5 Ways Proxies Benefit Marketing Managers

The goal of marketing is to raise brand recognition and produce a large number of qualified leads. To meet these goals, online marketers must overcome several challenges. Some of these include site ad filters and restrictions. Using web proxies is one way to get around this.

Before, web proxies were only used in highly specialized fields. However, it now greatly benefits businesses in different areas like marketing and advertising. More specifically, marketing managers use it to expand the reach of their advertising efforts.

This article highlights how proxies can help you with your marketing strategies. But first, here is a brief explanation of what proxies are.

5 Ways Proxies Benefit Marketing Managers

Understanding Proxies

Internet proxy is every business’ partner. It adds another layer of protection when it comes to their online activities. This means that every data that comes into or goes out of your website goes through the proxy. It masks everything in between, rather than allowing access to your site through your IP.

Masking your IP address is beneficial, especially for your marketing efforts. This includes gaining access to restricted material and avoiding anti-bot systems. There are different methods to organize proxies, including:

  • Residential proxy – These are IP addresses assigned to homes by their Internet service providers (ISP). Regional internet registries have blacklisted these addresses. Residential proxies use such addresses since they look like ordinary users. With this, you’re not seen as a threat and avoid the risk of getting blocked.
  • Datacenter proxy – These proxies aren’t linked to the internet. The addresses are issued by hosting companies that buy huge amounts of IP addresses.
  • Shared proxy – These proxies are used by several users at the same time. They can be hosted in data centers, but ISPs are also offering this service to their customers.
  • Dedicated proxy – These are private proxies that can only be accessed by a single user. You can buy these from specialist services, hosting providers, ISPs, or VPN providers.

These proxies have advantages and disadvantages. However, by dedicated residential proxies, you’ll get actual IP addresses from several ISPs. That’s why more businesses resort to such proxies.

When you connect to a party, you appear to be an ordinary user attempting to connect with them. No website or online service would ever block a potential user and buyer. This opens up a lot of possibilities for the marketing department.

How Do Marketing Managers Benefit From Proxies?

Quality data and analysis are critical components of a successful marketing effort. However, there are challenges to getting the necessary information that marketing managers face. Proxies are a useful tool for getting around these roadblocks and obtaining the data you need.

1. Allowing for Successful Web Scraping

Information is a valuable asset. Your decisions should be based on facts that you can plan around. For example, websites that do pricing comparisons use data scraped from ISPs. You can get updated information through web scraping, which is useful in corporate decision-making.

However, some protocols prevent data-crawlers from collecting important customer data. Once they are identified, they will be flagged as suspicious and blocked from the site.

If you want a successful web scraping, you should use an efficient automated data collecting system. Your data request activity should also include an IP address. Proxies can help you in such cases. For example, residential proxies allow control of online intelligence technologies. In return, you will receive regular market price updates.

Your sales intelligence software collects data and analyzes it correctly. This way, you can improve your business with high-quality data. Residential proxies, in general, allow you to use various sales intelligence applications. You can use the data for:

  • Market research
  • Price tracking
  • Comparison of costs

By doing so, you can set reasonable rates for your products. This benefits both your consumers and your company.

2. Bypassing Geological Restrictions

With the amount of data that marketers demand, they need to conduct rigorous research. However, certain restrictions hinder such activities. Websites hosted by a specific area limits marketing managers’ access to them.

With proxies, you can get around such limitations. As a result, you’ll have complete, unfiltered access to the site, allowing you to get all the data you need.

Marketing managers also need to observe how their ads appear in different areas of the world. By using proxies, they can double-check how successful their ads are in that region.

3. Verifying Ads

Ad verification is important, especially if you outsource the process to an ad agency. This happens when there are area code restrictions. While some agencies are credible, you should still check how they carry out your ideas. Web proxies allow you to observe the ad placements for yourself.

For starters, it navigates around any geographical limits that exist. Two, your actions will be undetectable. No one will be able to trace your behavior from your company’s website.

Finally, knowing your competitors is an important element of market research. You can even outrank them if you have a competitive edge. You’ll be able to check out ads from your competitors with the protection of web proxies. This helps your team determine how well you are performing in the market.

Unfortunately, criminal actors are aware of how companies verify ads. To prevent you from checking on them, they block datacenter proxy IPs. Worse, they can deceive you with false information – a risk that no business should accept.

Residential proxy services allow you to sneak in as ordinary traffic from the target country. They’re indistinguishable from other visitors with home IP addresses. Because of this, you can check your advertising without the publisher knowing.

4. Improving Page Speed

Aside from overcoming borders and limitations, web proxies improve your surfing experience. They reduce the display of pop-up ads that prevent unrestricted scrolling on a website.

Web proxies are also used to peer at the site. The web server sends data to other hosts, and the proxy collects and transmits it to the requestor through peering. After the data is dispersed, the website is reduced and evened out. This significantly decreases web traffic.

Users will have a better surfing experience due to the reduced and evened-out web traffic. Additionally, the time it takes for the page to load gets shorter. Users can also enjoy faster uploading and downloading time.

5. Bypassing Social Media Restrictions

Social networking sites are wary of accounts that may be involved in suspicious activity. This is one of the challenges that marketing teams face from time to time when creating accounts.

One of the main purposes of marketing is to increase brand recognition. Nowadays, you can do this by being loud and outspoken on social media. Paid advertisements have become insufficient to get that competitive edge your company needs.

Because of this, marketing departments team up with celebrities to promote businesses. You can also use different accounts to discuss the advertisement and product. This method gives you online traffic and allows other organic accounts to discuss the product as well.

However, some social media sites flag multiple accounts from a single IP address as suspicious. With web proxies, you can get through such restrictions. 

You can activate a proxy server and engage with the post using one of your profiles. After that, you can reboot the server and connect to a different location with a different IP address. The new IP address engages with the ad more, causing it to gain traffic.

Final Thoughts

Conventional marketing strategies and approaches have already given way to digital marketing. Because of this, web proxies are becoming an important tool to achieve marketing objectives.

Marketing managers get more detailed information from their ads that are plastered across the globe. With proxies, they can do much more than they are restricted to. Hopefully, this article helped you understand how important proxies are in the marketing field.

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