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What are the lucky colors of the day? Interestingly the matter of fact is that each day of the week is associated with a dedicated planet of our solar system with a colour that is Today’s color

Lucky Color

I am green with envy, I saw red, I am feeling blue, He turned purple with rage, She was pink with embarrassment? You may not have noticed but we often use colours to describe our moods and emotions because we think in colors and images.

It is interesting to note that colors have such a tremendous impact on our life that everybody gets inspired to know about origin of colors, special benefits of VIBGYOR rays of sun, history of color therapy , their spiritual and Yogik associations like chakra color significance and healing attributes.

Lucky Color Calculator

The continuous use of your lucky color (calculated through various systems) in your day to day life develops your personality and make you more successful on personnel and professional front as it brightens your specific type of aura.

The color calculator created by Future Point is most accurate in the world and nobody can challenge its accuracy. Fill your date of birth/name along with time and place of birth in the calculator given right side and know your lucky color.

The right harmony of colors enhances positive energy. To bring that effect there is tradition of using the colors according to the color of the day.

Positive Meanings of Colors by Weak Days

Week DaysLucky Colors For DaysLuck By Colors
MondayWhitePurity, Wholesomeness, Sacred ritual
TuesdayRed, brownSacrifice, Sex, Earth
WednesdayGreenFertility, Renewal, Wealth
FridayWhite, Off WhitePurity, Wholesomeness, Sacred ritual
SaturdayBlack, Dark Bluepower
SundayOrange & PinkAdventure, Change, Love

Color For Days

The following are the lucky colors for days Monday to Sunday.


Monday is ruled by 2 & 7.It represents planet Moon – Lucky colour to wear on Monday is White.

This also means white is lucky colour for people who are ruled by 2 & 7.that means people born on 2 11 20 29 & 7 16 25 of any month.


Tuesday is ruled by number 9.It represents planet Mars – Lucky colour to wear on Tuesday is Red.

This also means red is lucky colour for people who are born on 9 18 27 of any month.


Wednesday is ruled by number 5.It represents planet Mercury – Lucky colour to wear on Wednesday is Green.

This also means green is lucky colour for people born on 5 14 23 of any month.


Thursday is ruled by number 3.It represents planet Jupiter – Lucky colour to wear on Thursday is Yellow.

This also means yellow is lucky colour for people born on 3 12 21 30 of any month.


Friday is ruled by number 6.It represents planet Venus – Lucky colour to wear on Friday is White,Silver,Blue.

This also means white,silver,blue are lucky colours for people born on 6 15 24 of any month.


Saturday is ruled by number 8.It represents planet Saturn – Lucky colour to wear on Saturday is Deep Blue.

Avoid Black At All Costs. It will create misunderstandings & quarrels.

This also means deep blue is lucky colour for people born on 8 17 26 of any month.


Sunday is ruled by number 1-4.It represents planet Sun – Lucky colour to wear on Sundays are Orange,Dark Red,Sunrise Colours.

This also means orange,dark red,sunrise colours are lucky for people ruled by 1 & 4 that means people born on 1 10 19 28 & 4 13 22 31 of any month.

Success in personal & professional life is ensured when one uses or wear lucky colours for the particular day.

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