Custom-Made Coir Mats – Choose Your Design, Dimensions & Colors

Get ready to unleash your creativity and personalize your entrance or outdoor space.  Please choose your design, whether it’s a monogram, a pattern, or an image. Select the perfect dimensions to fit your space. Then, dive into a palette of colors and let your mat come to life. 

With our expert tips, your custom-made coir mat will be a unique masterpiece that reflects your style and welcomes your home. Step onto a mat that tells your story. Design, dimensions, colors – the power is in your hands!

Coir doormat mock up. Floral template mockup on wooden background


When choosing the design for your custom-made coir mat, you can express your creativity and make a unique statement. The design you select will be the focal point of your mat, adding personality and enhancing the overall aesthetic of your entrance or outdoor space. Here are some important considerations and ideas to help you in the design selection process.


The primary advantage of a custom coir mat is the ability to personalize it. Consider elements that reflect your identity, such as your family name, monogram, or a meaningful quote. Personalization adds a warm and welcoming touch, making your mat truly one-of-a-kind.

  • Welcome Messages

A popular choice for coir mats is to incorporate a welcome message. Consider phrases like “Welcome Home,” “Hello,” or “Home Sweet Home.” These messages create a friendly atmosphere and set the tone for visitors entering your space.

  • Patterns and Borders

Patterns can add visual interest and create a harmonious design. You can choose from various patterns, such as geometric shapes, floral motifs, or abstract designs. Borders can also enhance the mat’s appearance, providing a finished look and framing the central design.

Your design should reflect your style and create a welcoming atmosphere. It should also be durable and withstand regular use. Take your time to explore different options, gather ideas, and consult with professionals if needed. Ultimately, a custom coir mat with a carefully chosen design will make a lasting impression on guests and provide a warm welcome whenever you enter the door.


When it comes to custom-made coir mats, choosing the right dimensions is essential to ensure a perfect fit and a visually appealing look. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding and selecting the appropriate dimensions for your coir mat:

  • Measure the Area

Before determining the dimensions, accurately measure the area where you intend to place the coir mat. Use a measuring tape to determine the length and width of the space. It’s crucial to be precise in your measurements to avoid any fitting issues.

  • Consider Standard Sizes 

Coir mats are typically available in standard sizes, which can vary among manufacturers. These standard sizes are designed to fit common entryways or outdoor spaces. Evaluate the available options and choose a size closest to your measured dimensions. It’s important to note that custom-made coir mats may have a higher price tag than standard sizes.

  • Trimming Options

Some manufacturers offer trimming options if you cannot find a coir mat with the exact dimensions you need. You can purchase a slightly larger mat and trim it to fit your space. However, be cautious when trimming to ensure that the edges remain neat and the structural integrity of the mat is not compromised.

  • Customization Limitations

It’s important to note that not all coir mat manufacturers offer complete customization options for dimensions. Some may have specific size ranges or limitations. When selecting a manufacturer or supplier, inquire about their customization capabilities and ensure they accommodate your requirements.

When choosing the dimensions for your custom coir mat, careful consideration of the area, standard sizes, trimming options, and overall visual and functional aspects is crucial. Measuring accurately and selecting the appropriate dimensions will ensure a coir mat that fits seamlessly into your space enhances its appearance, and serves its purpose effectively.


Color is a powerful visual tool that evokes emotions and sets the tone for your entrance or outdoor space. Choose colors that resonate with your style, enhance the aesthetics, and create the desired atmosphere. Here’s a brief explanation of the significance of colors:

  • Aesthetic Appeal

The choice of colors can greatly impact the overall aesthetic of your coir mat. Bright and vibrant colors can create an energetic and lively atmosphere, while softer and neutral tones provide a more serene and calming effect. Consider the existing color scheme of your space and select colors that harmonize or contrast effectively.

  • Complementing Surroundings

Colors should complement the surrounding elements in your entrance or outdoor area. Consider the color of your walls, doors, and other decorative elements to ensure the coir mat enhances the overall visual harmony of the space.


Finding a reliable manufacturer or supplier for your custom-made coir mat is crucial to ensure a high-quality product that meets your specifications. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you find the right manufacturer or supplier:

  • Research Online

Start by conducting online research to identify potential coir mat manufacturers or suppliers. Search using relevant keywords and browse through websites, directories, and online marketplaces. Look for manufacturers or suppliers specializing in custom coir mats with positive customer reviews.

  • Check Local Stores

Visit local home improvement stores, interior design shops, or flooring retailers to inquire about coir mat suppliers they work with. They may have recommendations or be able to provide information about reputable manufacturers in your area.

  • Ask for Recommendations

Seek recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have previously purchased custom coir mats. Personal recommendations can be valuable, as you can gather insights into the quality of the mats, the manufacturing process, and the customer service experience.


Custom-made coir mats offer a world of possibilities for personalizing your entrance or outdoor space. You can create a unique and welcoming statement with the freedom to choose your design, dimensions, and colors. 

Let your creativity shine as you design a mat that reflects your personality and style. Whether it’s a monogram, a vibrant pattern, or a tranquil color palette, your custom coir mat will become a beautiful and functional addition to your home. 

Embrace the power of customization and make a lasting impression with your own custom-made coir mat.

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