The 5 Best Free Website Builder Software List

To continue the online business or any online store, the building of the website is the primary task. In the modern era, without an excellent robust website, all the operational work is becoming impossible. For this reason, fast-developing website requirements are pretty high. And now, whenever you are planning to set up any business online, fast-developing websites are always the best way to start with the market’s best laptops.

best free website builder software

You may be thinking you are not a developer or have very minimal knowledge of website developments. But the modern innovative website builder software is pretty expert to help you in this matter. 

If you are currently planning to build your website, then take a look at the few best free website builder software.

List of The 5 Best Free Website Builder Software

Innovative website builders are the ultimate choice for the creators. However, when you are developing a website without solid technical knowledge, smart and multifunctional website builders are the best choice to build your website easily and quickly.

Here are the names of the five free website builder software that is good for professionals as long as they are experienced.

1. WordPress

WordPress is the most attractive solution when you search for a good website builder to build your blogging site. Currently, on the internet, almost 40% of the blogging sites are built with WordPress.

When you are building websites to convey your messages to the world, you like to use the most effective and fast software for your websites. And this is the reason for the blog sites the creators are taking the help of WordPress.The best part of using WordPress is the simple usages to create an attractive website.

2. WIX

In 2021 the WIX will be the most multifunctional website builder. The great flexibility and the easy handling process is making the builders widely accepted by professional creators. However, when you are just a beginner, and this is the first website you are creating, the WIX is effectively helping you to build up. The hundreds of templates, simple drag and drop options make the software easy to handle.

This website builder software gives you the option to create a website without a small technical knowledge. The software is asking a bunch of questions from you, and according to your answer, the AI of the software is to start developing an attractive website for you. With the WIX, you will get a free marketing tool.

3. Weebly

Weebly is an easy-handling simple drag and drop website builder. This software handling is very easy, and within a few hours, you can simply create your websites. For your e-commerce store or any online store, you are going to need a website where your customers can easily find their desired products and a simple payment system.

Weebly is the best website builder to create online stores. With the smart inventory management support, you will get the options to track your products, and the built-in SEO optimizations are a pretty attractive feature for this website builder.

4. Site123

When you are a complete beginner on this website building game, Site 123 is the best place to start. In Site 123, you have to select your website types and the types of specific requirements you want to meet. After you are given these input data, the websites start to build up.

Now everywhere for business, you are going to need a website, and fast development is another criteria just like chromecontinue use. And from site 123, you can create your website within seconds with hundreds of templates.

5. Strikingly

Are you searching for the fastest one website building software? Strikingly is the best one for it. It creates the websites within 30 seconds, and you can create them without investing a single penny. The easy operational features and building templates are making the software popular among the creators.

One-page website building within a few minutes and the attractive building templates options make the designing process easy and attractive. The easy and quick process of developing the landing pages is one of the best features. And landing pages are the most valuable part. With the landing page, your marketing and campaign are starting.


For the professional and beginners uses they all have different levels of expertise. And the main target of these website builders is to give support to the creator as they can build the website without complex technical knowledge. These five websites are good options as these all are free and fast developments are the best features. So how are you planning to build your websites? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment sections.

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