The 15 Most Expensive Golf Course in the World List

Hi Guys welcome to my website, Today we will talk about most expensive golf course in the world, we are not wasting time lets start the post. Every golf course is unique when it comes to terrains, views, and challenges. These unique qualities can give a different experience on the playing field as well as a higher cost just to tee off on the green.

most expensive golf course in the world

The following golf courses may be the most expensive in the world, but their hallowed turfs are an irresistible destination for golf enthusiasts. Below is List of The 15 most expensive golf course in the world.

List of The 15 most expensive golf course in the world

#1. Shadow Creek Golf Course, Nevada – $500

A round of golf at the Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas is going to run you approximately $500 per person for 18-holes. The course is owned by Steve Wynn, owner of the Wynn resort in Vegas, but it was designed by Tom Fazio. The course has been around for more than 25 years. Fazio had more than 21,000 trees imported to this desert location to keep it hidden from view. Your $500 fee includes limo transportation to and from the course and a personal caddy. You have to be a guest at the MGM Mirage Resorts or you cannot use this course.

#2. Pebble Beach, California – $475

Pebble Beach is among the most beautiful courses in the world. This beautiful course has hosted the US Open, and several other golf tournaments each year. Along the edge of the course is a staggering view of the Pacific Ocean. Jack Neville designed this 18-hole course so that most of the holes are as close to the edge of the cliff as possible, including one hole that actually takes you out onto a peninsula atop the ocean. The course costs $475 per person, unless you are not a guest of the resort; then you’ll pay an additional $35 fee.

#3. Old Head Golf Links, Ireland – $400

This course is simply breathtaking. It sits atop what can only be called its own island, with full views of the ocean from every single direction. The Old Head golf course is located in Cook County, near a place known as Kinsale. The clubhouse is among the finest in the world, complete with its own five-star restaurant, bar and dining area used for private parties. It’s also considered one of the most challenging courses in the world, as the terrain is completely rugged and undeveloped around the course, making for a challenging game of golf.

#4. The Pinehurst Course Number 2, North Carolina – $375

What’s with the number 2? Well, the Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina is a resort with eight gorgeous golf courses, and it’s number 2 that’s exceptionally expensive and well worth every penny. This luxe course was designed by Donald Ross, and has hosted several major golf tournaments over the years. The resort offers several different packages, but it’s $375 per person to golf here. If you want to spend a little more, you can spend less on golfing, if that makes sense. The course offers discounts if you purchase a round of golf in conjunction with two nights at the resort.

#5. Cascata Course, Nevada – $375

This course is one that’s often overlooked in lieu of nearby Las Vegas courses, but it’s not anything to ignore. The Cascata Golf Course is one of the most amazing courses in the world, ranked as 61 on the Golf Digest list of best golf courses in America. The course is designed to sit along the desert in Boulder City. It’s about a half hour south of Vegas and it is situated among the many boulders and rock formations that make the city so famous. The course is known for being a big draw for some famous players and celebrities who enjoy golf as a hobby.

#6. Cordavalle Golf Club, California – $360

Located in the San Martin area of the state, the Cordavalle Golf Club is one of the most expensive in the world. This courses costs $360 per person to play, and it includes a golf cart and green fees. It does not include a caddy. The course is a relatively new one, opened in 1999. It was designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. and has secured a spot on the PGA tour list of courses at which to stop. The course is very secluded, built into the countryside to be a part of the natural preserve that it sits inside of. The course is known for being a challenge, and the occasional fog does not help golfers.

#7. TPC Sawgrass, Florida – $350

TPC Sawgrass is located in Jacksonville, and it’s one of the most difficult golf courses in the world. Designed by Pete Dye, this course does not work well with any particular style of golf, which means it favors no one and their skills. It’s ranked 41 of 100 on the Golf Digest list of greatest golf courses, and it’s for good reason. The course is a little less expensive during the summer, as the weather is so hot and the club wants golfers.

#8. French Lick Resort, Indiana – $350

This golf course is located in Indiana, which is not generally the kind of place you expect to find some of the most expensive golf courses in the world. However, this course is known for its challenging terrain and its beauty. The course has only been open since 2009, but it commands top dollar for a round because it is worth it. The course is rated the 18th greatest golf course in America by Golf Digest, making it that much more popular among serious golfers. The wide, open terrain and hilly fields are widely regarded among golfers as a challenge and an enjoyment.

#9. The Ocean Course, South Carolina – $320

This particular golf course was also designed by famed golf architect Pete Dye. The course sits on the beautiful Kiawah Island in South Carolina, one of the most gorgeous places in the world. This golf course has spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean from all holes, and it is one of the trickiest golf courses around. It was designed so that the wind always plays a part in the game, knocking amateur golfers down a notch in their confidence. The Ocean Course has hosted the PGA Championship, Senior PGA and several other important tournaments.

#10. The Spyglass Hill Golf Course, California – $315

This course is one of the toughest in the world. You have to contend with the killer wind off the Pacific Ocean as well as difficult terrain. This course is designed to sit atop a cliff overlooking the ocean. Its holes are filled with challenges such as densely wooded areas, big curves and many sand traps. The view, however, is beautiful. The course’s name is derived from the old Treasure Island legend, and many of the holes on the course are named after famed pirates from the story. It’s a truly spectacular course.

#11. Kingsbarns Golf Links – $300

Located in St. Andrews, Scotland, this course is one of the most famous in the world. It has been home to many professional golf tournaments. Designed by Kyle Phillips, this course was created long before the resort located at the course. The course has been opened since 1793, but the golf resort was only just opened. The caddy experience at Kingsbarn is said to be the most wonderful and satisfying in the world. The course even offers a full refund for the caddy fee to those who are dissatisfied with their caddy.

#12. Whistling Straits, Wisconsin – $300

This course is actually two courses. Both are designed by Pete Dye. The Straits course is designed to be a walking-only course with nearly 2 miles of rugged terrain and lovely views of Lake Michigan. The course is considered ideal. The Irish course is the more challenging of the two, designed to mimic the Irish terrain. Its many sand dunes make it challenging to golf this course, but both are considered among the most expensive golf courses in the world. The courses have been used to host major golf tournaments in the past, and will likely continue to do the same.

#13. The Barton Creek Foothill and Canyon Golf Club, Texas – $298

Tom Fazio designed this course to be opened in 1986, and it’s still just as great today as it was nearly 30 years ago. The course features a little bit of everything, from waterfalls and hills to caves made entirely of limestone. The course is designed to be challenging and beautiful. The holes on the course are some of the most challenging in the state, and the course was ranked 4 on a list of 15 best golf courses in America. It’s considered the most beautiful course in the State of Texas, but its beauty does not detract from its challenging holes.

#14. Links at Spanish Bay, California – $295

Tom Watson, Sandy Tatum and Robert Trent Jones Jr. collaborated to create this amazing golf course in Pebble Beach. It’s often forgotten about by many golfers in the excitement of wanting to play golf at the Pebble Beach course, but that does not make it any less spectacular. This course features gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean, a few great holes that offer an exceptional challenge to even the most seasoned professional golfers, and the best part is that it’s not a private course and you needn’t a blazer to play here. It is expensive, but that’s what happens when you want to play a resort this nice.

#15. Trump National Golf Club, California – $275

This course is one of the most expensive in the world, but it has the most fascinating story behind it. This course was originally designed by Pete Dye and it was called Ocean Trails. The course sits along the Pacific Ocean in Rancho Palos Verdes, and it’s one of the most beautiful views you can imagine. However, just a few short months after its opening, the winter storms along the California coast literally knocked hole number 18 into the ocean and left the course without an 18th hole. The course went up for sale at that point, and it was purchased by Donald Trump, who fixed up the course and reopened it to the public.

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