What features make a Swiggy Like app successful in 2024?

The days were gone when the kitchen was bustling with all the food items, and some people cooked food to satisfy their cravings. Welcome to the age of apps for food delivery, where customers only need to download an application and browse menus of a wide range of eateries, order, and pay without leaving their homes.

Online food delivery apps are raking in profits and are soon set to join the club of $200 billion. Due to the current pandemic affecting the food industry, the business has seen a dramatic change. From digital menus and online ordering to contactless payments and the introduction of the business model known as the dark kitchen model, there’s much to be seen in the industry of restaurants.

Customers today want to avoid spreading disease, so food delivery apps are becoming more popular. As a restaurant proprietor, you might want to boost your business’s game by creating an effective food delivery system and increasing your success. Here, we’ll discuss certain aspects that can make it easier to stay ahead of your competitors in food delivery.

what features make an swiggy like app successful in 2024_

The business of food delivery on demand is fast growing because millions of customers are eager to have delicious food delivered to their doorsteps. Popular apps for food delivery, like Zomato, Swiggy, Postmates, GrubHub, etc., satisfy customers’ demands and have secured a position in the menu delivery market. However, if we consider the Indian food delivery market, Swiggy has attracted numerous entrepreneurs’ attention and has enticed users to join the bandwagon.

Demography for Swiggy

Swiggy is a food delivery application that has dominated the Indian market and has a huge customer base. With a presence active in more than 500 cities across India, partnerships with hundreds of food and restaurant outlets, and lacs of independent fleet drivers, Swiggy offers the most convenient service to its customers through new and innovative delivery options for food.

According to Techcrunch research, the company’s estimated value at its 2020 launch was $3.6 billion. If you have a restaurant and are seeking expansion and growth, then a Swiggy-like application script can aid in expanding your customer base and gaining recognition.

But First, Some Important Statistics

The online food delivery industry is growing incredibly and is expected to reach an estimated market value of $449,292 million by 2025. With this rapid growth, the role of pandemics is a crucial part that makes it impossible to dine out and makes food delivery apps extremely useful. Many food delivery apps are available today, but only a handful are noticed, such as Zomato, Swiggy, JustEat, GrubHub, and Uber Eats.

Swiggy is the most viewed application on the list, with more than 130K customers and many restaurants within its app.

Should you invest in an App for Food Delivery like Swiggy?

Since Uber entered the market, the market for on-demand has gained a lot of attention, and entrepreneurs around the world leave no stone unturned and trying their best to have the same level of success. Additionally, consumers, today are seeking efficient and effective solutions. Online food delivery apps are helping to solve the problem.

These statistics and figures show the benefits of apps for food delivery and their market. However, technological advancements make life easier for people than ever before. Businesses worldwide are taking advantage of modern technology to grow and satisfy the demands of users.

In the past, people were familiar with ordering pizza using apps. Now, one can also order coffee and make payments online. If you run a restaurant and are looking to develop an app similar to Swiggy, there are a lot of advantages to be realized, including.

  • Makes customer base strong
  • Revenue boosting
  • Profits of business increase
  • Create the image of your brand

Following the massive success of Swiggy, many startups have joined the game to take advantage of the opportunity. If you’re unfamiliar with the market and aren’t aware of the most important functions and features you must add, don’t fret the next session we’ll be discussing is focused on this.

Must-have features of Food Delivery Apps like Swiggy

Whatever company you’re in and the reason you’re making an app, the features you include will make you stand out from the competitors if you plan to develop an app similar to Swiggy or Uber Eats but can’t replicate their business model. To be different, you have provided something that makes customers want to visit and download the food delivery app.

A similar app to Swiggy has four distinct apps and panels combined to form a common module to provide an identical experience for customers in real-time. Yes, that’s true. There are four apps and panels that have to be made. A program similar to Swiggy can work with four different stakeholders.

  • Consumers
  • Restaurants
  • Delivery companies
  • and Admin

These four apps have diverse features and functions. Additionally, an effective admin panel has several important functions to manage the business’s operations and evaluate its success.

Let’s look at what key elements must be considered to ensure an enjoyable customer experience.

Application for Customers

  • Social login
  • A quick search for food
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Orders to schedule
  • Order the past
  • Create and manage your profile
  • Tracking orders

Restaurant Application

  • Login
  • Manage your profile
  • Control orders
  • Push notification
  • Create offers
  • Reviews and ratings

App for Delivery Providers

  • Manage your profile
  • Submit documents
  • Order the past
  • Payment details
  • Management of orders
  • Update the status of the order

Administrator Panel

  • Restaurant management
  • Customer management
  • Management of the delivery provider
  • Management of payments
  • Discounts and special offers
  • Technical assistance

Below are the most important features you should incorporate into an application like Swiggy. You can, however, include or remove features according to your needs. All you have to do is find an experienced, skilled technology partner who understands your needs and completes the job quickly.

Final Line

Whether you’re a restaurant proprietor or a business owner looking for a capital investment in a food delivery company, These attributes are essential to add to your app, such as Swiggy. The food delivery market is growing rapidly and could reach $200 billion in 2024. Thus, creating an app similar to Swiggy could be a boon for your business and guarantee the highest return on investment.

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