How to Develop Your Brain Power in 7 Easy Ways

Humans won the race in the struggle for survival on this planet and became civilised only because they have more brain power than any other living-being on this earth. It proves the value of brain power. The more brain power a person has the more chances of success are there in every competitive field. From a school student, to a research scholar, from a clerk to an CEO of a big company everybody needs brain power to move ahead fast. It makes a person more productive and efficient. We get more ideas to solve a problem. And fortunately any person can develop your brain power with determination and continuous efforts.


One of the best brains of modern world Bill Gates was lucky to have parents who helped him to develop his brain power from the beginning. They knew he needed challenges to develop his immense brain potential. Bill Gates was admitted to The Lakeside private school. The school had just bought a new computer which hooked Bill Gates. His craze for computers was so great that within a week he surpassed the knowledge of the computer teacher. Unbelievable.

How to Develop Your Brain Power


Thomas Alva Edison is considered the greatest scientist of the world. No other scientist in the world has yet got as many great inventions patented as he did. His brain power was excellent. He was a great genius. But when he was a child his teacher threw him out of the school saying that the child was very dull and could never study. Fortunately the child had a mother who understood his hidden talent. With her determination and hard work she helped son to become a great genius – one of the most brilliant minds of this earth.


Psychologists say that you can develop your mental faculties as much you want. In fact your brain is like a muscle. The more you use it the more powerful it becomes. Similarly the easiest way to destroy your brain power is not to use it. Then see how fast it deteriorates. Still to develop brain is not an easy task. We have to work very hard on it.

Most of the people live in the illusion that due to the aging process mind gradually loses power. On the contrary there are people in the world whose minds function even better in old age than the young persons. Even today most of our great politicians, scientists, businessmen, journalists and writers are old people. In fact, a human mind has unlimited energy which never gets exhausted.

Scientists have discovered that if you use your mind properly you can also add years to your life. People with healthy and active brains live longer. Lazy brains die early.

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To remain powerful and dynamic a brain needs training and constant stimulating use. With various activities you need to exercise your mind and fill it with enthusiasm. Problems of life are actually good for your mind if you are positive and try to solve them. So don’t be afraid of problems. A problem free life often makes the brain of a person dull and saps its hidden energy. The more challenges you face in your life the stronger your mind gets.


Medical scientists say that physical exercise stimulates the release of endorphins – chemicals in the brain that refreshes and re-energise you, decreases stress and pain. Our brain then begins to store everything more efficiently. A second change is an alteration in the levels of neurotransmitters, brain chemicals that increase alertness and reduce strain. So make it a rule to take physical exercise five days a week.


The roots of transformation from failure to success, from disease to health lie in your brain. Brain is a marvellous creation of God. Today almost everybody is interested in developing the faculties of one’s mind to maximum. Without having a powerful brain it becomes very difficult to face tough competition and move ahead towards your goals. To get a good brain take the following steps:-

Learn to Use Your Memory

The best method to improve your brain power and memory power is to use your memory as often as you can. You can start it by memorising phone nos. of your friends and relatives. Instead of finding those nos. in your diary try to recall them from your memory.

  • 1. Read and Think
  • 2. Read books on various topics and think analytically (think in a systematic way from different angles) .
  • 3. Watch informative and general knowledge based programs on television – too much entertainment makes your mind lazy. Also watch discussions.
  • 4. Creative hobbies are good to refresh and energise your brain. At least take up one such hobby – participate in debates, make paintings, make cartoons, stitch clothes in different designs, write articles, arrange files of clippings and read them time to time, read various magazines, make new scientific things etc. Pursue a hobby according to your mental inclination.
  • 5. Learn new vocabulary every week and ask others to listen it from you.
  • 6. Discuss with your friends or family members on different topics. It is good exercise for your brain.
  • 7. Make a habit of thinking ideas and solving something (puzzles, sums, problems whatever you like).
  • 8. Have an aim in life and work very hard to achieve it. When you have an aim in life your mind has to work hard to achieve it. Consequently it gains power.
  • 9. Keep fix hours of sleeping. Don’t sleep too much or during day.
  • 10. Learn to keep your mind relaxed with the help of meditation. It will think better and work smartly.
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