Top 10 Most Popular Grocery Delivery Apps in India for Instant Deliveries

Grocery delivery apps are revolutionizing the way people shop for groceries. It has made their lives easier. The app makes it easy for them to search in their grocery stores and find the necessary items. You will find many solutions to simplify the delivery of groceries globally. The solution is gaining popularity in India, and we will discuss it.

India is often called the land of rising hopes. If you want to start or expand your business, India is the place for you. The country generates revenue because of its high GDP and per capita income.

The Kirana idea was very popular. Apps became more popular and integrated into many operations, including supermarkets. BigBasket was the first app to make these apps popular. Then, new solutions began to emerge.

This article will highlight the 10 most popular grocery delivery apps in 2023. First, look at the market stats to understand why this solution is so popular.

India’s Online Grocery Delivery Market Statistics

  • In 2022, the current revenues will be around $15.06 trillion
  • Between 2022 and 2027, revenue growth will be at a rate of 28.42%
  • Market volume is expected to increase to $52.60 billion in 2027
  • By 2027, the number of users will reach 281.6 million

Top 10 Most Popular GroceryDelivery Apps In India For Instant Deliveries

Grocery delivery apps in India: Why are they so popular?

These factors, in addition to the market statistics mentioned above, help explain the solution’s popularity. These factors are listed below.

  • You can avoid the hassle of waiting in line at physical store counters.
  • You can shop easily with flexibility
  • It’s easy to find the best deals and save money.
  • Ensure safety and security during payment.
  • It simplifies pickup and delivery.

Let’s now learn about the ten most popular grocery delivery apps that have made it possible to get them in 2022. They offer a ten-minute delivery.

Top 10 Grocery Delivery Apps for India in 2023

1. Bigbasket

Year of Foundation – 2011, Areas of Operation: More than 30 Indian cities

BigBasket is our first pick. BigBasket was launched in 2011 and has gained a reputation for being a grocery delivery platform that delivers household goods within ten minutes.

The solution can also handle procurement, supply chain, and logistic management tasks. In a nutshell, this has increased their popularity to an enormous extent. These features are also included in their product.

  • Its catalog has over 14,000 products – fruits, vegetables, and household items.
  • Allows the customer to make a customized shopping list.
  • It makes it easy to shop at brands.

2. Blinkit

Year of Foundation – 2013, Areas of Operation: More than 27 Indian cities

Blinkit, formerly known as Grofers, is next on our list. Blinkit is a master in 10-minute grocery delivery apps like Grofers. A blink in the eye makes it possible to deliver.

It also contains some unique elements that give it an edge in the market and make it a well-known name in the Indian subcontinent for grocery delivery services.

  • Delivery scheduling option
  • You can browse and place orders easily
  • Call option and in-app chat3

3. Dunzo

Year of Foundation – 2014, Areas of Operation: More than 8 Indian cities

Dunzo was founded in 2014. Since then, customers have accessed quick grocery delivery and items such as pharmaceuticals and food at their convenience.

Dunzo’s set-apart image lets customers connect with the closest delivery partner, making grocery delivery simple. These constituents follow.

  • Multiple drop-off points for groceries
  • Track live
  • Delivery proof

4. Instamart

Year of Foundation 2020, Areas of Operation–Over 25 Cities in India

Swiggy makes it easy to order grocery delivery from Instamart. You can find food grains, fruits, and vegetables, among other offerings.

They have unique features that make it possible to deliver groceries in a matter of minutes, such as the ones below. These features are available below.

  • Delivery from Swiggy’s ghost shop
  • Fewer charges for delivery
  • Quick doorstep delivery

5. DMart Ready

Year of Foundation – 2002, Areas of Operation: More than 302 cities in India

DMart has made grocery delivery in India easy since 2002, when it opened its first physical store.

These offerings are made possible by the unique elements contained in the solution.

  • Simple inventory management makes it easy to update inventories.
  • It provides transparency on the cost breakdown of items delivered; invoices are generated at the end of delivery.
  • It allows customers flexibility in getting groceries when they want; scheduled orders can be placed.

6. Amazon Fresh

Year of Foundation – 2007, Areas of Operation: More than 15 States in India

Amazon Fresh was founded in 2007. Since then, grocery delivery has been made easy through their platform. They have over 60 fulfillment centers, making it possible for customers in any state to receive quick grocery delivery.

It is possible largely because of the features contained within them, such as those listed below.

  • Zero subscription fees for members using Amazon
  • Option for pickup or delivery at your door
  • Schedule delivery

7. Nature’s Basket

Year of Foundation – 2005, Areas of Operation-All cities in India

Nature’s Basket has made it easy for customers to receive quick grocery delivery since 2005. It is possible through the app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for Android and iOS.

They contain unique elements that ensure customers are engaged with the solution regardless of what.

  • Personalize your order
  • Add to cart
  • Multiple delivery points

8. Zepto

Year of Foundation – 2021, Areas of Operation: More than 10 Indian cities

Zepto is ranked eighth on our list of India’s top 10 readymade grocery delivery apps. It has simplified how groceries are delivered.

The app promises delivery within 10 minutes and makes it simple for customers to reduce waiting times. The app has many features that customers will love.

  • Chatbot available for customer support 24 hours a day
  • Schedule deliveries
  • In-app chat/call

9. JioMart

Year of Foundation – 2019, Areas of Operation: More than 100+ cities in India

JioMart has made it easy to order groceries online since its inception. The solution offers attractive prices for essentials and ensures that customers can buy quality products at affordable prices. These elements are particularly important.

  • WhatsApp allows you to do in-app shopping
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Free home deliveries

10. Spencer’s Retail

Year of Launch – 2015, Areas of Operation: More than 10+ Indian Cities

Spencer Retail makes it simple for Indian customers to receive grocery delivery faster by making it available through its hyper-delivery model. It has adopted a hyper-delivery system.

Customers can now search for a variety of products and place orders online. These features are especially helpful.

  • Create a shopping list
  • Subscribe to the newsletter
  • QR code scan

The Key Takeaways

These apps can give you a complete view of how business solutions simplify the delivery process for household items. It has made India the most popular region for setting up a grocery delivery business in 2023. If you’re keen to get this off the ground, you can access the readymade grocery delivery app and grocery app clones from an offshore company. Share your needs and assess their expertise in developing grocery delivery apps on demand. Next, you will see your app idea take shape, and you will start to get revenues.

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