10 Must Have Electric Bike Accessories

By adding ebike accessories to your bike, you can do more with it. Without the appropriate attachments, electric bikes are incomplete. To function properly, every E-bike requires extra equipment, gadgets, and accessories. An conventional electric bike may get you from one location to another, but it is useless without the necessary attachments.

Ebike accessories may help with this. It is critical for the correct operation of electric bikes. These additions make biking more enjoyable and convenient. Ebike accessories, for example, help you maintain your bike properly and aid you when riding your bike both on and off-road. You’ll need various ebike accessories for off-road and on-road adventures. Everything is dependent on the ride and the terrain.

The following are some of the most iconic ebike accessories of all time!

10 Must Have Electric Bike Accessories

10 Must Have Electric Bike Accessories

1. Holder for a smartphone or GPS

The Most Secure & Reliable Bike Phone Holder for iPhone, Samsung, or Any Smartphone. Resistant to stress and very adaptable. +100 for security and comfort

The smartphone holder is designed to suit phones with a width of less than 3 inches (7.62 cm), such as iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, and most other manufacturers. It’s ideal for keeping your phone visible while riding so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road or offer your phone to a passenger.

2. A fantastic e-bike accessory is a bike bag

We’re proposing a handful of items that should belong in a bike bag, so it’s only natural that we’d recommend a bike bag, right?

The majority of bike bags will fit on practically any rear rack. They are normally kept in place by a pair of vertical and horizontal straps that keep the e bike bag securely attached to the rear of the bike.

A bike bag can’t go wrong as long as it carries everything you need and fits on your bike rack.

What bike bag do we suggest?

This is the bike bag we use; it has several side bags that we don’t use, but we enjoy all the various compartments. Choose the finest option for your e-bikes.

3. GoPro’s newest action camera

It is a terrific way to film your e-bike rides for fun and safety. It can capture 23MP images and record 5.3K video at 60 frames per second with sophisticated video stabilization. This little camera is compatible with the majority of GoPro accessories, so grab a helmet or handlebar mount and go riding.

Video may also be automatically uploaded to the cloud while you ride, in case you need it after an accident.

4. Sunglasses

ROCKBROS Polarized Sunglasses for Men and Women with UV Protection Cycling Sunglasses Sports Glasses

Sunglasses are a terrific accessory for your electric bike. They help guard against UV rays and glare, which is useful in intense sunlight and on lengthy rides. They are especially useful while cycling at night since they shield your eyes from wind and dust.

5. A Rear Bike Rack is a bicycle accessory

A rear rack expands the possibilities for additional equipment (like a child carrier, accessory bag, etc). It’s a must-have if you wish to transport anything.

You may also add Pannier bags or even simply an equipment bag.

Which do we recommend?

You may purchase an eBike with a rear Rack (for example, the KBO Breeze and Charge City – see our KBO Breeze Review and Charge City eBike Review).

Manufacturer’s rear rack: In most cases, we suggest using the manufacturer’s rear rack. A third-party rear rack won’t save you much money, and you have to worry about it actually fitting. Furthermore, the hue will be same.

6. Blaring horns

Riding your bike on a busy road is not without danger. On the roadways, there are several sorts of automobiles. From buses to large trucks, you must be cautious of your surroundings.

Accidents may be averted in this manner. On Amazon, you can get a bike horn for $7, but a truly loud horn will cost you $20 to $30.

7. Mirror in the Back

Mountain Road Bicycle Mirror Handlebar

Any electric bike owner should have a rearview mirror. This addon makes it simple to see what’s behind you while biking. It also assists you in avoiding mishaps and conserves battery power. If you wish to go quickly, you may purchase a compact mirror that connects to the handlebar. Consider getting a helmet-mounted mirror if you prefer a more subtle approach.

8. The Lumos Matrix Smart Helmet 

It combines safety and sci-fi design. The front and rear illumination reach 1,000 lumens for increased visibility, and the back panel may be configured to show traffic signs and other amusing symbols. The helmet should last around 10 hours on a single charge. This is the helmet you need if you want to truly tear on your e-bike and believe you’re in Tron.

9. LED Lighting Kit

A headlamp is an important requirement while traveling at night or in bad weather. LED lights are more dependable, last longer, and use less energy than standard bulbs. Anyone who bikes at night will appreciate this light. It’s straightforward to install and can be fitted to any bike in about 10 minutes. It also has a one-year warranty.

10. Saddle

There is nothing more crucial on a bike than a comfy saddle. The saddle is the primary seat on which you sit on your bike. If this seat is unpleasant, then you cannot enjoy your travel. It will feel itchy when riding your bike, and it may potentially lead to health concerns such as backbone troubles.

Your bike must have a comfy saddle installed. These saddles may be purchased from the market and readily installed on your bike. It will give you with added comfort to enjoy every second of your travel.


Ebike accessories are unquestionably necessary for every rider; however, selecting some for your E-bike is a matter of personal preference. You may prefer accessories over others. Everything is determined by your requirements and preferences. However, it is a subtle reality and an established truth that you require additional ebike accessories to fully enjoy the ride.

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