6 Parts Of Your Business That Are Ready For AI

You may have heard of some of the biggest businesses out there using AI in their work, but did you realise that your own business is ready for it, too? Even the smallest companies out there can take advantage of it, so you can get the most out of your work. Here’s just a few of the parts of your business that are ready for artificial intelligence, and how you can use it. 

6 Parts Of Your Business That Are Ready For AI

6 Parts Of Your Business That Are Ready For AI

1. Marketing

This is the big one, where AI has a real and highly meaningful impact. This is mostly thanks to machine learning, which can help you sort your audience into segments and allow you to deliver more meaningful campaigns. 

“An AI can identify the best group of people to show an ad to, recommend items to them on your site, or send them emails and deals at the right time” says Jason Hughes, a tech writer with Dissertation writing service.  “As such, you’ll get more value out of each marketing campaign you launch.”

As such, you’ll be able to reach your customers in a more meaningful way with AI. Your contacts with them will offer more value, and as such you’ll be able to convert more leads. Having an AI organise your audience into segments saves a lot of time too, which will always be helpful for smaller businesses. 

2. IT Services And Departments

As you’d imagine AI of course would have a big impact on your IT department. Current departments are using AI to handle basic work such as logging error reports, and using that data to identify issues in the system. With enough data, machine learning AI can actually alert the team to any issues before they can bring the network down. That’s proved to be helpful in maintaining productivity within the workplace. 

Also, having an AI handle simple tasks like this frees IT staff up to handle more complex problems. They can get more difficult issues handled, without having to spend time on routine work. It’s another way that AI is saving businesses time. 

3. Sales

How can AI help with a department that needs human interaction to work? It’s true that you need people to work in your sales, but AI can help give them the edge in what they do. For example, AI gives them insights that they need to to target their audience, in a similar way to your marketing department. 

That AI can help with sales forecasting, improve communication, and even predict what customers are looking for from you. As such, sales teams have information that gives them the edge over others in the industry. 

4. Contact Centers

Gone are the days when you’d need a full call center to handle any contact from your customers. You can offer a lot of assistance through AI powered contact centers, which offer assistance without needing human input. 

You may well have used these yourself, through chatbots on websites. These can answer common questions, helping the customer find what they’re looking for. They’re a good way of reducing frustration, and when the customer can find what they need, they’re more likely to buy. 

A contact center also gathers info as they work, and through machine learning can offer new insights. With those insights, customer service can be continually improved. Being able to collect that data is highly helpful to you as a business. 

5. Manufacturing

You’ll see a lot of large businesses using AI in their manufacturing systems, and that’s something you can put to good use too. Data analytics help a lot in tracking inventory, and predicting when demand will speed up or slow down. 

When you have access to that information, it’ll be a lot easier to stock just what you need, and reduce the risk of overstocking. As such, AI can really help with improving your overall profits. 

6. Customer Experience

Every business is looking to improve the customer experience, and more and more of them are using AI to do this. This has a powerful effect on your customer loyalty, and thus your sales. For example, customer data can be collected through email lists and loyalty schemes. That data is used to personalise recommendations to the customer, showing them what they may be interested in. 

By improving the customer experience, you’ll be giving the customer more of what they want and then improving your sales numbers. It also improves customer loyalty, as they’re more likely to stick with a company that understands what they want. 

There are lots of ways that you can use AI in your own business, to give customers what they’re looking for and improve your sales numbers. These are just a handful of ways you can put that AI to good use. It’s time you make the investment in your own business, and see the difference it can make. 

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