Does Consuming HHC Help to Deal with Psychotic Depression?

Depression and anxiety frequency in people is higher now than ever. One could say that the pandemic has played a role in this, but regardless of the cause, cures become necessary. Then, supplements like HHC at TRE house help alleviate some symptoms of such mental health issues.

Although we still lack evidence, there are many instances where cannabis components like HHC have reduced mental health issues. So will HHC usage help manage psychotic depression? Let us find out.

Does Consuming HHC Help to Deal with Psychotic Depression

What Is HHC and How Is It Made?

Found in industrial hemp plants in trace quantities, HHC is a cannabinoid similar to THC. They are not the same- since HHC has a different molecular structure. Plus, HHC is mostly chemically produced since naturally occurring HHC is scarce.

You can find HHC gummies, edibles, or even vape pens online. People believe that HHC has a longer shelf life, which has also led to its nickname ‘Apocalypse-ready THC.’ Though both have recurring qualities, HHC is pretty much heat and UV-resistant.

We can say that HHC has all the benefits of THC and lasts far longer than THC can in storage. But, the research works and evidence on HHC are still far less than THC. Since it is a newbie in the market, there is much more to discover in the coming years.

What Effect Does HHC Have On Its User?

Since HHC usually comes from THC only, it has similar effects too. HHC is psychoactive and can give you a euphoric high. However, the intensity would depend on the intake amount and strain you use.

HHC also has Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains available like THC. The Sativa strains are more energizing and help increase productivity. Indica strains are more relaxing and help calm the user. Hybrid HHC is a mixture that gives balanced effects.

Especially if you are using HHC to reduce nervousness and depression, you must consume the perfect amount to enjoy its benefits. Also, if you take excessive amounts of HHC, it could lead to side effects. It may cause your anxiety to grow, so the appropriate dosing is essential.

What Is Psychotic Depression?

You must be familiar with the definition of depression, but what about psychotic depression? Psychotic depression is a mental health condition in which the patient starts hallucinating due to depression.

It could be auditory hallucinations or even visual or conceptual hallucinations. These hallucinations may worsen their condition and increase the risk of suicide. Hence, if diagnosed with psychotic depression, you must seek professional help immediately.

While medical procedures can help eradicate psychotic depression, other supplements can act as a helping hand. For example, if you have received treatment but want something to help avoid further symptoms, HHC might help.

Can HHC Truly Help with Psychotic Depression?

 While there is no evidence of HHC for psychotic depression, its other uses may help. Some purposes overlap with the symptoms and causes of psychotic depression. Hence, with HHC, you might curb some of these causes.

There is not much evidence yet since most of these are user-based. But even these issues can worsen your condition, so dealing with them is essential. Let us look at some causes and symptoms of psychotic depression that HHC may help curb:

  • Anxiety:

Anxiety is one of the main reasons why people consume HHC products. HHC, like other cannabis products, can reduce anxiety considerably. Many users have reported how HHC helps them deal with such nervousness. 

And since anxiety and depression may co-exist, it can aggravate the issue. So by taking the appropriate amount of HHC, you can help reduce your anxiety.

  • Stress: 

Stress is both a cause and a symptom of psychotic depression, and it may even turn into hallucinations. A patient might believe that they’re worthless, and such recurring thoughts would further decrease self-worth. 

So these external and internal stressors may harm the mind. HHC can help reduce stress and boost mood by releasing serotonin and dopamine in the body.

  • Sadness: 

Deep sadness is perhaps the most horrible cause and symptom of psychotic depression. And since it is such a sensitive issue, many people fail to deal with it. HHC can help alleviate sadness by boosting the release of mood-boosting hormones. 

HHC can aid in releasing serotonin and dopamine, thus making the user happier. Such happiness can cut down sadness and boost the user’s mood too.

  • Fatigue: 

Extreme fatigue in people with psychotic depression makes them unproductive> such conditions lead to a lack of purpose and activity in life. But with the energizing strains of HHC, one can regain the motivation and energy to work. 

If you correctly dose the right strain of HHC, you can become more active and increase concentration. It would help you work and escape from the constant fatigue you feel.

  • Sleeplessness/ Excessive Sleeping: 

Disrupted sleep patterns are another symptom of psychotic depression. Sativa strains of HHC can help you stay awake if you sleep too much during the day. On the other hand, Indica strains can help you stay asleep or achieve sleep if you struggle with it. 

Choosing the correct strain can help you improve your sleep schedule and help with depression.

Is HHC Safe to Use?

It is essential to remember that psychotic depression is a critical medical condition. Hence, you must consult a healthcare expert and receive proper treatment before trying any other supplement.

If you want to help deal with the aftereffects of psychotic depression, you can opt for methods like HHC. And you must be very careful with the amounts of HHC you take to ensure that you do not accidentally aggravate the depression.

You can start with the smallest possible dose of HHC. And if it is enough to boost your mood and energy level, you can stop there. You can increase the amount but do so very carefully as you must not overdose on HHC since it will worsen your condition.


Mental health issues, like psychotic depression, are critical conditions to be treated by healthcare professionals. But after treatment, people can use some supplements to keep causes and symptoms at bay.

HHC may be an efficient supplement in avoiding some causes and symptoms of psychotic depression. Once you consult your doctor, you too can start using HHC and enjoy its various benefits.

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