

Honesty about one’s past is crucial too. If exes messed up your finances, state that. If you have a crazy ex who might show up randomly and begin cutting up furniture, bring it up too. However, don’t dwell excessively on past relationships. It shows you are stuck in the past. Be ready to move on, despite these challenges. She will find this honesty heartwarming and be ready to stick around.

Quality Time

Clear schedules for your hot Russian bride and she’ll appreciate that. She is likely to reciprocate in ways we all dream of. For instance, Slavic babes love to cook, and they whip up great meals. If she notices you spending less time with bar buddies and more time with her, that’s love in the making.

Quality time also allows both of you to be intimate while opening up about fears, likes and dislikes, and expectations. It gives both the opportunity to think of the relationship while at work, with family, or alone. Once you are together again, things are fresh, and expectations are explicit not implied.

Other ways of creating interest and maintaining it include:

  • Being passionate randomly. Give her hugs and kisses when she least expects it. Also, send flowers, candy, and cards while she is at work, or while you are away. Small things add up, unlike throwing parties or visiting bars with her.
  • Communicate and listen more. Send messages while she is at the office to keep her smiling. Listen to her needs and attend to them. This also reduces contention moving forward. There will be more you remember to do and less you forget.

This is not an exhaustive list of everything that can be done to win a girl’s heart, but it is a great start. Ensure your hot Russian bride falls deeply in love with you and stays there. 

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