Top 10 the Best Home Security System Company

The best home security systems Company offer a variety of products and services to choose from at an affordable price. After looking at 25 of the best home security systems and over 100 features, we boiled down the various research, considerations and conclusions. Overall, SimpliSafe does the most comprehensive job of keeping customers safe and making them feel safe. Today we will talk about top 10 the best home security system company.

best home security system company

List of Top 10 the best home security system company:

  • 1. Vivint
  • 2. SimpliSafe
  • 3. ADT
  • 4. Frontpoint
  • 5. Brinks
  • 6.Cove
  • 7. Abode
  • 8. Ring Alarm
  • 9. Scout Alarm
  • 10. Link Interactive

1. Vivint

Best home security system

If you want a beautifully designed security system that works even better than it looks, then Vivint is for you. That is with the caveat that you’re also a homeowner, and you don’t mind paying for professional installation. Renters, look away, this one’s not your best option.

Why we chose Vivint
Everything Vivint does, it does well. Where other alarm companies offer a hodgepodge of third-party equipment, Vivint designs its own stuff. Where some options, like ADT, have good equipment but so-so cameras, Vivint’s cameras have some of the best features on the market, including video analytics and 4K image sensors (as well as more standard fare like motion detectors, two-way audio, and night vision).

Vivint also has professional installation, so you don’t have to break a sweat setting up your system. And it has full smart home support, so you can automate everything from your door locks to your bedside lamp.

If you want a security system that will protect your home and also make your neighbors say, “Wow, where’d you get that?” then Vivint’s got what you need.

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2. SimpliSafe: Best value

home security system

SimpliSafe changed the way home security companies do things. It lets you order online instead of getting on the phone, it doesn’t do contracts, and it’s super affordable. We love that SimpliSafe makes it easy to set up a basic security system yourself without draining your savings in the process.

Why we chose SimpliSafe
SimpliSafe is perfect if you want a well-known brand that will protect your house but for way less money than you’d pay for the ADT’s of the world. Most people know the name “SimpliSafe” by now (potential burglars included), and it makes it cheap and easy to set up an alarm system in your house.

Plus, SimpliSafe is no slouch on the equipment front. You can find everything from window sensors to leak detectors to carbon monoxide sensors.

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3. ADT: Most popular

home security system

Everyone knows ADT. It’s been in business for over a century, and it’s available all across the US (and a few other countries as well. For any Canadians out there, it’s one of the most popular alarm systems in Canada.)

If what you want is the system with the most clout, then ADT delivers. Potential burglars will see the yard sign and skip your house faster than you can say, “break-in.” Not to mention, ADT uses professional installation so you don’t have to do the work yourself.

Why we chose ADT?
Aside from its famous name, ADT also has a wide range of security equipment to protect your home. And the system requires professional installation, so you don’t have to worry about sticking sensors on your doors backward or something.

ADT also works with Z-Wave and supports a bunch of different smart home devices as well as some indoor and outdoor cameras. But you have to subscribe to the right monitoring plan to get support for stuff like that.

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4. Frontpoint: Best customer service

best home security system company

Frontpoint’s system works for just about everyone: big house or small house, renter or homeowner, technophile or aspiring Luddite. We like Frontpoint’s simple, secure equipment and its smart home features (especially the Yale smart door lock). Just expect to pay a bit more for the monitoring service.

Why we chose Frontpoint?
Frontpoint is friendly. Its customers routinely leave glowing reviews,2,3 and our own experience with Frontpoint’s reps has always been that they’re helpful and easy to talk to.

If you’ve ever tried to call in to something like your internet service provider and had a horrible customer experience (*cough* Comcast *cough*), then you know how important it is to have good support when something goes awry. And Frontpoint is like the Tom Hanks of home security companies—just so nice, you know?

If you’re having trouble installing your doorbell camera or telling your door sensor from your flood sensor, Frontpoint has a bunch of support resources on its website. And you can even contact its reps through social media platforms like Twitter if that’s your jam.

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5. Brinks (previously LiveWatch and MONI): Best monitoring

the best home security system company

Brinks smart home security equipment comes with some pretty neat monitoring alerts.

Why we chose Brinks?
False alarms can be a huge pain in the you-know-what. If you have enough false alarms that make their way to police dispatch, you might even have to pay a fine. That’s why most monitoring centers will try to call you before they get the cops involved when your alarm system goes off.

Brinks takes that a step farther, though, and can contact you through text message, phone, or email, depending on which one you prefer. If, like us, you avoid answering your phone as much as possible, then text messages might be a better way to reach you. Brinks can also notify other people on your contact list in case you don’t pick up.

View Brinks home Security products

6. Cove: Best for basics

the best home security system company

Cove is like a slightly fancier version of SimpliSafe. Both systems cost exactly the same, but if you like the look of a touchscreen control panel, then Cove will give your style a bit of a boost.

We still recommend SimpliSafe overall because it has a wider range of equipment, and offers a doorbell camera. But Cove is a nice alternative for people who want something affordable yet sleek.

Why we chose Cove?
Cove’s equipment doesn’t just look good, it’s also super easy to set up, and it’s backed by good customer support.

Cove has a full range of support articles and videos in case you get stuck while you’re setting things up, but we doubt you’ll need them.

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7. Abode: Best for smart homes

top 10 the best home security system company

Abode is a DIYer’s dream. It has a bunch of smart home integrations that let you add in third-party devices, and it doesn’t charge you extra to self-monitor the system. Plus, Abode lets you do temporary professional monitoring for those times you’re out of town and can’t keep an eye on your system yourself.

Why we chose Abode?
Abode is all about smart home stuff. At least, it’s all about third-party smart home stuff. Abode doesn’t make many of its own smart home devices. It would rather let you add your own.

That’s not to say Abode doesn’t make some unique things. For example, we love the Abode Iota, which combines your alarm system’s hub with a night vision indoor security camera. But as far as smart home stuff goes, Abode is a choose your own adventure game.

Abode is the only system on our list that works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and even Sonos. Plus, it supports both Z-Wave and Zigbee, as well as IFTTT. That’s what we call smart home centric.

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8. Ring Alarm: Best budget buy

what is the best home security company

The Ring Alarm security system came out just two years ago, and it’s been making waves ever since for its radically affordable pricing plus smart home support. If you want the ultimate-affordable alarm system, then you’ll pay less for a Ring starter kit than you did for those new AirPod Pros you just lost.

Why we chose Ring Alarm?
Equipment’s not the only thing that Ring Alarm sells on the cheap; it’s also professional monitoring. Normally, we’d expect to pay anywhere from $15 to $60+ per month for professional monitoring. Ring Alarm gives it to you for a cool $10 per month. That’s pretty much the lowest price possible.

We also love that Ring still has decent smart home support. Some other cheap security systems, like SimpliSafe and Cove, don’t work so well with smart home devices like lights and locks. Ring Alarm supports Z-Wave, so you can integrate your smart outlets with your overall security system.

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9. Scout Alarm: Best RFID option

what is the best home security company

Scout has something we haven’t seen from any other security company: an RFID door panel. Never heard of RFID? You’re not alone.

It stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and, for this purpose, it basically means you can use little stickers or tags (with RFID functionality) to arm and disarm your security system instead of the traditional keypad.

If you hate digging for your phone or punching in a code every time you walk in or out the door, then Scout might be a good fit for you.

Why we chose Scout?
Scout’s door panel is a unique feature, but that’s not all Scout has going for it. Scout also has good support for that smart home you’re working on. It’s one of only two systems on our list that supports both Z-Wave and Zigbee smart home protocols. (The other one is Abode.)

You’ll also save some money with Scout. Its equipment is super affordable, including its cameras. Scout’s doorbell camera costs only $99, which is cheap for a doorbell cam that still records in crisp 1080p HD.

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10. Link Interactive: Most flexible

home security system company

Link Interactive is the king of choices. You can choose a contract or no contract, and if you do opt for a contract, then you can choose the length. Link Interactive also has more diverse equipment options than any other company we’ve seen, and it’s pretty affordable to boot.

If you need some super-specific sensor you can’t find anywhere else, then Link probably has it.

Why we chose Link Interactive?
Link Interactive has flexible contract and equipment options, reasonable pricing, and super friendly customer service. It gives you a ton of different ways to protect your home, plus a bunch of smart home integrations so you can smartify your family’s lives.

If you need specific devices, like an outdoor sensor for a pool cover or a stovetop sensor so you can stop wondering if you’ve left the burner on, then Link Interactive has what you need. And if you buy some random Z-Wave smart home device on Amazon, Link’s customer service reps will even tell you how to install it.

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