Mobikwik money transfer to bank account & Without Charges (Tricks & Tips)

Mobikwik is now improving and adding many features to its service. One of the latest additions is the bank transfer option. With this option, you can transfer the money from your Mobikwik money transfer to bank account of your choice. Paytm introduced this feature a little while ago. But not Paytm, the oxigen wallet was first presented by the bank making the transfer for its users. By now you may all be familiar with or have heard of online payment gateways like Freecharge, Paytm, Mobikwik, Oxigen, etc.

There are more out there and more and more newcomers to this field. You can use them to top up your mobile number, DTH, Data Card, pay bills, make online purchases etc … using your credit / debit card, Net banking as a means of payment.

If you have a smartphone, their app makes it easier for you to do all of this with just a few taps on your smartphone screen. But sometimes you don’t like or get bored entering the respective card details every time to complete your transaction with them. So, they hold a virtual wallet in which you can load money once from your bank account using credit / debit card or any other means and save it as a cash wallet on their site / application.

Mobikwik money transfer to bank

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Later you can use it to use their services. If you want to transfer that money to your bank account, you can do the same with their wire transfer option. Apart from paytm, Mobikwik transfer is much easier. Because now in Paytm you need to send SMS for the activation of this service and only after confirmation from them can you start to transfer Paytm money to yourself. At the moment, there are no such limitations in Mobikwik. Okay, now we can take the steps.

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Mobikwik Wallet Basic Info:

Mobikwik App DownloadDownload App
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Mobikwik Sign up AmountRs.100 Super cash
Mobikwik Refer & EarnRs.100 Super cash

MobiKwik to bank transfer charges

After demonetization, MobiKwik made it free to transfer money from your wallet to the bank account. Previously, the digital portfolio company charged 4% for a non-KYC compliant user and 1% for a KYC compliant user.

How to transfer from MobiKwik wallet to bank account?

The question that worries many users is how to transfer their money from MobiKwik to bank accounts. The process is actually quite simple. To transfer money from your MobiKwik wallet to a bank account, follow these steps:

Steps To Transfer Mobikwik Wallet Cash To Bank Account

This option is only available in the updated version of their app. So, you have to install new app or update to its latest version. Steps are very simple and you can easily complete within one to two steps.

STEP 1:- You must install the latest version of the app to start the transfer. After the update/installation open Mobiwik app and click on Transfer Money from the app home.

STEP 2:- Select Wallet to Bank option and enter your account name, account number, IFSC code, enter amount (Min Rs.500). Confirm your entries for once and finally hit the Send Money button.

Done. Your wallet cash will be send to the respective bank account you entered. Besides to this they will charge 4% as processing fee for your transaction.

For example if you want to send Rs.500 (min) then addition to that they will charge Rs.20 as processing fee. ie. a total of Rs.520 will be deducted from the wallet.

Mobikwik money transfer

Transfer money from MobiKwik wallet to bank account using MobiKwik website

  1. Open the website and login to your account
  2. Click on the Pay or Transfer tab on top of the screen
  3. Choose the Send to Bank option
  4. Type in the bank name, account number, IFSC code, and amount, and
  5. click the Send button
  6. You’ll receive an OTP on your phone, enter this and click on Confirm

Trick To Mobikwik money transfer to bank account Without Charges

Read All steps and instructions so, therefore you can easily avail to Transfer your Mobikwik Balance Into Bank account, there are three steps mentioned below which you should use in this trick…


  1. Mobikwik KYC Wallet
  2. Zeta KYC Wallet
  3. Step – 1 ( Trick To Transfer Mobikwik Balance Into Bank Account )
  4. Go to Mobikwik Account
  5. First of all, verify your mobikwik wallet with KYC ( Aadhar And PAN )
  6. Get your mobikwik Super VISA Card

Step – 2

  1. Download Zeta Wallet App
  2. Sign up and fill all detail
  3. Now Submit your kyc detail and make your Zeta Account KYC Verified

Step – 3

  1. Now go to Zeta Account
  2. Load Money ( Amount you wish to transfer from mobikwik wallet )
  3. Add money through your mobikwik Super VISA Card
  4. After adding money, Click Pay/Send > Enter bank details
  5. Your money will be transferred in the bank instantly ( without any charges )

Note : Cash once sent can’t be refund to your wallet. So, take extreme care while entering the details to the app.

Tips : If you updated the Mobikwik app then you may can’t find the wallet to bank transfer option after clicking on transfer money from the app home. So, in such case uninstall and reinstall the app will fix the issue.

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