Ways on how to get a discount for the original essay

Ways on how to get a discount for the original essay

Essay writing is stressful for many, so it’s not surprising that students seek ways to ease the pressure of assignments. Colleges and universities often have demanding curriculums, and students can hardly make time to complete every assignment. Or, it could happen that you simply aren’t excited by one of the subjects. In either situation, hiring an academic writer is a sensible strategy. With the writer, you can save time on actual paper writing and submit all homework on time.

It’s important, though, that you deal with a reliable college essay writing company, for example, https://shinyessays.com/original. This website offers only original writing assistance based on research of academic sources. You needn’t worry about the writers when dealing with this service – a writer with a BA or MA will assist with your papers. And, of course, they guarantee timely delivery so that you’ll never miss a deadline in college again.

3 strategies to receive an original essay discount

An essay service can be very helpful. Yet, many students stay away from them because they believe that professional papers online are expensive. This is true to some extent, as no subject matter expert will assist with essays for free. On the flip side, it’s possible to save decent money on your essays using coupons and little-known special offers. For instance, the above-mentioned ShinyEssays.com website offers these ways to save on their services:

1. Claim a welcome discount code

Every new customer gets 21% off. This is the policy they advertise, so why not take advantage of it? If the discount code is not mentioned on the website, you can ask for it with the customer support rep. Note that the discount works on your first order only. On the other hand, there are no limits for page length and type of assignment. This means you can order a 15-page research paper and save near a hundred dollars!
Also, note that 21% off is a significant economy. Most essay companies offer between 5% and 10% only to their customers. So, make sure to find the company that offers the most attractive pricing.

2. Become a regular customer

After you’ve used the first-time lucrative discount offer, you are supposed to pay full price for every paper. Yet, this isn’t always the case. If you become a regular customer with some company, they will give you a progressive discount. The more pages you order from the same company, the higher is your economy in the long run.
The above mentioned website offers lifetime discounts that start at 4% off. The longer you stay with the company, the higher is your discount which may reach 15% off! Also, if you enjoyed working with the particular writer, you can claim the same person to be assigned for your future orders, thus ensuring that you’ll be satisfied with every paper.

3. Bring a friend

What if a 15% lifetime discount is simply not enough? There’s another option to get a discount that may reach up to 50% off with some companies. All you need to do is to bring a friend or two. Once you share the referral link with them and they purchase essays, you’ll be offered a large discount. Moreover, you’ll also help your friends who are probably stressed by countless assignments.

Another option to save is to sign up for their newsletter. Most essay websites have seasonal sales and special offers which you can get access to only if your email is in their database. In this way, it’s possible to receive up to 25% off during the low season.
What are other strategies to save on college assignments?

  • Ask about free features. In many cases, you only need to pay for the paper content, and outline, cover page, bibliography and formatting come for free. Clarify this point before making the purchase;
  • Opt-out the writer from a specific country. Essay companies work with native English speakers, but if you want a writer from the US or UK specifically, this comes at an extra pay.
  • Set a longer deadline. Pay for essay may rise dramatically if the order is urgent. So, it’s best to order far in advance and enjoy the economy.
  • Check customer reviews. When looking for economy, don’t compromise the quality. Check the writing samples and testimonials from previous clients. For example, ShinyEssays dot com is recommended by 9 out of 10 students who tried their services.
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