Taskbucks promo code, referral code ‘5tuxn3tk‘. Download App & Earn Money

Taskbucks promo code, referral code ‘5tuxn3tk‘. Download App & Earn Money Get 25 rupees per refer when they complete at least one offer. Redeem money to paytm are you can recharge.

Download APP Taskbucks

How to apply taskbucks promo code, referral code

1. Download taskbucks from play store.

2. Now Open the app and enter your mobile number or you can also log in with Facebook.

Taskbucks promo code

3. Now you need to enter your name, mobile number, and email and click on next.

4. After that click on the option ‘Have a promo code?’ and enter – 5tuxn3tk

5. Then click on the Next icon, they will send an OTP to your given mobile number.

6. Now verify your number with OTP and that’s it! you’ve successfully signed up on Taskbucks.

Taskbucks promo code 2020

7. Now download apps and start earning on Taskbucks.

That’s it. You have successfully cream taskbucks account. Now its time to refer your friends and earn money. Per refer you will get 25 rupees.

What Is Taskbucks?

Taskbucks allows its users to earn money by playing games and quizzes, all installation, refer and earn, and by participating in Lucky and win programs.

It has over 10 Million+ downloads in the Google Play Store and rated as 4.3 out of 5 stars by its users. You can earn daily cash by completing some tasks in Taskbucks. Make your free time into Earning time by using Taskbucks.

Taskbucks Bonus Code

How Taskbucks Works?

Taskbucks is paying a good amount of money on each app install through Taskbucks. Users like us are thinking why Taskbucks is paying the amount for app installs? What is the benefit of Taskbucks in this?

Well, Taskbucks works on affiliate marketing strategies. They getting paid a higher amount for each app installation and gives you the amount by saving some bucks on it. It means if Taskbucks is getting Rs 50 per app installation then they will pay you around Rs 30 to Rs 40. By this way, Taskbucks works.

How to withdraw money from taskbucks.

You need minimum 30 rupees balance in your taskbucks wallet, to redeem to your paytm wallet are to recharge your mobile number.

To redeem click on your balance. Here you can see your balance. Also if you have 30 rupees and above balance you can withdraw it either paytm are for recharges.

Redeem money in taskbucks

How to refer and earn money in taskbucks

Per refer taskbucks is offering 25 rupees. You can refer your friends and family members. They have to complete atleast one offer to get 25 rupees.

Taskbucks referral code

To invite your friends to taskbucks click on Menu > invite and earn. Here you can see your referral link. Are you can simply click on whatsapp image on top.

Two More Steps to Earn With Taskbucks Apps

  1. By playing Quiz Games on Taskbucks .
  2. By participating in Lucky and win programs.

So it was the post about Taskbucks App. If you have any suggestions and queries regarding this post feel free to ask us in the comment section. We will solve your queries asap.


How do you make money on TaskBucks?

You can also earn coins by inviting your friends to try TaskBucks app. a) Going to Invite & Earn section & sharing your exclusive invite link with friends. b) Earn more coins by sharing on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter & all other social apps.

How do I get a promo code for Taskbucks?

Taskbucks promo code, referral code ‘5tuxn3tk‘. Get 25 rupees per refer when they complete at least one offer. Redeem money to paytm are you can recharge.

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