The 21 Best affiliate programs in India 2023 Updated List

If you are looking to earn some passive income, affiliate marketing is among the best options available in India. Several affiliate programs in India allow you to earn every time a sale happens through the affiliate link on your website.

If you manage a website, all you have to do is sign-up for an affiliate or referral program by creating an account. By signing up for affiliate programs and networks in India, you can de-risk yourself by supplementing your ad revenues. 

Best affiliate programs in India

Successful people don’t only know ‘how’ but also ‘where’, that’s the difference. As a beginner, a lot of people only look for ‘how to become affiliate marketer’ but they don’t know where to start.

In this article, you will find the 20 most profitable and best affiliate programs in India that anyone can join and earn passive income.

List of The 21 Best Affiliate Programs in India 2023

1. AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate

AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate

AccuWeb Hosting is a global hosting provider and has been offering various hosting services at a very reasonable price since 2003. They pay two types of commissions to their affiliates. One for making conversions known as Pay-Per-Sale and one for transferring visitors known as Pay-Per-Click. Their commission rates go up to $200 for a single sale. Their hosting services are easy-to-sale because they provide all the necessary marketing materials and training videos to affiliates.

2. Amazon Associates

Amazon is the largest e-commerce brand in the world. You sign-up to Amazon’s best affiliate programs for beginners in india using your existing Amazon account. After signing up for the program, you can use the Sitestripe to add links to your website easily.

Amazon also allows you to build customized links text links, text and image links, and image only links to any product of your choice. The commission offered ranges from 0.2% to 10% depending on the category of the product. Amazon’s affiliate program offers you commission for other products that the user buys after clicking on your affiliate link. For instance, if you are promoting an oven and the user clicks on the link but navigates and buys an induction stove, you still get commissions considering you are sending traffic to Amazon.

3. Flipkart Affiliate

Flipkart is among the largest e-commerce players in India. Flipkart’s referral payout differs for desktop/mobile websites and mobile apps. The average commission offered ranges from 6% to 20%, depending on the category.

Flipkart also offers a range of affiliate tools like banners, widgets, and APIs for listing Flipkart deals/products on your own site/app. You can track the performance of referral links and conversions with real-time reports offered by Flipkart.

4. Cuelinks

Cuelinks makes the process of monetization simpler by javascript that automatically inserts affiliate links in your content. Let’s say, for instance; you wrote an article on Philips microwave oven. Cuelinks will automatically add an affiliate link to the relevant keyword.

If you use WordPress then Cuelinks offers a free WordPress plugin that makes the process even simpler.

5. BigRock Affiliate

BigRock is India’s leading domain registration and web hosting company. The affiliate program uses tracking to track and award sales made on the affiliate URL. The tracking cookie from BigRock is valid for 60 days. 

Besides domain registration and web hosting, BigRock also offers add on services like email hosting, website builder, and digital certificates. The standard commission starts at Rs 30 and can go up to 30% of each sale, depending on the product offered.

6. Hostgator Affiliate 

Hostgator is a global provider of web hosting and related services. Hostgator offers a flexible tiered payout, which increases your odds of earning more commission with each sale. The payout for qualified sales is made every 2 months + 10 days after the month the sale has occurred.

7. Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing is a leading affiliate marketing service provider. Rakuten is the largest pay-for-performance affiliate marketing network. For publishers signing up, Rakuten offers educational tools and training that jump-start your commissions.

Rakuten allows you to monetize your content using Links text, Banners including rotating banners, Search boxes, Customized deep linking, and Flex links. The platform provides weekly payments on meeting the minimum threshold set.

8. Shopify Affiliate

Shopify is an all in one e-commerce platform that allows businesses to sell online. The Shopify program is free to join and will enable you to monetize your audience and earn commissions from each new Shopify merchant referral. As an affiliate, you can make an average of $58 for each user who signs up for a paid plan with your unique affiliate link, and $2000 for each Shopify Plus referral.

9. CJ Affiliate

Cj Affiliate is among the world’s leading affiliate networks with 14 offices worldwide. Cj has partnerships with leading brands like Go Pro, Barnes & Noble, Office Depot, to mention a few. 

Cj offers publishers to maximize the value of affiliate partnerships. Cj is also cookie less tracking to ensure uninterrupted tracking and commissioning even in the absence of a CJ cookie, across all devices and environments.

10. Yatra Affiliate

Yatra is among India’s online travel companies. The sign-up process is pretty seamless, and you can start immediately after signing up. Yatra tracks your affiliate link for a 30-day duration and commission paid upon bookings.

11. Reseller Club

Reseller Club is one of the largest reseller hosting companies in India. As a reseller affiliate, you can easily make a minimum of Rs. 2,000 or a maximum of Rs. 8,000 per referral. Once you sign-up as an affiliate, you can manage your account and track your performance with a unique affiliate ID.

The tracking cookie is rewarded on a last-click basis and is valid for 60 days. Reseller club also offers multiple payout options, which are via PayPal or Bank Transfer. The minimum payout balance is Rs 50.

12. ShareASale

ShareASale is one of the largest affiliate networks and is now apart of AWIN. The Shareasale platform has about 4,000 merchants listed, of which over one thousand of them are exclusive to them. ShareASale publishes a large amount of data on each of the offers they are running, these include:

While these figures aren’t guarantees of payouts you can expect, they’re certainly very helpful in assessing a campaign.

13. Flexoffers

Flexoffers is another huge affiliate marketing network. They pay you (the affiliate) a lot faster than others in the industry. It has more than 10 years of experience in the field. While they do not offer anything that is neither groundbreaking nor revolutionary, they do provide a solid array of tools and features that will surely aid you in your campaigns. In addition to the fast payouts, Flexoffers lets you choose from thousands of affiliate programs to promote, offers various content delivery formats, and more.

FlexOffers connects bloggers, content creators and other types of publishers with small, medium and large budget advertisers & brands.

14. Tradedoubler

Tradedoubler was founded in 1999 by two young Swedish entrepreneurs. They have offices in the UK and multiple countries throughout Europe, including Sweden, Germany, France, Poland and Spain. Their focus has always been to provide smarter results for both clients and affiliates through technology. In 18 years, they’ve amassed an army of 180,000 active publishers, connecting them to over 2,000 merchants in Europe and the UK. Many of these merchants are household names.

15. Viglink

VigLink works a bit differently than other affiliate programs in that it is specifically designed for bloggers. Instead of affiliates picking and choosing which merchants to work with, VigLink uses dynamic links that automatically change to work with merchants that VigLink has determined are offering the highest conversation rates and/or commissions at any given moment.

In effect, VigLink works as the middleman between a publisher (blogger) and merchants by scanning the publisher’s content and automatically creating links to publishers that are chosen “in real time” based on their payout/conversation rates. This makes VigLink a very hands-off affiliate program for publishers who prefer to focus on content instead of managing their affiliate links.

16. ClickBank

ClickBank is the “OG” of affiliate marketing programs and has been around since the earliest days of the internet. After suffering from low-quality products that verged on spam back in 2012, ClickBank (or “CB” to those in the industry) has revamped its review process and created a much better dashboard.

There’s a good reason why ClickBank is still a strong contender, however it does tend to focus more on digital products which may be of questionable quality. Yes, the review process is more professional these days, but it’s still primarily focused on selling digital products, especially “how to make money” courses and the like. That being said, there are some genuinely high-quality products on offer, and few affiliate programs are bigger than ClickBank, especially in selling (primarily digital) books.

17. Skimlinks

SkimLinks works very similarly to VigLinks in that it is designed for bloggers who don’t want to do a lot of hands-on work to participate in an affiliate program. SkimLinks also works much like VigLinks in that it uses a plugin or script to create dynamic links in your content to send visitors to higher paying offers from merchants. SkimLinks claims to work with over 24,000 merchants/advertisers.

One big difference between SkimLinks and VigLinks, however, is that once you’re approved by the company, you can choose to work with any merchant or program on its platform. SkimLinks has also published a white paper discussing its partnership with Buzzfeed, giving SkimLinks a lot of credibility. SkimLinks also has a higher tier of vetted merchants called “Preferred Partner” and “VIP” that both pay higher commissions than standard merchants.

18. LinkConnector

LinkConnector has struggled to stand out from the pack but nonetheless has managed to sign some exclusive deals with big name brands, including Writer’s Digest, the Disney Store, Ironman,, and Everly. Their strictly controlled screening process for both merchants/advertisers and affiliates/publishers means that you can always rely on the quality of products on offer.

That being said, LinkConnector’s platform looks and feels outdated and is rather clumsily designed. Their dashboard also makes it difficult to find “hot” products or compare conversion rates, leaving affiliates somewhat in the dark about which products to choose. Ironically, despite their low-quality website, they offer some of the best customer service in the affiliate space.

19. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a platform where people can create highly professional and exceptionally good converting landing pages and sales funnels.

Their affiliate program is epic. When a person buys a ClickFunnel product or service, you get 40% of the revenue. Also if you refer another affiliate to ClickFunnels, you get 5% of their revenue that they generate.

20. SnapDeal

Average compensation- 10%, Cookie duration- 24 hours, Snapdeal is another eCommerce platform where people buy discounted stuff and lifestyle products. Usually, the products are okay but sometimes the products aren’t up to the quality. Therefore, you should only recommend it when you have used the product yourself.

21. Hubspot

Everyone knows about the free certification courses Hubspot provides. Apart from that, Hubspot is a renowned name when it comes to software products that help in increasing sales, inbound marketing, and customer service for businesses. You can make up to $1000 per sale which is amazing. 

  • Average compensation- up to $1000 per purchase
  • Cookie duration- 90 days


This is not by any means an exhaustive list of best affiliate marketing programs in india. We believe the above list will be an excellent place to start if you are looking to start affilate marketing in India.

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