5 Best Chat API for iOS Apps [2023]

It’s a 21st century and digitalization has led enterprises to upgrade their communication methodology and start providing Real-Time Chats facility on their mobile app. The facility improves connection with the perspective clients that are later on translates to sales, profits and growth.

And to implement real-time chatting system chat APIs for iOS apps are the best way to start with. Luckily you don’t even need to developing it yourself when third party APIs are available for the help. Read on to get things clear. 

Best Chat API for iOS Apps

Why Are Developers Looking For Third-Party APIs For Their Apps?

Application Programming Interface (API) provides developer the advantage of outsourcing parts of software stacks rather than forming themselves. These APIs are sometime publically available (e.g., Google Maps) but in special scenario they are exclusively provided to the developer by the third-party firms. The popular reasons drawing developers to these third-party APIs are outlined below. Take a look

  • Fast time to Market   

Uber is one of the most appropriate examples here. Rather than adding map functionality to their app and becoming a direct competitor to Google, the brand uses a third-party API – the Google Map – on their app that saves time and huge spending on map functionalities. With one click, it lets a developer create a fully-functional app for free. 

  • Less Maintenance

Less to No maintenance is required if a developer is using third-party APIs and not their own. It is mainly for the reason that the API still belong to a third party who is probably more concerned about their branding. Thus, any errors or issue must be corrected by them upon occurrence, ensuring the developer get peace of mind. 

  • More Security

Some trusted APIs use TLS (Transport Layer Security), which protects information or data shared between users on the app or other strong encryption. They do this to provide developer surety that the chat app for ios apps they are about to use will serve the purpose under great security.

Developer Preferred Features List From Chat API Provider

It isn’t enough. Mentioned below is a list of features that developers want their Chat API to provide. Otherwise, it is a big NO to the third party. 

  • Video & voice calling 

Apart from text-based chats, developers want to make video & voice calling facilities available on their platform. The feature is generally given a top-most priority for the apps designed for enterprises or B2B brands seeking multiple modes of communication on their platform.  

  • Video conferencing 

When it comes to applications designed specifically for B2B or Enterprises, then Video Conferencing is another imperative feature they look for in their application. It lets people connect for video conferencing at the same time. 

  • Dedicated cloud hosting

For a higher level of security, fast customization, infrastructure reliability and scalability, dedicated hosting like CLOUD is at the top of priorities for developers. 

  • Whitelabel chat solution

Many developers hate vendors’ logos being showcased on their applications. This is where the white label chat solution comes to their rescue. The partnership technique lets developers rebrand the top chat app for ios apps with their own desired brand or name.  

  • Access code ownership

Coder ownership gives the developer the freedom to make required or custom changes in their application. If the chat API’s navigation isn’t smooth, access to code ownership will let the developer do the needful.  

  • On-premise /Self-hosting

Developers often love keeping operating systems, server hardware and other stuff in-house that are related to API. 

  • 100 % Customizable 

Many times, a third-party chat app for ios mobile apps either grants code ownership access or allows just minor changes with the API. But developers demand 100% customizability.  

5 Top Chat API Providers for iOS Mobile Apps

Let’s discuss the top 5 best chat SDK for ios mobile app providers that are mostly recommended by expert developers.

1. CONTUS Mirror Fly 

If you are scouting for a trusted option, CONTUS MirrorFly In-app chat API can be your favorite pick. The API is GDPR, ISO compliant and offers 99.99% uptime SLA. The chatting system seamlessly integrates with mobile applications and is adaptable to multiple devices.

It provides customers the ability to interact with the shop owner via chat, voice and video call. Apart from simple messaging solutions, the system even offers custom tools making it the favorite to 1 billion+ users around the world.


  • Chat & Analytics
  • HD Quality Chat


  • Slightly Expensive
  • Nothing except that


  • Starts from $299/month, Free Trial Available

CONTUS Mirror Fly Features

  • Multi media chatting
  • Batch Permissions & Access.
  • Contact Sharing.
  • Contact Management.
  • Integration etc.

2.     Apphitect

Apphitect is also well-known for its messaging solution, quite famous in UAE since 2008. It let you enable that chat, voice and video calling feature on each app you choose to design from scratch.

After all, Apphitect offers you 100% customizable features that let you set-up and adjust the chat system as per your needs. One of the significant benefit making this API an exciting Chat SDK for iOS is that it comes with self-hosting storage options.


  • 150+ chat features
  • Multiple securities


  • No specific pricing
  • Not too attractive


Quoted upon contacting

Apphitect Features

  •       White label solution
  •       Better Quality
  •       Real-time chatting
  •       Video conferencing
  •       Live Broadcasting

3.     Cometchat

Cometchat also builds a wonderful text, voice and video chatting solution a developer can find in the market. Unlike other third party chat APIs, Cometchat offers media sharing system in the chat that encourages visual-rich interaction between a customer and the supplier.

Most notably, it comes with diverse notification system what most developers look for into their chat SDK for ios mobile app. In case you run into some problems, you can check out the UIT Kits offered along with API. 


  • HIPAA Complaint
  • Data masking filter


  • Not that attractive
  • Fair functioning


Starts from $149/month; a FREE plan is also available

Cometchat Features

  •       Tutorials
  •       Documentations
  •       Chat history
  •       UI Kids
  •       Extensions

4.     ChatSDK

Chat SDK also makes the instant messaging solution available to iPhone and Android users. If you are looking for a cheap solution, find ChatSDK a best fit. The API is open source and easy to integrate with other platforms.

It can be a top chat app for ios build app because apart from its cost-effectiveness, its flexible and easy to integrate UI framework makes it a smart choice to the developers.


  • Quick integration
  • An open-source option


  • Outdated dashboard
  • Lacks features


Offered for free

ChatSDK Features

  •       Multiple messages types
  •       Flexible login options
  •       Private and group chats
  •       Push notification
  •       Multi-device integration

5.     Talkjs

It is another one of the best chat apps for ios mobile apps. At reasonable pricing, the Chat API provider exposes a developer to tons of great features that a messaging solution must provide. 

Such as, application users can message, video chat and call direct to the website’s owner using a small window. Apart from that, security features and custom tools are also enabled. However, from the perspective of design, it is a decent choice. 


  • Pre-built UI
  • Multiple Features provided


  • An expensive deal
  • Not too interesting


Stars from $279/month, Free Trial Available

TalkJs Features

  •       Real-time messaging
  •       Pre-built UI
  •       Customizable design
  •       Developer-friendly API
  •       Out-of-the-box notifications
  •       Message moderation & Analytics


Very clear! Chat apps for ios apps carry huge power to strengthen a viewer’s connection with the website. But these apps can unnecessarily put burden to a developer’s shoulder. But thanks to the third-party APIs that facilitates smooth integrations and even reduces the time/money which was expected to consume by a custom chat system built in a mobile app from scratch.

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