How Public Sector Can Benefit From Helpdesk Ticketing System

Government organizations have an impression of being slow at resolving queries or some might say even listening to the citizens’ queries. Most of the processes like registering complaints, asking for follow-ups, demanding new facilities, etc. are offline and take days or months to get addressed. In general, any public sector institute has a lot going on its end which makes it less coordinated.

Today’s young citizens are so busy in their own world that they do not want to wait in those long queues to register their requests. Also, it is hard for senior citizens to get out, travel to the office, and stand in those long queues for hours. On the other hand, the employees dealing with numerous queries in a day and dealing with hundreds of people is not an easy task. Keeping track of each complaint can be overwhelming as well as slow.  


However, there is a simple solution to all these inconveniences and slowly many public sector institutes have started adopting it. That solution is an online ticketing system. This system will take all the helpdesk work online, be it for citizens, employees, suppliers, vendors, or other organizations.

A helpdesk will help these government organizations streamline all that chaos so that it is a bit easier for the employees to tackle, track, and resolve the queries. Keep reading to know how it will benefit the public sector departments.

Centralized Support Center

The government is responsible and handles complaints regarding the roads, water, electricity, and everything. If citizens, small organizations, and other government organizations have anything that is troubling them or want to suggest something, they generally go to the respective office. Now all this process can be handled by the helpdesk.

A help desk will automatically categorize all these requests as per the relevant departments. This way the staff handling all these requests will have a lot more time to actually resolve queries and find better solutions rather than spending time on exhausting tasks. 

The help desk will also incorporate an easy-to-use knowledge base with built-in search and FAQs for the end-users to find answers to simple questions. This way the staff can handle the queries more efficiently as well the citizens can easily complain and track the status of the raised tickets.

Interdepartmental Coordination

Interdepartmental coordination is important when one task requires approval from two teams. For example, a citizen complained about an improper functioning sewage tank near his society. Now the citizen will register his complaint to the wastewater management. This department will dig up and fix the issue. In doing so the road around the tank might be broken which has to be fixed by the road management.

In such cases, the two departments need to work together. And these are the situations when the work gets delayed or remains incomplete. Because departments sometimes do not work and blame it on other departments. Meanwhile, the citizens would go to the sewage department and they would say that the road department is not doing their job, and if the citizens went to the later department they would say that they haven’t received the request. Hence, the citizens get caught in interdepartmental politics. 

To fulfill citizens’ complaints and to avoid such interdepartmental clashes, the helpdesk is the best choice. All the requests will be online, and no department can lie or step back with such lame reasons.  A help desk will highlight and prioritize the requests from the other department. Hence, no request will be left behind and the tickets with high priority will be resolved on a prior basis.

Robust Reporting

Now that you have everything online, you can easily leverage report generation. The help desk has the ability to generate reports that include the number of queries, the source of the queries, types of questions, number of resolved complaints, backlog, etc.

The help desk gives the department the actual idea of what is going on based on analytics. Because earlier when all the processes were offline it was difficult to track the status of each complaint daily. But having stats in hand in a few clicks gives managers an instant clarity.

Earlier, it was hard to judge the performance of the department and identify its shortcomings. But with the help desk, the managers have an overview of the tickets in a few clicks. It helps in taking better decisions in the future so that the department can improve its quality of service as well as maintain the data in a proper format. Also, actions can be taken against those teams that are not doing the tasks on time.

Remote Management of Staff Members

After the covid-19 pandemic, almost all the processes that were offline were migrated online. Not just online, the work was also assigned to employees remotely during the lockdown. If the organization has a helpdesk, it is not mandatory to have employees in-house. Allowing working from remote locations is the new normal these days.

The helpdesk does help in managing all the resources and the workforce gets a clear understanding of the to-do list. It will be easy for managers to track and manage the work of their team members, share their required knowledge, check whether the work is equally divided, and more. Thus, whether your team is working from home or in the office, with such a system, the organization will receive the best productivity from them.

Data Privacy

Data security is one thing that might be worrying you. The first goal of every government organization is to avoid any sort of security breach. For that, you will need the right combination of people, processes, and technology.

Processes like mandatory two-factor authentication, active directory integration, common access card (CAC), etc. are required to keep all the information and the interaction secure. With the right help desk,  you will have smart security software that filters all the spam tickets in case anyone is trying to cyber-attack the confidential information of the department.

Thus, a help desk will help you serve the citizens without you worrying about cybersecurity and all the encryptions required to handle the data safely.


The ticket management system for any public sector organization will benefit them immensely and there is no second thought about it. Having a sorted flow of tickets where it is easy to manage and have a view of the tickets on a unified dashboard is what an organization needs. Also, the helpdesk is secured which means that you do not have to worry about the breach in your cyber environment. Within a few clicks, a report is generated so that it is easy to track your staff’s productivity and what they are working on. Last but not the least, the interdepartmental feature will benefit the organization as a whole as well as the citizens, as it will add more clarity to the task so that no one has a false impression that the other one is taking care of it.

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